Germans plunge Europe into a new Medieval Era.
Protestants have once again taken up their favorite sport, witch hunt.
Are they ready to take that risk ?
Witch hunt is a protestant prosecuting tradition. It is a tradition that has allowed the powerful Protestants to control their societies through intimidating and terrorizing their members. They have been successful at that by creating the ultimate anti-paragon which they punish in the cruellest and most inhumane way, so that it can serve as a warning lesson for everyone else. They turn a terrified society into a mob in a regimented manner in order to get a message across to the disputers.

It is a simple trick. You kill someone – even unfairly – and you bring to heel an infinite number of others. It is like what the daughter of the protestant pastor did when she said to George Papandreou that “the Assistance Program for Greece had to be a sore point, because they wanted to make sure that no one else would want to try it out.” From the very beginning, it had been decided that Greece should be punished in such a cruel way that would turn it into a teaching example for a terrified by Protestants Europe.
This is the reason why the now notorious Schäuble – having a sadistic obsession and taking pleasure in – reminds and warns us daily that it is inevitable for the Greeks to swallow the bitter pill of pain. This is the spirit of the German leadership and the German press has taken on to disperse this spirit to the German rabbles; to the protestant rabbles, which is the best raw material for creating a mob in Europe.
Under the cries of Bild newspaper, the new witch hunt has began in Europe. This time Greece is considered to be a witch; the land of the lazy people who live at the expense of gentlefolks; the land of the crooks who live at the expense of the honourable people; the land of the tax frauders, contrary to the rest of Europe which is the land of tax payers.
Bild’s readers who constitute the illiterate and religiously zealot part of society needed nothing more to get whipped up. It was enough for them that the legitimate German and protestant authorities had pinpointed the cause of their misery. It was enough for them that the authorities had found the cure as well as the disease. It was enough for them that the leaders of their faith had pinpointed the sinner who posed a threat to the virtuous people. They have a thing for authority and uniforms and it hadn’t been long before they took the torches and started seeking for the witch of the Aegean Sea in the dark.
Everybody had something to say against Greece and its people. Everybody had something to remember from his visit to Greece or his associations with a Greek man living in Germany. In any case, they do not belong to the educated part of society so that they can have any other knowledge of Greece; know its quality and generosity. These people only know some Greek immigrants to Germany and a few waiters from their vacations in Greece. These people accuse Greece today at large. They seek for Greek people in their working environment to hurl insults at them. The so called moral German leadership had once again been satisfied. Its flock had once again hastened to execute its orders.
German leadership’s goal had been achieved. It had managed to arouse German hysteria against Greece. Germans had turned Greece into a target with such an unprecedented ferocity and in an outermost violent manner that the whole of Europe had been terrified. They had made the first move. The witch had been pinpointed and all Europeans of all doctrines had seen it. None of them would like to be in the witch’s shoes. Greece’s suffering strengthened Merkel who pointed her finger at the sinner and her stern look searched for anyone dubious among everyone else.
Greece was now the ultimate European anti-paragon. It would be righteously punished and its suffering would serve as a teaching example. From that moment on, Greece would permanently remain in the spotlight so that no one forgot about the witch; so that no one forgot that he is invited to watch the ceremony of its public burn at the stake. This is why 2% of the European economy has 90% negative publicity and acts as if it is fully responsible for the problematic situation this huge economy is in.
Sarkozy has based his entire election campaign on the linchpin that he did not let France end up like Greece. Μonti is trying to convince the Italians to accept the inhumane austerity measures, claiming that in any other case they will end up a foreigner’s colony like Greece has. Rajoy is trying to convince the currently starving Spanish people that they are lucky they are not Greeks. Irish, Portuguese and other unfortunates consider themselves lucky that they do not share Greece’s fate, at least at this point. All Europe has implemented the harsh measures of the German pastors to its people in fear of ending up having Greece’s fate.
What is happening today in a Europe whose member is the so called competitive and honest Germany is a new plunge of Europe in the medieval era. In reality, Europe imitates its past. Some people perpetuate an old intra-Christian dispute that has begun with Luther. It is a dispute that has drenched Europe in blood umpteen times. This is something that cannot escape notice any more, since the States that undergo a financial crisis have started to break away. It is obvious now that some Protestants perpetuate the Thirty Years’ War; a war that has drenched Europe in blood umpteen times; a war, expression of who were the so called World Wars; the World Wars that had been provoked by Protestants and had aimed at conquering Europe for a start, and then the rest of the world.
By virtue of these facts, we can understand that, despite the anti-Hellenic rage, their real goal is not Greece. Greece is too small a prey to be a target of such a big predator. Greece is the sacrificial animal that will be taken to the altar for the purpose of terrorizing the rest of Europe. Protestants’ actual target is the rich Catholic European World. They want to destroy Greece for the mere purpose of future reference and terrorization of those who they aim to plunder, which is the European Catholic World. Out of coincidence, all of the so called sinful European States are non-protestant. Only those who follow Merkel and they too point their finger to the sinners are Protestants.
Europe today is scared stiff by the Protestants who create a deliberate and feigned hysteria. That witched Greece has almost been impaled and everybody around it has a specific role to play. The protestant States pretend to be the infuriated ones who wish for the witch’s exemplary punishment and all those who are possibly of the same kind. Apart from the witch, they are also looking for the secret sinners so that they can lump them together with those who question the incumbent German policy and turn all of them into a target.
Germany has allowed States such as The Netherlands, Finland or Denmark to act unruly and desire blood. These States desire to see the Aegean witch being impaled and mutilated. Protestants are crying out for Greeks to sell the Greek islands, their antiquities, their children. The protestant mob is ready to turn against whoever the pastor’s daughter will indicate to be of dubious nature.
None of these is accidental. It is the result of centuries of evolution in matters of social behavior.  The Protestants had been paving the way for centuries. This is how the protestant leadership solves its problems. If you see someone attacking you by getting away from you and clamoring against you, he is a Protestant trying to instigate his kindred mob. This is the Protestant’s tactic. They fight their enemies with rumors, slander and torches. This is the way Protestant States are self-controlled and powerful people control their societies. This has always been the peculiarity of the Protestant doctrine compared to the other big Christian doctrines. The Protestant world could not control society in the traditional way used by others because it did not have a religious leadership that would have infallibilities. An infallible Pope is required for the Inquisition to be set in course.
This lack of infallible leader provides society with infallibility and the latter takes responsibility for its actions, which means that it turns into a mob. Leaders alone make decisions and the mob just shoulders the responsibility. Whoever convinces the protestant society for his rights first, condemns his enemies to death. Protestant societies of today’s time have been turned into a mob through concerted efforts by the Germans, aiming to terrorize the others.
However, the terrified ones cannot act on logic. They cannot defend themselves through concerted efforts because their instincts have taken over. They only care about survival, without concern for justice, whether it is for them or for the underprivileged. This is why Europe is not thinking straight. This is why its States are brotherless and hostile towards everybody. The menace of the Protestant mobs has led everyone to fight to save their skin, because nobody knows what lies ahead. This is why Europe, who has adored Greece, now abandons its children helpless in the lion’s den.
The terrified Catholics are trying to save themselves. They do not want to wake up and see reality. They do not care to seek justice for Greece. Nobody wants to mess with the protestant mob. Greece, rightly or wrongly, is a witch doomed to die. They let Greece work out a solution for itself. They only care about saving themselves. Besides, Greece is a bit of an alien to them. Greeks are Orthodox, while the rest of the potential suspects are Catholics; Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and of course the great France.
We can understand that the much-applied Protestant trick has worked. The Protestants realized they could not conquer the rest of the Europeans by force on the pretext that they are alien States, so having no other alternative they have decided to succeed in it by acting as if they are of their kind. They had knowledge of special techniques in terms of controlling the inside of a society, so they have decided to create a common European community so that they could succeed in what they had repeatedly failed. The only difference now is that they do not need guns and bombs, but they follow a more cunning tactic. It is a tactic that allows them to imitate social tactics because of the presence of the European League of Nations. They imitate, that is, personal behaviors and practice them on a collective level.
It is now obvious that there had been a planning for European Integration right from the start. This Integration did not happen by chance, nor was it the result of some men’s vision who have repented for their previous crimes. The goal was old, but the strategic was new. It was their old goal and the Protestants’ new strategy. Even the current debt crisis which afflicts European States had been premeditated, because it was only through debt that the Protestants could plunder those whom they had failed to conquer some time in the past.
This means that the debt crisis was a premeditated crime that was left to evolve until it became exploitable. It was a problem that when it matured, it would only require a code word against a selected enemy to lead to an outburst of an organized Protestant hysteria. Readers should not consider this unlikely or strange. When usury becomes part of the game, the result is always the same. When the usurer lends money to someone wealthy, he knows what to expect. He knows that he has to wait for the debt to mature so that he can rip that naïve man of everything he has. The result was causal, not casual.
This is why the otherwise friendless and unsociable Protestants were among the leaders of the vision for a United Europe. This is why they have been helping the lazy in the South. They did not do it because their human characteristics had changed. They continue fencing their houses with walls to protect them from the aliens. They did not do it because they had changed their mind about the Southern States; their opinion has always been the same. They are no different today than Hitler who also wanted the Integration. Their only difference is in terms of planning. They did not bombard Europe with bombshells they had taken for free but with loans they have given for free. In the end, they wanted to march once more among the ruins created by debts.
It was just the case that they had to enter a State in order to be able to start their charge and the Orthodox Greece had been selected to be that State right from the beginning. The reason was that the Orthodox Greece does not bring collective instincts of fellow-believers into play, which is what Ireland or Catholic Portugal would do if the charge were against them. Greece’s tragedy did not bring Catholic survival and defence instincts into play but rather their fear. That was the point at issue; being able to threaten Greece with death so that they can plunder Italy under the same threat and swoop up the sought after areas of its industry, to say the least.
It was a premeditated crime, which is executed in today’s time. The moment the Protestants had convinced the naïve Europeans to join their group of courtiers, it was easy for them to set in course the next step of their plan. It was a plan that relies on panic, caused by hysteria, swears, insults and so on. The moment the Europeans had joined a group that acts on a common behavior, it was easy for them to appear at some point as fanatic puritans of the European political faith. They knew how to play this role and they had learned how to exploit it to the fullest.
Being the main mouthpiece and faithful formalists of all that have been agreed on, they had found their role in the New Era. They had the experience to take advantage of dissimilarities or peculiarities so as to expand their interests. It was not hard to achieve, since there are partners within the European League who act on the basis of whatever agreements they have made with each other, based on a common European doctrine, therefore they are judged for their faith and of course their behavior.
This is how Protestants, puritans and professional moralizers feed the situation. Their tactic is not new. It has some very specific characteristics which someone with the proper knowledge is able to recognize. Things are simple. The famous tactic of witch hunt that Germany applies to Greece today in order to terrorize Europe is very discernible. First of all, there is a very specific plan behind this hunt. It requires a devil, therefore a sin that links the devil to a sinner. It requires a sign of God’s rage (God in the Protestant sense), such as an epidemic, that will threaten the virtuous ones because of the sinners. Last, it requires the death of the sinner and a planning for harsh-mannered repentance for the others.
The devil in this case is an imaginary enemy who supposedly wants to destroy or simply harm Europe. This devil could be the USA which is supposed to engineer destruction plans for the Holy Eurozone, or the notorious markets which again emanate from the USA. How is the devil planning this destruction? He is planning it through sin. Sin has always served devil’s plans. The devil always achieves his goals by luring faithful people away from God, hence the doctrine. In our case, laziness and will for a life of bliss are the sin. This sin causes the sinner’s disease that threatens everybody else.
This infuriates God who expresses his rage through an epidemic.  It starts as a sinners’ disease and spreads to the rest of the people who tolerate them. The debt is the disease which befalls the sinners as a result of their sin and the debt crisis is the epidemic which befalls even the virtuous ones, simply because they tolerate the sinners. These sinners are the leaders of the virtuous people who have not committed even a single sinful thought and who will take it upon themselves to devise and implement the harsh method of repentance which in our case is the rigorous fiscal policy, and all that in the name of God.
Has the reader understood what kind of game is played here? They deal with Greece all day and all night in order to give a lesson to the others. They deal with Greece because it is an Orthodox, hence heterodox State and this way they make other States feel lucky they are not like Greece. In Greece lies the whole Protestant secret of trying to conquer Europe. They would make Greece member of the eurozone not only if it meant that they had to tamper with the necessary prerequisites, but also even if it actually lacked ones. Even if Greece’s currency had not been the drachma but broad bins, they would have found a way to make it a member of the eurozone. Because they cannot set in course their plan without Greece.  If only Protestants and Catholics were members of the eurozone, they would have already crossed swords with each other. If they had hurled against any other Catholic nation the same swearwords and insults they have hurled against Greece, Europe would have fallen apart by now.
The Orthodox Greece was the perfect witch to hunt. It was as similar to them as they needed it and as different from them as it suited them in order to make it a target without causing internal problems. It was a Christian State, so it did not ruin the planning for a Christian Europe they had been dreaming of. Nonetheless, it was an Orthodox State, hence different from the virtuous Protestants and the dubious Catholics. Its past was a bit dubious because the ancient Greeks had been of easy virtue to the degree that the supposedly puritan Protestants of the North as well as the conservative Catholics of the South could not bear.
Greece was provoking them. It was small but wealthy and that was unbearable for the prosperous Northerners who had acquired their possessions through labor and toil. Greek citizens were happy and really sociable and this alone is dubious for the grim-looking and unsociable Luther supporters. Greeks had been generous to the degree that seemed suspicious to the poor Northern citizens. The only explanation they could find for the fact that Greeks enjoyed life so much was that they had been enjoying something sinful.
But it was not this absolute characteristic that turned Greece into a perfect candidate for its labeling as a witch. Greece was enormously famous and infinitely beautiful.  It was the most famous small country in the world. Why was this fact the point at issue? The reason was that only a victim so famous could hold the global interest in such a big show of swearwords and insults.  Things are simple. It is one thing to use a sex DVD starring a famous Celebrity to make a TV series and another thing to circulate the same kind of DVD starring your obscure neighbor. Greece was famous throughout the planet and many were interested in watching its pratfall. A gorgeous Iphigenae (princess from a Greek tragedy who was sacrificed to save others) burning in the stake, charged with witchcraft would raise a lot of interest.
Has the reader understood what we are saying? There was no other Orthodox State in Europe that could play that role. There was no other European State with such a small economy that would enable them to twist it round their little finger and such a good reputation that would enable them to engage in such big propaganda games through the Media. There would be no other State whose bad luck could raise everybody’s interest. There would be no Orthodox State like Bulgaria or Romania that could play this role. After the first few articles everybody would lose interest in them, so they could not be used to create the intended terror. Greece was the perfect candidate for the role of Iphigenae who is sacrificed in order to cause a big war.
So, when the epidemic of the European debt broke out, everybody hastened to seek the root of the disease in Greece. They were certain that the sin of the promiscuous Greece irritated the puritan God of the Protestants and it was the reason the epidemic fell on them. It was a matter of time before they attack it so that its disease does not evolve into an epidemic. The familiar debt crisis that threatens to cause everybody to fall like dominoes would appear in that same form even if that had not happened. The Protestants needed an epidemic and someone to put the blame on, and that suited them. They wanted to ensure invasion in a nationally independent country so that they can do the same thing to other countries as well.
As it has always been the case with Protestants, they do not have difficulty being enraged and lying through their teeth, because they are more than mere hypocrites. They judge everybody by their own measures and weights. Greece is corrupt, not they, although it is the German companies that corrupt everybody in the planet – not just in Europe or Greece. Germany is the only country in the European Union that was forced, contrary to the will of its political leadership, to substitute its corrupt president. Greeks are said to be corrupt, although Germany hosts and protects the whole of the corrupt people within it.
All these are technicalities and do not interest them. They are only interested in their audience and the latter only wishes to listen to what suits it. It barely even cares if the Greeks are right or wrong. They barely even care if they are first and foremost responsible for everything they accuse us of. First, they have falsified their figures to set up the supposedly United Europe and later it was they again who forced the Greeks to falsify their figures. Greeks had no reason to enter the euro, let alone falsify their figures to accomplish it. They had no reason, just like a rabbit has no reason to violate a lock so as to enter a cage full of wolves.
The irony is that the German Protestants accuse the witchy Greece and the rest of the Catholic dubious States of being responsible for everything they themselves are actually responsible for. If they consider over-lending to be a disease, then everybody should know that it was the Germans who had taken upon themselves the burden of the extortionate loans so as to enter the Integration through the buyout of East German from Russia which had owned it until that time. This means that if someone had carried the disease that turned into the epidemic of debt in Europe, that someone would have been the Germans, not the Greeks. If the epidemic is a proof of collaboration of a sinner with the devil, then it is the Germans who have collaborated with the devil who tried to defile Europe.
It was Germany that took huge loans from the American FED. It was Germany that put the markets up to buying ownership shares of the European Central Bank, which has burdened the States with sins. It was this State that lured the rest of the Europeans into a dissolute life so that it can pass the burden of its debts, hence its own sin to them. The current epidemic of debt crisis has begun from Germany, it is just that it kept its disease a secret and at the expense of everybody else, and now that it is in a better shape, it has gone hunting in order to take advantage of the disease it itself had created. The first State to have sickened has gone hunting for the one who was most weak in dealing with the disease, and that was Greece. If Germany had not been over-indebted, the European states would have never been vulnerable to the markets’ attacks.  If Germany had not been over-indebted the European states would have never been forced to mortgage their existence so that Germany’s bosses can get their money.
These hypocrites know the truth and still attack everybody else. This attack, though, is not an easy task. It requires a specific manipulation but mostly it requires specific leadership which will be able to see this through; a leadership of brutes who will restore the nightmare of previous Nazis; a leadership of the driving force of collective responsibility who led to all kinds of Holocausts. The Germans had to put new life into this nightmare anew, and collective responsibility was that nightmare.
Things are simple. German leaders could not set in course the German policy unless they had been chosen according to the special criteria such a homicidal mission required. An ordinary person cannot start a witch hunt game. An everyday person who has a family, friends and social sensitivities cannot play this game and survive a clear conscience. He cannot do it if he is a person who loves his companion, children, friends or neighbors; if he is a person who knows that the powers he turns against States are considerable enough to literary destroy people.
It requires for somebody to be a brute in order to go against a whole number of States; to be able to use the State power he manages for the purpose of causing insufferable pain to other States; to be able to set in course the suffering of a State with the aim to teach a lesson to others. It requires for that person to be utterly inhuman to be able to methodically foster general hate against a small State. It requires for him to be a brute in order to do this, if he knows that an attack of this scale can cost human lives.
Human lives are destroyed by such practices. What do we understand from these? We understand that the leadership of the people causing the witch hunt must be a specific kind of people; brutes, real misanthropes, slaves of power, ready to do anything to maintain their place; anthropoids  whose lives are meaningless if deprived of power; people with no real families, no children and no friends. This means that the people who control Germany and expect certain behaviour from it had reasons to choose a leadership with some particular characteristics.
If someone knows these needs people in power have, he can understand why the current German leadership is considered to be the best choice. The current German leadership is a third party choice, not the result of a merit-based process. None of the current German leaders could have been anything significant in their society. Most of them are dregs of society and expendable employees of the Secret Service. Usurers, bankers, conspirers and criminal are the people who have appointed the German leadership. The people who have appointed these wretched people must have been really experienced.
It is no coincidence that they have made the repulsive Merkel head of the terrorist German instead of a more charismatic and with communication skills German. They had chosen Merkel for the person she was then, when she was by the side of Helmut Kohl and not for the person she is now that she is getting older and her ugly human features become less tense. Some have purposefully put at the helm of Germany the new Merkel who had been turned into an android in the undergrounds of the Secret Service. A loveless female living creature cannot have a life. It is a living creature that feels like there is no reason to live; a living creature that does not even have the ability to procreate.
The Chancellor has been that kind of loveless and sex-starved living creature for decades. Ageing is on her side because it puts her in the same place with the rest of the women, who tend towards their biological death. This creature is aware of the fact that she only exists because powerful people allow it. Ever since she has chosen to become a Stasi mole she is willing to do anything she is asked so that her life continues to have meaning. This so called woman has wanted to hurt the Greece of Aphrodite.
Schäuble is her close associate and second in command of the German leadership. He is a crippled man who obviously hates humans. He is a crippled misanthropist.  Why are we being so cruel to a crippled man? Why don’t we respect and fear what it means to be a crippled, since it concerns all of us equally? The answer is simple. A handicap is the most tragic thing that can happen to an ordinary person. It is the ultimate unfortunate life event. On the contrary, it is a fortunate event for Schäuble. He should have been dead and he is lucky to be crippled. He should be melting among worms but instead he still wanders about among us, even in a wheelchair. A fellow man has paid the price so that Schäuble ends up dead but he is still alive, even if handicapped.
Why did a fellow man – and fellow countryman of his – want him dead? It was because Schäuble has always been a brute. He has always been a corrupt criminal who started his career by engineering the destruction of Eastern-Germans. Because he was corrupt he lost leadership of the Christian-Democratic party and because of his crimes he is now crippled. He is a corrupt criminal who got crippled because of his choices; a corrupt brute I could hate more if he were healthy; a corrupt brute who hates us more because he is crippled. How can we compare such an inhuman crippled brute with a fellow man who has been crippled because of his bad luck?
Vestervele is third in command of the German leadership and he is a screaming queen, certain to be completely controlled and to need power so that his life continues to have meaning. He is among the most famous regulars in Berlin gay bars, to say the least. It is certain that many of the DVDs with his sexual stunts have a special place on some selves in the Secret Service. We really relished the moment when he attacked the President of Bellorusia and the latter made him eat his words when he answered that: “It is better to be a fascist than a faggot.” Berlin was left fully exposed.
Resler is a janissary who has emerged from the era of slave markets and the Ottoman Middle Ages. He is in love with Reich and Aryan race and betrayed by his own skin. He is a man who hates his existence because it exposes him. According to the people who can speak German well, he is one of the most competent users of the language, which proves he is insecure. It proves that he has a long-lasting desire to prove he is German, something that unfortunately cannot be proved based on his appearance. He can behave as a happy, cool Aryan only when he speaks on the radio. He can feel like an Aryan when he tortures Greece. The irony is that his name is Philip. He has Vietnamese origins and German citizenship, he poses as Aryan and still he has a first name that he cannot possibly comprehend what it represents.
In the name of politics these men have unleashed a war– also aiming at the European Integration – which actually has a religious form. It is a war that turns against all dominant European doctrines. The Protestants take advantage of the same thing that in the past was considered their weakness. They take advantage of their lack of central religious leadership, so that they can attack the others in disguise. They create war fronts and alliances based on religious criteria, they pretend to have no religion and be exclusively interested in real things like politics and economic accountancy. They mesmerize doctrines in this way and do not allow them to fight back.
This way, the Orthodox Greece falls helpless into their hands. It does not get help from its central religious leadership, or its fellow believers, mainly the Russians. This is the reason why the Protestants have tried – and ultimately succeeded – to cut the ties between Greece and Russia. Greece did not have help neither from that fool George Papandreou nor from Dora Bakoyiannis, both of who have caused trouble in the Greek-Russian relations. Even the Memorandum did not help the situation, because it had a reference concerning the exclusion of any loan by a third party that could help them get rid of the debt. Even Papademos, the protestant usurer has tried to cause problem in the Greek-Russian relations, by refusing Putin to visit the Holy Mountain after his recent winning in the presidential elections.
We have a chance to get some serious help. There is a chance that the fellow believers Russians will shoulder most of the Greek debts. Why would they do that? Is it because they are good people? Of course not. There are no good people, only good interests. On the matter in hand, the Russians can help the over-indebted Greece because they have money and because they have great needs of strategic nature. Russia is a super-power and it can view things from a relative perspective; the perspective of the needs a super-power has.
So, now that some unruly Protestants suggest Greece to sell its islands at a bargain price, they will not like it if that actually happens. They will not like it because selling the islands is not only about selling land where rooms to let will be built. Greek islands have multiple uses and can serve as parameters in various kinds of games. Instead of selling, the Greeks could rent land on the islands. It is the same as with the Chinese Shipping Company Cosco that has an interest in the port of Piraeus and the German construction company Hoch-Tief that has taken over control of the airport in Athens.
Can anyone imagine the geopolitical implications if we rent part of the island of Kythira to the Russians for a hundred years, for example? To what extent would the balance of power change in Eastern Mediterranean if the Bear set its foot in the Aegean Sea?  To what extent would the balance of power change if the Russian fleet dropped anchor permanently there? To what extent would such a naval base influence the defence of the unruly Protestants? It would be a base that among other things could commit Russia to provide Greece with help in case the Turks challenged the Greek sovereignty in the Aegean Sea and anywhere else there are Greek interests.
So, there is a question posed to those who love accounting. How many hundreds of billions of euros is a naval base worth in the middle of the Aegean? How many hundreds of billions of euros do the Europeans make because Greece provides for their defence as well? Who is the deadhead in this case? Is it Greece which provides its aircraft carriers or The Netherlands that chips in a few crates of beer for the common defence? Things are simple. Until now, the Europeans could play it smart by paying a pittance. They know Greeks will protect their interests even if it means dying, so they hide behind these interests to pay a pittance. What will happen, though, if the Greeks decide to follow their example? What will happen if the Greeks decide to pay a pittance and they hide behind the Russian interests, which are anti-European by nature?
One can play games to a limit. Bawling, insulting and threatening are meaningful as long as they bring results. So, the people who threaten and insult Greece on a daily basis had better care; especially the German Protestants who have a vital need to access the energy reserves in the Middle East; those who have made their allegedly huge competitiveness contingent upon safety on Eastern Mediterranean; who pay a pittance relying on the Greek patriotism; who as a State lack even an oil can to support their industry and use natural gas they have taken from Russia to get warm. They have to stop taking us for a ride. Until now, the Protestants not only gave money to build a defence but also they made money out of this, because they used to force Greece to buy what they both needed for their safety.
They forced it to spend 5% of GDP to military supplies. They forced it to spend money it did not have – and deprived its children of it- and not only did they not acknowledge this contribution to building a common defence but they also hastened to benefit from the expenses. Not only did they take for granted that Eastern Mediterranean was safe, but they had also turned it into a lucrative El Dorado-like source of equipping. Not only did they not contribute to something that would protect their vital interests, but they also had the nerve to play profiteering games.
Someone should explain to the competitive and unruly Protestants what it will happen if Greece follows their suggestions and starts selling its islands. Someone should explain to them the consequences for their countries, jobs, their lives if Greece starts abandoning the European trenches; if they lose the Greek line of defence; if they lose Greece that has one of the most battle-worthy fleet and one of the most battle-worthy aviation in the alliance. Someone should explain to them what it will happen if they are forced not only to lose their large-scale money provider but also to try to replace its contribution to the alliance with their own means and manpower.
Greece has never stopped guarding the Thermopylae of Europe because it has never stopped acting as a frontiersman of Europe. Greece is valuable to Europe more than ever because Europe is almost unarmed. It had got used to setting things up for itself by letting the suckers pay, taking the piss and selling civilization. It leaves the colorful and uncivilized Greeks to shoulder the burden of defence while it comes in the foreground only to provide with supplies. The Greeks are presented as barbarians who are involved in equipping competitions with Turkey and the Europeans are presented as the civilized ones who cannot stand military solutions. Having ulterior motive, these civilized Europeans act as if they do not understand that Germany ensures competitiveness in the Aegean Sea thanks to the Greek fleet, not thanks to the crippled usurer.
Europe gives its fights every day in the troubled waters of Eastern Mediterranean, not in the calm canals of Amsterdam. Can the ill-tempered, racy Minister of Finance in Holland, who exercises the imperialism of cheese and beer in a safe Europe, estimate how much it will cost Holland as a State if Greece is substituted in terms of Europe’s defence? Can the disheveled, little madam, that scolds Greeks and pretends to be the Minister of Finance in Austria estimate how much it will cost her unarmed country if the extravagant Greek defence collapses? Will the Dutch or Austrian citizens put foreign flags on Aegean islands ever again? Will they have work in order to visit the Aegean ever again?
Has the reader understood how dangerous all these games are, which are played to ensure chickenfeed for the usurers? They commit a crime against Europe when they allow those usurious pieces of trash like Lagarde and Thomsen to diminish Greeks’ faith to the European Integration. They commit a crime against Europe when they send accountants like Reichenbach to chain one of the most important guardians of Europe. They commit a crime against Europe when they try to emasculate the skeleton of Greece using methods like the Kallikratis plan or the Observatory for the Greek Information Society. Greece it too valuable to keep it weak and emasculated. Greece is the ultimate armored edge of Europe that almost rests on Islam.
If the Europeans crush Greece financially, they pose a threat against their own existence. If Greece’s defence mechanism collapses, Israel will not last a week in the Islamic land. If the Greeks stop having interests in the Balkans, the Turks will sport about in Vienna. During some quiet nights one can hear Kosovo being blood-stained to the strains of Viennese violins. Greece is the one who keeps all these away from the doorstep of the civilized States.
The European usurers play dangerous games, because they rely on the false-hearted Greek leaders. They rely on the collaborationist leaders of bipartisanism which has fallen apart in the latest elections. They rely on colleger leaders who sign any document they are asked to. They rely on useless leaders who were schooled in the protestant Colleges, gained scholarships in protestant universities and serve only the interests of the Protestants.
These are the people they are counting on and are able to steal from Greece, without being concerned about its reaction. They torture and insult Greece daily, without being concerned about the possibility of it abandoning them and leaving them unprotected. For how long can they be certain they will be able to control all these traitors and Greece as well? For how long are they going to believe that it is enough for them to control members of the Greek leadership like George Papandreou, Antonis Samaras and Dora Bakoyiannis so that they can have the whole cake and eat it too?
Greece is a bomb and you do not pick on bombs with screwdriver-like tools such as insults and threats. They had better care, because in order for their planning to be a safe one, the witch must be left alone and helpless in the stake. They had better care because in order for them to be safe, the witch must be kind of a masochist if it is to stay willingly and burn instead of leave them high and dry to burn up with anger. You cannot possibly wish for Greece to belong to your court and at the same time profiteer at its expense.
All these people should know the boundaries within which things are moving. If they are determined to lead Greece to its death they should be aware of the potential Greece has to harm them in turn; the potential it has to lead them to their death as well – and we do not only refer to financial damage but to non-reversible strategic damage as well. If they open the Aeolus sack they should be aware that there is no lee harbor for anyone. If they open the door to the nuthouse for the Greeks, they will join them as a whole. Things are simple. If they manage to convince Greeks through their idiotic actions that they are irretrievably and irrevocably helpless, they will drive them to the edge of despair. Desperate situations demand desperate measures, though.
Being former slavers, the Protestants should remember that even the weakest slaves revolt when they realize that the only thing left to lose is their chains. When someone helpless realizes that there is nothing left to lose, he will probably attempt to do the very thing it was inconceivable doing up to that point. He will try to lure his oppressor to death as well. So, the former slavers had better be careful how hard they push the Greeks, because neither Greeks are illiterate slaves nor Greece is an insignificant skerry on this planet.
Greeks are known for their brilliance and Greece is situated in Europe’s energy portal. Whoever has the brilliance and the ability to close this portal can smother Europe, with or without help from the Russians. The fact that the Protestants have managed to isolate Greece from its natural allies does not mean that they have managed to eliminate it once and for all. Until when is everybody in Europe going to endeavor the collective defence, having their fellow believers on their side, while Greece struggles all alone? By reducing the foreign allies of the unique Orthodox country that has the euro currency – even if it is for awhile- they have achieved their goal, which was to isolate Greece and put it on the stake. They have even sent Reichenbach and his kindred to make sure that Greece will be tightly knot at the place of its torture.
It is a torture that seems inevitable, because Greece lacks support even from natural leaders of Graecism. During the period of the big ordeal for Greece, its natural religious leader, which is the Patriarch of Constantinople, pretends to be a conservationist. His flock is led to extinction and he pretends to be Green, using subsidies he has received from bankers and usurers. Greece is suffering at this moment to a genocide extent and the Patriarch of Greeks has his own agenda which has been prioritized by the usurers. He is friends and hand in glove with anyone who benefits him and the Fener. Not even once has he denounced the usurers and the Protestants for their immoral and slanderous attack against Graecism.
The Greek regional religious leadership is useless to the same degree. The Archbishop of Athens is far from what we call a fair shepherd because he has never stopped being nothing more than a common and faithful henchman of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (Pasok). In a period when mother country is in danger, he travels to Qatar and other similar States and dreams of investments that would interest the Protestants, since German factories will function on the well-known photovoltaic copper. At the same time, he seems worried about the survival of the big collaborationist parties in the name of stability. He sends the sheep – as his like-minded and partner Venizelos calls the citizens – to vote for stability, hence bipartisanism.
But this man is a useless priest as well as a useless citizen. At a time when people are desperate and look for a sheet anchor in the face of God, His pseudo-servant resorts to Mickey Mouse philosophies. He shakes people’s belief in the worst possible moment. At a moment when – even only for reasons of psychology- the shepherd should dispense to his flock a sense of confidence and safety, he dispenses doubt. At a period when Greeks seek for a lee shelter, he drives them to the turbulent oceans of his stupidity.
He is a completely worthless shepherd; it is the only logical explanation. In this difficult period the presumed arch-servant of God wonders if God actually exists. He questions Him, as he has said to a pure audience of small children. Besides the fact that it is not the time for cracked-barrel philosophies, he ignores the simplest thing: It is logical to question and wonder if you are a young person who has to make decisions about his life. You do not question and wonder if you are an old man who has made definite choices in his life. Whoever has such kind of doubt cannot be God’s servant. He resigns and gets lost.
If you are wined and dined because the flock believes in God and you keep for yourself the right to question things. You are not even entitled to go to a Monastery. Being a genuine useless lazy man, you go straight next to the garbage bins with your questions and doubts. Have we been played for fools by all these sluggards? Are useless people who are wined and dined at the expense of God and humans pulling our legs? Have people who have never earned a day’s work in their lives discovered the notion of investments? People who have joined the clergy only because they could not help themselves, now want to save the entire society? That Mickey Mouse good-for-nothing man even dares to have an opinion of what God is. He is a shepherd by the grace of Pasok; colleague of Akis Tsoxatzopoulos and Evangelos Venizelos; hand in glove with the Green patriarch.
The Catholics have fallen into the same trap – the Italians being the first – who are supposed to have security provided to them by their all-powerful Holy See. It is not only New Rome that is useless and clueless but Rome as well. If Italians alone cannot protect themselves from the protestant storm, need hardly mention that the lack of security is given for the entire Catholic world of Europe. If Italy is not protected, how can Ireland or Spain be? Italians, just like the Greeks, have been betrayed from within and in all levels. Their religious as well as political leadership are Protestants’ employees. They work for the Protestant interests, not for the Catholics as it would have the natural thing to do. They are servants of banks and national usury.
Italy plunges in an abyss daily because the Protestants plunder and the Pope does not do anything about it. Italians kill themselves daily because of the Protestant financial Puritanism of austerity and the Pope is nowhere to be seen. He is involved in travelling and wears Mexican sombreros. He looks for solutions to the problems the pagan Cuba has and ignores the suffering and misery his European flock is going through. He is a German Pope; a former Nazi Pope; a Pope who attempted to conquer Europe when he was young for the account of the Protestants and now that he has grown old he keeps repeating the same mission from a different post.
One can discern the same kind of treason in the political leadership of Italy. The Protestants have completely ignored Italian people and have arbitrarily appointed one of their employees as their President. Quite overtly – and showing ultimate disrespect to the Italian Democracy – they have gotten the lawfully appointed Italian President fired and they have appointed a usurer servant in his place, who is colleagues with Papademos in our country.
They have put this imposed President to terrorize the Italians through the pratfall of the Aegean witch. Monti was placed and ordered to tell them that if Italians had the same luck as Greece, the consequences would be devastating. The whole of Italy and Italian people would be destroyed. In the meantime, Italy is one of the countries afflicted by an uncontrollable surge of suicides. Thousands of its citizens take their lives because of the financial crisis caused by the Protestants and usurers.
Italy is like Greece on this matter, because we have been facing a rash of suicides in our country as well the past few years. At least 1,700 fellow citizens have killed themselves in the last two years because of the financial crisis and financial dead-ends. All these are real crimes because no one can prove that the financial crisis is imposed from above. The brutes that govern Germany should know that each new death by suicide adds a little bit to a collection of proof that will constitute future charges which will soon be brought to them for crimes against humanity.
These bastards in the River Rhine are not going to get off that easy. They have scores to settle with the States that have fallen victims of them and it is certain that an ominous future lies ahead of them. The Europe they have created with lame material bought with money from usuries is falling apart and it is certain that the criminals will stand accused. It is inevitable because their deliberate mistakes have cost human lives. Humans have lost their lives as a result of the choices the criminals have made. The documents we have so far are enough to substantiate a charge against them. There are public declarations of the criminals, where they themselves confirm their criminal actions.
When a leader of a big State publicly declares that he wants – therefore through his politics will make sure – to cause extreme suffering to Greece so that other States can learn a lesson, he must know that this is a crime. Why? It is because a State is like the human organism. A serious blow can hurt but not kill it, still innumerous of its cells will die as a result of that deliberate blow. The citizens of a State are its cells.
If Merkel and Schäuble’s politics cause Greece to suffer, it is natural that its 1,700 cells will die as a result. These deaths, though, are not by natural causes. They are the result of murder, because they have been caused by someone who just wanted to hurt Greece; hurt it more than its own mistakes would. Where is the proof of what we are saying here? The proof is that after the current electoral deadlock in Greece some European officials have hastened to propose looser measures for Greece.
In reality, they nail German leadership. What they actually do is acknowledge that the inhumane measures currently set in course in Greece – which resulted in many suicides – were not an inevitable situation. The inevitable cannot be the natural result of a natural situation. It was a political choice made by murderers, not the natural result of a financial crisis. In reality, all these people damn Schäuble and Merkel and easily pave the way straight to international courts. In reality they bring more charges of murder against them than the ones Ratko Mladic is accused of committing.
 We are absolutely certain that it is an inevitable situation since Europe does not tolerate protestant vultures. They had a perfect plan but unfortunately if it lacks practical value they cannot go far with it. They have deprived Greece of every wealth and left it emaciated, left it to die in their hands. Now that they have conquered it with their money they will lose it simply because they cannot keep it alive. The plan was perfect but the draught animal has died and together thousands of people have committed suicide.
All these people can be sure of one thing only. They are not done with this. They are not done with the Greeks. You do not hunt witches so recklessly, because they might be actual witches.




Creator of AQUARIUS Theory