The cruel civil war in the United States
evolves into …World War !!!

The American People are struggling

in the name of Democracy and Freedom

as the last line of defence of the free world…

…If they lose,

nothing will stop the Zionists-Marxists

to literally set up a global dictatorship.


…Those who fear that there is a risk of civil war breaking out in the U.S. in the near future are wrong !!! …Reality has surpassed their imagination, and the civil war in the U.S. is already in full swing! …It is raging and we simply recognize it not from the weapons’ sound, but from its disastrous effects; like all wars of the post-industrial era. This war is now a daily reality, which we see in the nightmarish losses of the American economy …a war, which we see on the stats of tens of millions of young unemployed …a war that we see, as a result of the lockdown in the U.S. deserted streets. With today’s incredible rigging in the American elections, it’s clear that the coup d’état has now reached a marginal point …a coup, not against Trump, but against the American democracy itself.

This coup and the great risk which presupposes its launch, is the evidence that the war is at its most critical point that a “winner” can get nominated. This is always the case in power games and war is such a “game”. When one of the two players decide to play ALL for ALL, the game is coming to an end whether the opponent wants it or not. What’s happening now in the U.S. is that the Democrats chose to play all their cards. This risk is so great that the identity of the winner will be directly linked to the outcome of that risk. The risk taker will either win IT ALL or lose IT ALL …Either democracy in the United States will be destroyed forever or —forever also— the most powerful enemy it has ever had will be lost.

The civil war in the U.S. is not like the ideological bigotry civil wars we have seen in the history of other peoples during the last century …It’s not a civil war between people of different ideologies …It is a civil war between capital holders with various interests and workers of the same ideology, which starts with the real conflict of collective interests between the parties involved. It is not a civil war between snitches, who “carry” international and external ideological “conflicts” within their national societies. It is not a “civil war” of paid agents, who move from external “incentives” and simply involve in their “games” the people with provocations to show some supposed conflict of collective interests.

The American Civil War is due to “vertical” dividing “axes” that divide society into similar places and not into “horizontal” that divide different social classes from each other …It is a societal civil war, not a war of classes. Therefore, the conflicts that concern this war are not caused by class. They are social conflicts. It is a civil war between similar “sub-societies” of a divided society and not a civil war of different classes of the same society …It’s a real war caused by internal motives.

This characteristic is responsible for the most dangerous type of civil war, because violence does not concern paid “rebels” and “state authorities”. Violence concerns everyone and can “run” society to all its heights and depths. It is a war between people who are fighting for their survival, and such wars are unconditional and limitless. It is a war that can become incredibly violent at the level of civilians —and indeed armed people— with no need of leaders. This war does not need provocations from some professional “rebels”, as was the case with ideological “revolutions”. It has not ensured any security “safeguards” that will be able to stop it through secret agreements between the parties involved. Lastly, this is a war that can lead to chaos, as there are no clear limits or objectives to citizens, who are ready to shoot each other depending on how they perceive their neighbors or fellow citizens.

This is not an unprecedented situation for the US …In fact, it’s a civil war similar to the previous American civil war. The only difference between the current American civil war and the previous one is economical. Today the economy and the internal interests of the American society have changed, and they are at odds with each other …The type of capital that claims absolute power within the American society has changed. However, why is the capital able to enter into a conflict of claim to power? …Because it is the power that regulates the economy and therefore can decide who will permanently benefit from the overall functioning of the American state …The authority will decide whether the state will specialize in industrial production or give priority to services and trade. Depending on these decisions, large profits go to specific recipients.

USA North – South

In the past, the industrial capital of the North defeated the land capital of the South because it was stronger and therefore its holders were stronger. “But why was it stronger?” One would wonder …Because industrialists are stronger than landowners. Industrialists decide, on the basis of their own interests, which landowners will survive and which will not. The same is happening now. Today, the previous dominant industrialists of material —industrial— capital collide with the holders of the private capital —knowledge— …i.e. the patent and the “Intellectual Rights” of the know-how. Nowadays, it is the industrialists who are the weakest and dependent on the decisions of the most powerful. In our post-industrial era the owners of “Intellectual/Copyright” decide which industrialist’s factory will continue to exist, and therefore who will continue to exist and survive as its owner.

In reference to a finer detail, the proportions are absolute. In the first civil war, feudal lords of the South clashed with factory owners in the North; Now, in the second civil war, factory owners clash with the leaders of Big Tech, which factories need to produce. Since capital sustains the profits of owners and employees, it is understandable that these different forms of capital sustain different social groups also. Not only are the interests of capitalists conflicting, but also of workers, who are highly skilled. An industrial worker or small property owner does not have the same interests with a stockbroker or a programmer or an actor. These are the groups that are colliding today in the US, because both want to survive …or at best, prevail. In other words, the American “sub-socialities”, which identify with these individual interests and conflict with each other have changed …But it is still a conflict between different types of capitalists in the US, who consistently maintain their ideological preference.

Since the capitalists and their capital are different, it is natural that their “dispersion” within the USA is different from that of the previous civil war. It is therefore natural to change the “geography” of the civil war …From the North-South axis of the first civil war we went to a new axis, since the protagonists have now changed, and therefore the places where their different types of funds are concentrated. The protagonists in this case are those States, which have within them these different forms of capital at the greatest possible intensity …Those States, which have concentrated within themselves the main mass of the “different” populations, whose occupation —and thus their profits— are linked to the corresponding capital.

These States are very specific and the differentiation between them in the election results is obvious; by extension their conflict of interest is evident. In part, there are those who share profits and income from the internal functioning of the USA and on the other hand are those who share profits and income from the external imperialist function of the USA. On first hand are the states of the U.S. “inland”, which make a profit from industry, livestock farming or agriculture. These states can actively meet the requirements of their owners for profitability, and fulfil the needs of such a large and rich nation as the USA …The States of the industrial north, but also the traditional agricultural South led by the mighty Texas.

USA West – East

On the other hand, are the capitalists of the “coastal states”, who do not meet their requirements for profitability from the U.S. internal market …The American market is not enough for them, and through imperialism they also claim the markets outside the United States. In fact, they target the global market and thus profit from the global dominance of the US, which gives them control of all the markets that interest them. In addition, these capitalists have distinguished their presence on the map of the United States …It is the State of New York of the international stock exchange, the bankers and the speculators …It is the State of California, Hollywood of the golden cinematic successes and the Silicon Valley of the global successes of software and infinite applications, which are “produced” on a daily basis. Because all the above favor global trade and yield “gold” through social media.

Such differentiation between the new opponents determines the “geography” of the new civil war. From the North-South axis we went to the East-West axis; we went to the new axis, where the great internal American interests are now developed …on this axis, the coast collides with the inland country …From the Civil War of the Northern States to the South, we went to the Civil War of the Coastal States against the Inland States.

Over time —and due to the bipartisanship, that distinguishes the American political system— these interests began to find their expressions through existing political players. The first are represented by the Democrats and the second by the Republicans. From this point on, began the mistakes of politicians in the United States. They did not stand at their “height” in order to limit the diffusion of conflicts with the risk of displeasing some of them. Wanting everyone for their part to fully satisfy their own target group, they began to become “employees” of different lobby-interests and flatter the electorate so as not to have problems. For political reasons —and in search of a political clientele— the two major parties began to “fish” voters from different social groups, turning them into party “vote tanks”.

It was easy for these political players to seize the opportunity and undertake “contractors” to represent trends that already existed within society and did not create them themselves. They just stroked “ears”, saying those words that their audiences wanted to hear. They were simply those who adopted the views of their listeners and not the other way around, where political players assigned politics within a society. Gradually the U.S. parties began to connect and express interests, as if they were lobbyists of certain entrepreneurs …Interests that are not the same as those which the parties undertake to represent outside America. In other countries, due to the domination of ideological conflicts, parties reflect expressions of class interests. Their speech has a class “color” and is limited within the framework of democratic functioning. The parties between them are rivals because of competition for a common goal, which is general progress. In the U.S., that’s not the case. Parties in the US tend to become enemies, because they don’t only engage in competition with each other, but attempt to win at all costs which will destroy the opponent.

This is exactly where the danger to the American Democracy occurs …Democracy exists only when within the framework of freedom, one view competes with another and the people simply choose one of them …The judge of different views is the citizen, and not a militant disciple of any particular of them. The citizen is recruited only in favor of the Democracy and its basic principles, and not in favor of subordinate views. When the exponents of one opinion —along with the rest of its supporters— fight the other view with its own exponents and supporters, we have war. When we have war, we don’t have Democracy, because we can’t have rules …Democracy, which is a system of rules, which protects the freedom of its members, cannot function unregulated.

This is happening today in the USA …The Americans are fighting each other and they’re not competing for the common good. One wants the evil of the other, because he believes that the other is the enemy who harms him. One wants to eliminate the other, not because he simply does not like his point of view, but because he considers him a traitor to the country and its interests, as he understands those interests himself. The two major parties, having drifted into this vortex, have been unable to ensure a smooth democratic functioning. They became the same part of the conflict and therefore part of the problem …A problem, however, which constantly escalates and threatens to destroy everything; a problem, which the economic crisis will constantly intensify, since it will activate the instincts of a divided society …Completely divided now, because the populations, which have been divided, have very specific and very different values.

Knowing the opposing parties, one can easily understand the qualitative characteristics of the populations, which make up the “tanks” of voters of the two major parties. As far as Republicans are concerned, the quality characteristics of their supporters are very specific …Native white descendants of the first settlers …capitalists of production, whether industrial or agricultural production …Close to them and their immediate associates …workers, small producers, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. …Patriots with the conventional meaning of the concept, since their interests never “came out” beyond their small “environment” …The majority of them are middle-class and almost all religious.

A picture containing text, person, outdoor, track and field

Description automatically generated All of them are nostalgic for the good old and “clean” America …That America, which did not know Iraq, Afghanistan or Bosnia …That America, which before the Democrats’ Vietnam didn’t even know about drugs. Not all of them are interested in all these “grandiose” projects, which deliver billions of dollars in profits to vast purchases of billions of people. They are interested that they cannot live as well as when they were children with a shop or restaurant like their father’s. They feel that, because of all these “projects”, their small business has lost their value and they have come out of the market of their own country. They live in neighborhoods with people who do not speak the same language, and have to compete with huge “chains” of multinationals, which “get them out of business” one after the other …They have to compete with the Malls with the unbeatable foreign products …They lose their jobs to foreigners, who are legitimized by “waves” etc.

All of them have an interest in a strong but “closed” American economy, the profits of which are shared among Americans …That’s enough for them and more than they wish for. They want a simple economy, which taxes Americans and its profits “return” to Americans …for Americans to have their restaurants, their shops, their crafts and to be taxed for what they sell. All of them feel they have an interest in American taxation, so that it becomes American roads, schools or health services. They feel Americans deep in their soul, who do not want to turn the United States into a bankrupt Mexico or Argentina, on the altar of the interests of the so-called only ‘American’ imperialism …They are Americans, who easily adopt Trump’s slogan: “Make America Great Again” …They are Americans, who put a large American flag in the yard of their home and feel beautiful when they identify themselves with it.

“Opposite” to these relatively modest people we have the Democrats, who choose the “complexity” in thought and opinion, in order to justify the unjustifiable …We have the “other” Americans, who have become the richest people in human history, precisely because the U.S. “went” to Iraq, Afghanistan or Bosnia …Americans, who have an interest in having an American army in all corners of the world, so that they can police the people and states, and not have their “investment motives” questioned …Americans, who, as a result of the power of the U.S., took the lead in the great post-war technological explosion and have identified with the whole world and of course the global market …American tycoons, to whom the American market is not enough and feel “claustrophobic” within the American reality …Americans, who are no longer given that they reside permanently within the U.S., are certainly not taxed within the states …Americans, who do not want to pay their respective contribution amount, because they do not consider that they should pay a corresponding fee in reciprocity to the United States for their global “prey”. They don’t feel it’s right, since this “prey” comes from international markets and they don’t see other Americans as their “partners.”

A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated A multinational manpower exists and lives around the American tycoons, which arose because of this unprecedented global change …They live and progress —in the post-war terms of ‘loose’ immigration policies— the “Americans” of international production, which come purely from the imperialist function of the United States. These are people who do not have to be of genuine American descent …They may be Americans for only the last six months …These people who regardless of their origin, identified with the interests of American capital and not with their own national capital …They are people, who were “produced” within the Colleges …in Hollywood studios …Silicon Valley labs or Manhattan banks …Most of them stateless, non-religious, etc., dominate the American economy, since they were connected to it as a result of studies, promotions, acquaintances, etc…

…The majority of higher education people, who view the Marxist “pointless theories” sympathetically, not because they are communists themselves, but because this kind of Marxism defines their common interests, enables them to speak a common “language” to each other. Marxism defines their common enemies and common goals …It defines their “argument” in the most absolute way. What is the relationship between a ruthless communist with a super-rich bank or a multinational corporation manager? Much stronger than anyone would think …They are the same …It’s just that everyone claims the same Marxist “profit” from a different system.

These seemingly different Marxists equally hate capitalists, and underestimate workers. They claim the capital gains, generated by the capital. They are not interested in the ownership of capital and do not accept to work as “inferior” workers. They are only interested in the management of capital. They want to take a share of both, the profit of the owners —whoever they are— and the work of the workers …They do not care if the capital belongs to the anonymous shareholders of a multinational company within capitalism or if it belongs to the “people” in a communist regime …They don’t care if the workers are poor Christians or pathetic communists …They are only interested in management and those profits, which managers can share with each other. That’s why they’re just as tough Marxists as the CEO of a multinational entity and the communist director of a kolkhoz.

This is the Marxism in which they “believe”. From then on, Jewish-inspired Marxism suits them in everything. Internationalism suits them, because all these “wandering” careerists, even though they are of different origins, receive “golden” salaries from wealth belonging to foreign populations. They are comfortable in their daily lives with a religion or atheism, because of the different religion that characterizes the members of this “tight” group, who collect “golden” salaries in nations with different religions than those of their own …They are capitalists in the “pocket” with Marxist philosophy, so that they can all work together in a multinational office as high-paid employees …The old fellow students from the Colleges, who progressed in America …The “Americans” of the last “harvest” …colleagues in a Manhattan office …A white Protestant New Yorker with a white Greek Orthodox Christian, a black Muslim Sunni Turk, a black Catholic Ganese, a communist Chinese and an Indian Sikh!!!

One can only “fit” all of these within the pseudo-ideological view of an “overflowing” Marxism and place them in an office of a large multinational enterprise. That’s why they feel more comfortable and safer when they’re among Chinese communists, for example, than among Republican capitalists. They are easier to communicate in a common “language” with the violent far-left communists involved in the demonstrations than with the Republican farmers. When a Republican calls a Democrat a “communist”, he knows which way he’s “looking”, but he doesn’t know exactly what he’s “seeing”. He senses the Marxism of these vast-wealthy people, but because he does not have the corresponding theoretical training to interpret it correctly, he confuses it with communism …Marxism is one thing and Communism is another!

George Soros on Myanmar: A Long-Term Investment That 'Paid Off' | Asia  Society All these Golden Boys are Marxists, because they are simply comfortable with Marx’s internationalistic views and not because they are communists. Besides, there couldn’t be anything different going on. So, we’re not saying anything strange or paradoxical …Almost all Jews —even billionaires— are Marxists. Marx himself was Jewish and was funded for his “views” by the Jews of Wall Street …the famous “Chapter”, which supposedly constitutes the “gospel” of the working class is paid for by loan sharks and speculators. Is it possible that these —literally— Jewish-paid ‘views’ do not suit the Jewish ‘worldview’? Is it possible that it does not suit the ‘foreigners’, who “milk” every economy that “hosts” them? …Simply, Jews are both the richest people in the U.S. and the real employers of all these golden-paid neo-Marxist “Americans” …And of course Jews are the owners of the Democratic party.

Here comes the “unlocking” of the situation with the reveal of the leading factor of that world, which supports the Democratic party …All of them “love” the Jews, because they’re the same as them. Like the Jews, they benefit at the expense of all other social groups …They worship the Jews, because the Jews are the absolute experts in the parasitic Marxism by Jewish Marx …Jews are the absolute experts in progressing in foreign homelands at the expense of indigenous …They are the successful “standards” of all these “Americans” with and without quotation marks. Because of their interests and their education, all of them are easily “aligned” behind the Zionists and they recognize them as their leaders. They have no reason to be hostile to them, because their interests are perfectly identified with Zionist interests. These interests are those interests that the Democratic party is currently defending in the American Civil War.

All of the above, are not touched by Trumps slogan; instead they are threatened by him. This logic threatens their interests …He threatens to send them home …to send them back to that time, when they dreamed of the Colleges of Comfort, and therefore where they remember their “poverty” …It threatens to make them feel like all colorful “Londoners” after Brexit. All these people are afraid of those who want to go back to the national model of the economy, where every person eats exclusively from his national “dish”. All these people are afraid of those who want to make America “Great Again”, because this threatens the world’s New Order and therefore their own interests …It threatens them, because it “cuts” the Trump's Claim That Democrats Are 'Anti-Jewish' Is Absurd revenue stream of multinationals, which is the “pie” from which they become rich …It threatens them, because it lures other peoples to imitate them and make “Great Again” Italy, France or Hungary etc., and therefore can turn against the multinationals. All of them —even if they are Americans themselves— prefer —in the name of the Marxist New Order— to ostentatiously and provocatively sacrifice the supposedly dominant United States, in order to “teach” everyone else by their example.

The reader understands that the differences between these Americans are so substantial and so great that they are not “bridged” by any policy. No policy can bridge a difference, of such a kind: “your death my life”. They are differences, which are found only among followers of different religions. That is why all of them —in order to move on to a platform similar to that of religious Americans— when they do not choose vague and non-functional “atheism”, show a preference for the new “pan-religion”, which “covers” all members of their community. Without in fact renouncing their previous religious status, which they carry from their families, they adopt a new one, which connects them with their new “brothers”.

These “different” and very wealthy Americans —who by “culture” recognize the “right” of all religions and this view of them have made it their “religion”— are those who clash today with the authentically Christian American population …The later, have as founding “fathers” of the state the Pilgrims, who once arrived in the New World with the Mayflower. These are the different American “societies” that collide in today’s civil war. These are the two different ‘societies’, which the two major parties have undertaken to represent in a two-party system …The Republicans and the Democrats …The modern “Southerners” of the lower industrial capital and the modern “Northerners” of the upper private capital of the post-industrial era.

Because, of course, we are talking about war, it is understandable that we will also have all those side phenomena, which relate to a war conflict. We must look for the ‘weapons’, but also those alliances, which each ‘camp’ will try to secure in order to win in this conflict to the last. Because Democrats are more educated and cunning, they know the games of conflict better. They know how to secure allies, even when this is objectively difficult to achieve. At the same time, because of the object of their involvement, they easily ensure the superiority given to them by the technological means of the New Age. There is no “Mass Communication Medium” or “Social Media” that does not literally belong to them.

Spy Survey: Do You Support Chestertown's Decision to Permit a Gay Pride  Celebration? Because of these “weapons”, they also ensure alliances, which in theory should be “opposite” to them. Knowing the internal class differences of American society, they tried —and seemingly succeeded— to attract all the minorities in society …Having the leading “know-how” in minority management —which is Jewish— it was easy for them to “appear” as exponents of gay rights, illegal immigrants, drug addicts, etc. All of them became their “customers” and “stabilizing force” in the Democratic “boat”. It was easy for them to lure them with the tricks of “crying” and demands no one knows better than their Jews and Democratic “students”.

For everyone they have something “good” to say and —most importantly— they all have something to “give”, since the “pie” —from which they promise a “piece” from— is not theirs. There’s no problem with the Italian employee of a New York bank or the Indian developer of Silicon Valley giving legitimacy to Mexicans or other illegal immigrants …Illiterate immigrants do not claim their own jobs and therefore cannot share their own “piece”. That is why the humanitarian “provision” of the Democrats does not break their base. It is made with the “wishes” of the Zionists and advertised through the large Jewish-owned media.

Ultimately, their greatest achievement was that they largely joined the U.S. African American community; the poor Afro-American community is in fact offended by their views of the economic functioning of the system. Here, of course, the paradox lays. In the first civil war, it was obvious who all these poor people would identify with. It was easy for the North —who were associated with industry— to join black people, since they were promised privileges that did not affect their interests. Industrialists don’t need slaves, but workers …and therefore it entailed no cost to them to promise freedom to slaves and jobs with fixed wages …Something that the landowners of the South could not promise, who did not want expensive workers, but “cheap” slaves.

The apparent is not the case today, and that is why we are talking about a ‘paradox’. Today, the Democrats are claiming the Afro-Americans for free through “meaningless philosophies”. Ridiculously obvious “black-Obama” marketing tactics appear to “charm” black people. With “free”-symbolisms they appear as friends and protectors of blacks, while they and their policies are the main cause of today’s ghetto segregation and black poverty. The majority of black people are uneducated and have more interest in the economy of production and thus, the Republicans. However, they appear to be identified with the economy of the educated, which does not even concern them. It makes sense that it’s none of their business. A low-educated black man is more likely to find work as a factory worker than as a Google worker.

The Black Lives Matter protests preview the politics of a diversifying  America - CNNPolitics Although with provocations and lies, Democrats now appear to be supporting the rights of the truly wronged minority of African Americans …They appear through provocative movements of the type “Black Lives Matter” to “represent” them, because, they may themselves be “different”, but, because they are “sensitive” —and a little Marxist—, they “sympathize” with them more than the “heartless” “fascists” of “White Power”. This “fairytale” of “sensitivity” is taken by the brainwashing machines of mass and Social Media —which ALL belong to the Zionists, and thus to the Democratic “camp”. Together with Marxist “empty bag theories” for the right of the weakest “classes”, they sell them to black people, when in fact they deceive them.

Another significant element that makes the current civil war in the US unique, is that it’s not limited within its borders. The international presence and global role of the United States, takes this internal conflict out of the borders and affects all the peoples of the world. Why is this happening? …Because “Americans” of the Democratic “class” of the USA who are from multinational origins greatly influence their powerless homelands. This provides these homelands an advantage through these multinationals, who operate in the powerful USA. These “Americans” are given the opportunity to exploit the media of their “bosses” and transmit their opinion to the whole world. If Democrats in the US view Trump is a “madman” or a “graphic character”, this image is solidly “transmitted” and fully adopted by all the new world order “interweaving” in all nations …Again, everyone follows the “blinder” of their “standards”.

Just as all Zionists of the USA “convey” their political “views” to all Jewish communities globally, likewise, the “successful” “Americans” convey these same views to the “successful people” of their homelands. This is why the information about the conflict within the United States is spreading consistently and timely to the whole planet. The interests of imperialism connect all those who benefit from them across the whole world. As crazy or graphic as Trump seems to an American Democrat, the same also applies to an Indian, Japanese or an Egyptian who works for a multinational corporation, owned by Democrats in their own homelands. The rich and powerful of each country, who are now linked to the imperialist politics of the Democrats as a whole, “identify” in everything with them …The same applies to the corrupted people of the whole world as well, since the multinational corporations generally corrupt them …The “yellow” journalists who serve all this global corruption also “identify” with them …Necessarily all of them have to support the Democrats in the U.S. civil war.

At this point, the Democrats’ exclusive “instruments” are obvious in the world …”Instruments”, which look like powerful nations, but are in fact “extras” of a global imperialist situation, which we know as the New Order …”Instruments” —which are the main “pillars” of this New Order— and are the strongest of its members …Such “instruments” are Germany, China and Russia. These ‘instruments’ should therefore necessarily be more actively involved in the American civil war than others. They are directly concerned with the outcome of this civil war, because these regimes which control these national state systems, are all the New Order “chosen ones”. In other words, if some other nations simply have to stand by fake news to create global discontent for US Republicans, these particular nations will have to take a leading role in the civil war…

“Rude” Polish people are not “getting up” to greed “INNOCENT” German “tourists”.

…They are forced to do this, because literally their power is based on the imperialist design of the Democrats and their leaders are just “straw men” of these people …Straw men of the bosses of the Democrats, who are the Jewish Zionists. These Zionists who make the world a game are the ones who today —for absolute World domination— “sacrifice” the United States and use their “instrument” states. We will begin our analysis of the most faithful and “hard” instrument of Zionism, which is the German nation …Euphemistically of course ‘nation’, since in reality it is not even such …It is more a company, owned privately, than a nation, which belongs to the people …It doesn’t even have a Constitutional Law, which is the “functional” system of a modern nation. Germany, on the basis of its criminal past, should have been punished by example by the International Community and would have been today the poorest country in Europe; the country of absolute poverty, which should be controlled every day in its slightest attempt for development …The only country in the history of the industrial period whose technological development is linked to war and bleeding of all others, those who have had the misfortune to be adjacent to them —and not only—. In other words, if one thinks about what the Germans did and how they used industry and technology, it is understandable that if Justice was granted to their hundred million victims and more —only in the last war— the largest factory in ‘operation’ at the moment in Germany, would have been at most a large cow …and nothing else!

The “INNOCENT” parents of the people who lead Germany today.

…Germany is the only country whose people should really be punished for their collective responsibilities …Germans have no excuse for their voluntary and keen participation in the criminal activity of the NAZIS; with “democratic” procedures, the NAZIS took power …The murderous “herds” in Europe have “spilled out” with the wishes and cheers of the German society. The hundreds of thousands of crimes, across Europe were committed, by ordinary uniformed German citizens, who participated in a collective criminal effort, apparently for illegal collective gain …Collective gain is what reveals collective responsibilities, and, when such, there are collective punishments. All these criminals became criminals in foreign countries of their own free will against unsuspecting people, who may not even know where Germany is.

“INNOCENT” German “tourists”…

…Do you mean this one died as a retiree of Lidl?

For example, is it justified that a German “citizen” who went to Crete, killed women, old men, children and burned entire villages and returned home a month after the end of the war, to demand that we “forget” all his “actions” and let him live “peacefully” as a reputable citizen? Does the law punish someone who may have just been present in a rape and left serial rapists and murderers of dozens of people unpunished? How is it possible that the “misled” German can throw away his bloody uniform and reappear in society “clean”? The numerous crimes of these several, ordinary and everyday people have “bled” Europe …These “small” criminals committed the numerous, and therefore the vast number of crimes that were charged to Germany in total.

A picture containing person, player, crowd, male

Description automatically generated …Ordinary German citizens, not Hitler, were pulling the triggers during the executions …Ordinary German citizens, hiding behind the Reich’s uniforms, were the ones who fired the deathblow at the heads of children and women. How many of all these murderers, who were “spilled” with menace in Europe, were punished for all the millions of German crimes? At the end, they also came to the conclusion that only Hitler and a few people around him —most of whom were already dead— were responsible for the millions of victims of the German collective atrocity, in order to facilitate their decisions …In fact, a dozen people were “charged” for more than a hundred million deaths in huge man-slaughters.

“INNOCENT” Germans

What was normal about all those, “delirious” at the sight of Hitler people, who ran to recruit and arm themselves to “bleed” Europe? The defeated and —collective criminals— condemned Germans should have been forced to compensate their victims, and therefore Germany as a nation should have entered into a process of century-old Memorandums and whatever this may mean in loss of national capital and wealth …Namely, to suffer all these, that we Greeks have suffered since the last German economic atrocity, just because of slander. Just as we Greeks were collectively “condemned” as “lazy” by the Germans —and therefore “vindicated” the Memorandum— so as such and worse — they, as real criminals, had to be put under Memorandums.

They, who “got away” from the people’s rage, because they “expelled” their collective responsibilities, put tiny Greece in the “crematorium” raising their “flag” of the “collective” responsibilities of the Greeks. Unrepentant Germany therefore deserves exemplary punishment …Not even Belarus or Moldova should be at its economic “size” today …This punishes the peoples, who consciously follow their criminal leadership and participate in crimes; they “receive” the opposite of what they sought by committing crimes. What were the German peoples aiming following Hitler and killing whoever was in front of them? They sought to increase their national political power and economic wealth, which would then be shared among their members …Thus, the punishment for these people is to share these members’ enormous political weakness and incredible poverty; to have the same fate as the one they have created for their victims …Of course, not all of them should go under trial …Nature and the economy ensure that there is a fair “division” of punishment among the guilty …This was what the “methodical” and hard-working German people, in their own imagination, were entitled to.

Is there a doubt than no one has seen anything like this happening? …No, of course not …Germany still belongs to the “elite” nations and is one of the richest in the world …One of the “regulators” of global society. People, who had the “means” to escape the courts for crimes against humanity, appeared as the “initiators” of the EU, after a few years. These people, who were criminals throughout Europe, a few months after their “humiliating moments” during their return to home, went to work in those factories, which were re-built by the “winners” and pretended to be law-abiding citizens …those industrialists, who constituted the political and economic backbone of Hitler’s party, were not punished by example, but instead were subsidized and received financial aid to become even stronger. Thus, the supposedly “worthy” Germany “resurrected” through her “ashes”.

Μόνο στη Γερμανία: Δικαστήριο απαγορεύει στους φιλάθλους να πανηγυρίζουν σε  εξωτερικούς χώρους μετά τις 10 το βράδυ | ΚΟΣΜΟΣ | In fact, Germany hasn’t accomplished anything on her own. It’s all “benefits” of her bosses, who take advantage of her …Exploiting society’s wild instincts …They exploit her to become rich through her crimes. The result is what we see …Germany literally lives at the expense of ALL her victims. The worst state with the worst history in mankind, it succeeds today pretending to be a great factor of the planet. In her short history, the country has not shown a single truly authentic moment of national pride …German names can only be heard worldwide when it comes to malignancies of power vis-à-vis peoples or their involvement in scandals. Even today it remains a large state without any special “radiation”. What “radiation” can such a large state have when the most “famous” Germans at the moment are Merkel and Schaeuble? …We’re talking about a tragic situation.

With these “qualifications” Germany is marching in the modern world. Its specialty is to produce and reproduce slanders, vices and squalor for all peoples. Seeking national “uplift” and pride in dirty underpants of illiterate football players, Germany lives a life “stolen” from those whom she asks for “mercy”, because this has been allowed by the post-war rulers of all Americans. Thanks to the USA, Germany came out of one “door” as a convicted criminal and entered from another as an “evaluator” of Europe. In summary proceedings —and quite mysteriously— the criminal was “cleansed” of her crimes and appeared almost “immaculate” thanks to the media of her benefactors and owners.

Even the pretenses didn’t have to last. They didn’t even change the names of the industrial companies that supported Hitler and participated in crimes against humanity. With the same Mercedes, which the NAZIS used to wear —and wearing the same Boss clothes— in the blood-blooded states, the Germans are still circulating today —in the same looting states again— challenging everyone. Those billions, which Germany had to give to the people, have been “turned” into hypocritical apologies, even from the benches of Europe. Has any of her victims, however, received “mark”…? No, of course not …Some were heavily rewarded.

Who are the ones, who have been compensated by Germany, when no one else has received a cent? …The bosses …The Jews …The blackmailers of Germany …The partners in the “trick” of the “Holocaust” …The owners of the U.S. Democratic Party …The owners of this party, which almost monopolized power in the U.S. in the postwar era …Thanks to them —and therefore to the United States they control— Germany can today pretend to be the great factor of the planet …Thanks to the U.S., Germany enjoys “immunity” and is not dragged into the International Courts by her victims. Thanks to the U.S., Germany controls the EU’s banking system completely, and therefore the EU itself …Thanks to this corrupt and Zionist-controlled banking system, Germany is ensuring its unfair competitiveness…

…That’s what this is about. It is Germany’s permanent moral and economic debts to Zionism that determine its behavior and role. It is provocative, and at the same time continues to be delinquent. As far as the first is concerned, it always happens, when there is no punishment of a criminal, who does not stop committing a crime. Impunity “feeds” crime and Germany is a “major producer” of crime. But because we live in a world where everyone knows everyone, impunity does not mean vindication. This means that the unpunished criminal must develop a special attitude towards those who socialize and know him. Germany has had this problem and continued to have it. It shows her habit of “selling” something, which is not hers. The greatest criminal in history “sells” morality and the greatest “deadbeat” in history “sells” honesty.

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Germany has the audacity of the “bowncer”, who takes the dirty work for the “boss” and exercises bulling whenever he can. That’s how it’s always done …Whoever “worships” powerful bosses, whenever he finds someone weaker than him pulls out all his menace. Because of this complex, he aims to make everyone else the same. This is a standard practice of the compulsive person, and this is something that we find in the German foreign policy. Because Germany in almost no area can ever prove that she is “clean”, instead tries to “smear” them all with slander. As a result of not being able to get out of the “sewage”, her bosses have sunk her in, is pulling everyone into it. She tries to prevent accusations by blaming others and has real expertise in the well-known blame game with the advantage of power …Let’s get the attention redirected and get where it’s convenient.

Η Αφροδίτη (της Μήλου) κάνει κωλοδάχτυλο « Giannis Kafatos

The speedy and massive reaction of Germans when they have to adopt an ugly trait for foreigners is incredible —such as those who are often densely “made” by Bild or Focus—. Germans adopt racist characterizations with such unbelievable ease for an entire population. In the most difficult moment of the Greek people in their post-war history, the Germans showed no sign of support. They did not support a population, whom they had completely destroyed a few years ago …then the Greeks helped them “breathe” out their debts …And they still haven’t compensated them. Instead they showed the Greeks the “finger” of Aphrodite and described them as collective thieves among the “honest” …i.e. themselves.

In all matters they take such general racist positions, which “feed” their complexes. Let one claim that modern Greeks are “Turkish seeds”, and in Germany one will find a “step” to project it and an immediate response from the public. Let someone claim that the Italians are thieves and mobsters, and Germany will make it a top issue. When Germany talks about lazy people, the reader should know that on the basis of official OECD and EU statistics, the German people are the laziest people in Europe. When Germany talks about competitiveness, the reader should know that on the basis of official statistics it is the German business world that has the most convictions for unfair competition. Finally, when Germany talks about corruption at the state level, everyone should know that Germany is the largest corrupt power in the world.

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Description automatically generated There is no corruption crime anywhere in the world that serves either the Zionists or Germany and in which the German state itself does not take the lead. Germany is literally a “villain” force …It is the only —supposedly— civilized state that has made special laws on the spirit of running a “gang” that protects within its territory those who commit crimes for its interests across the planet. Who knows how many “Christoforakos of Ziemens” of how many “lazy” countries are currently hiding in German neighborhoods. Wherever you catch them, you can only get dirty. If the Files of Deutsche Bank or Ziemens ever open, the whole world will be surprised …And imagine that these are only “trivial” crimes.

Is this getting worse? …It certainly is. When you are dependent on imperialist bosses, it goes without saying that you are involved in crimes against humanity, since all imperialists want their “dirty” partners to do the “dirty” jobs …Germany has specialty in this area. Where such crimes were committed since the great “carnage” of the Second World War? …Everywhere …Where there is bloodshed —even in developed Europe— there is German intervention …It starred with Yugoslavia’s civil war …It continued with the case of Ukraine …involvement in the dissolution of Libya …Syria, etc. …literally broke up Greek society with the Memorandums and plundered the Greek state to a degree of conquest …Even Erdogan’s current provocative behavior in the Aegean is a “product” of German politics. If the secret service files are ever opened, the Nuremberg courts will have to be re-opened. So, what do you think? …Since the Germans are the ruthless “bravos” of the Zionists, who are starring in the American civil war, shouldn’t we seek their own “help-contribution” to it?

A few days ago, there was an operation in Frankfurt …U.S. military officers raided CIA offices …Intervention, which was related to the electoral process in the U.S. …Why would that be? …Because from there only the CIA could act under security conditions …Because in fact Germany is the basis of the “favorite” service of the Democrats …The CIA, which is literally controlled by the Zionist Mossad —and not the other way around— …The so-called only “American” service, which lovers of global imperialism —the Democrats— use it to control the world …The rest of the world. Why do we say that? …Because, for those who do not know, it is good to inform them that the CIA is free to act everywhere …EXCEPT the U.S. Within the U.S., the supposedly all-powerful U.S. Secret Intelligence Agency has no authority. In other words, if the CIA has been involved in the rigging, it is certain that it did so from abroad, because simply being “set up” as an observer within the US would be illegal.

This service, which clearly serves the interests of the Zionists, has been considered —of course— to have played a role in today’s unprecedented electoral fraud for a developed Free World state …We certainly believe that the great theft of votes against Trump was done by technological means and remotely …No problem for the CIA …These are very familiar practices for them and they have been implemented in a number of countries …From the “banana republic states” of Latin America and Africa to the Balkan “rotten counties”. So, there was nothing much different from the usual. Just now the “folders” of the files, which were being processed by its agents, were written “USA” and not “Venezuela” for example. On the basis of any information we can have on an issue which is still being investigated by the AMERICAN authorities, the problem —rather— is in the vote counting system under the name “Dominion”.

Statement From Dominion on Sidney Powell's Charges - Dominion Voting Systems Why do we think that’s where the problem lies? Because this system —which is even connected to the Internet— has all those “standards” to “tease” election results. “Dominion” has a system, which converts simple democratic “numeracy” into complex “mathematics” …It is a system that “classifies” the vote and divides it between candidates on the basis of an algorithm designed in such a way as to serve the needs of rigging, processing election data in real time and aiming at the least possible “challenge” to those affected by the rigging. If, in fact, we wanted to describe the function of “Dominion” in two-three words, these would be “as much as” …It takes “as much as necessary” to extract the desired final result. It is a fraudulent counting system, which does not “manufacture” provocative “triumphs”, but ensures marginal “victories”.

For the first time in the lengthier than 2000-year history of the USA, citizens and their votes were NOT numerically identical …They were not identical, because they were not “measured” —as they should be—, but “calculated”, as a suspicious software wanted. “Calculated” a percentage of the vote for each citizen and attributed to him according to his party of choice appeared on the ballot paper. A percentage of the vote was estimated which was attributed to the citizens, and which served the needs of the “invisible” regulator …Very “invisible”, but who was “present” inside ALL polling stations …In the age of the Internet, a connection is enough, and anyone can be anywhere. That’s all anyone can think of, and realizes it’s suspicious. Why should the counting machines be connected to the Internet? Why should they permanently have a “door” open, from which no one knows who will “get in”? Just because these machines are connected to the network means that they are vulnerable, since they allow someone with criminal intentions for democracy to “have access” to them.

All these internet “smugglings” are considered certain to have taken place outside the American territory, because —apart from everything else— if the smugglers were arrested within the United States, they would wear the orange “whole body suit” and go straight to Guantánamo …At best, of course, for them …At worst, they would have been executed on top of the computers. Knowing the relationship between Zionists and Germany, it’s not hard to assume a few things. In the privately owned, and safe for Zionists German territory lies the tip of the thread about the rigging, attempted against the USA …In the homeland of STASI with the millions of agents and snitches. It is certain that the new order Zionist Merkel know —throughout her career at STASI— exactly what happened in Frankfurt, and is certain that she is currently anxious about her biological survival.

In addition to Germany, however, China played a similar important role. China —also necessarily— should take part in this civil war, as the election result in the US; it is a matter of survival for the regime …For China that doesn’t stand on her own, the chosen American leadership and the economic policy that will follow is a matter of survival …China is the cheap “big foreman” of Wall Street Stock Exchange loan sharks …those who claim that China will supposedly become the “superpower” of the future are for laughs. China will work for as long as the loan sharks wish and when things change, there is no “life” even for a few days.

The “extrovert” U.S. policies, set by the imperialistic Democrats, made China a superpower, and have her the highest production tech knowledge to make cutting-edge products for the Western market. At the same time, they gave China access to the market so that she could channel her production there. How can a state without NOT EVEN ONE strategic advantage can be a “superpower”? Not even energy resources. Its only advantage is its cheap labor force, which the communist regime makes sure to keep in misery. In all other matters it is completely weak. It produces foreign products, with foreign knowledge and collects profits from a foreign market. How much superpower can it become? …Literally China is the property of the New Order.

The communist regime, in order not to be overthrowned —like ALL others throughout the Eastern Bloc— handed over the state and the Chinese people as a “prey” to the loan sharks …The loan sharks, aiming at excessive profit, financed communist industrialists, who made people work as slaves. In fact, China, was developed by industrialists, who were not exactly industrialists, but corrupt party officials …and by workers, who were not exactly workers, but slaves, who were driven into factories not to work, but be punished …the Chinese view of “development” was such and continues to be. All this was done by China’s ruthless Communist Party …The party with the tens of millions of murders that still continue today …This “party/criminal organization” handed over China’s “keys” to the Zionists. This is not something like an extreme conspiracy theory …and makes perfect sense when youconsider the relationship between communism and the Zionists and its subsequent evolution.

Το Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα της Κίνας αλλάζει ηγεσία για ακόμη μεγαλύτερες  μπίζνες | ΚΟΣΜΟΣ |

Certainly, the above is now proven …It is a historical reality, which has been recorded by historians and is no longer disputed. All the communist parties in the world belong literally to the Zionists …and the Chinese Communist Party could not be an exception …The Zionists, through American diplomacy, require ALL states that they want to control, to maintain their communist parties with state funding …Parties are key “instruments” in the exercise of American imperialism, which Zionists have exercised since Kissinger and Albright to this day. The Zionists have a “sympathy” for the criminal organizations of this world, whether they are the NAZIS of Germany or the communists of Russia and China …After all, US Democrats, Zionists, Nazi Germans, Russian and Chinese communists also have faith in common Marxist theories, which makes them all “speak” the same “language” …Common interests and common qualities unite them in their supranational objectives …Jews in the USA are an ethnic minority of foreigners and communists in the countries they dominate are a political minority of “foreigners”.

China death penalty From then on — in gang terms— one helps the other …The Jews pay and the communists of China “dance”. The Jewish loan sharks support with their money the “development” in China and thus, allow a “dinosaur” political party to survive in an inhospitable environment for it. It survives in a completely hostile global capitalist environment, because quite simply they, who are seemingly its enemies, are the same ones who sustain it …With money and the know-how of the free and democratic world, communist —and therefore fascist— China produces its products and collects its profits from the markets of the same “hostile” world. How reasonable does this seem to those who “see” in communist China a future “superpower”? How logical is it to produce with the know-how of the West, to have simultaneous access to the market of the West and to “suck” the wealth of the West… and indeed —because of communism and cheap punitive work— under conditions of almost unfair competition?

Chinese exports to US and EU off to flying start | A few things can be understood since this artificial survival, is due to the choice of Zionist bankers. The Chinese regime of straw men “dances” to the rhythms imposed on it by its bosses. If these bosses needed and wanted help in the civil war they have declared in the U.S., China would participate without a second word. It’s not in her best interest to disobey, because it’s also a matter of survival for her to win over her bosses. If these bosses are “finished”, China “ends” within a few days as well …Simple things. If this civil war is won by the “internal” US, China is simply destroyed …It is destroyed, because it will close all the markets …It’s being destroyed because Trump’s U.S. doesn’t want to support Global Trade, and that’s what’s going to drag together the EU, which is the richest market on the planet. In such a case China is destroyed, because its growth is the product of borrowing and a vertical decline in its growth rate will lead it to a disorderly bankruptcy…

…China is like a shark …that must “move” constantly to survive …She has to have big turnovers in order to make a fund, to be able to pay the banks …Zionist banks …These banks, which take the money from her profits and load it with freshly printed FED bond “papers”, because simply the communist regime cannot react, and does not want to react. As long as it “hypnotizes” its people, even with pseudo-cameras, the regime survives. That is why it works in this way. It is not concerned about the low profit rate as long as it can pay its obligations and feed —albeit marginally— its population. If it doesn’t do that, it’s only a matter of time before China goes bankrupt. If that happens, along with its economy, its dirty and murderous communist regime will be collapsing in no time. If this regime of corrupt communists stops offering the impoverished Chinese people even this part of poverty, it will have the fate of Ceausescu. So, there is a reason for China’s regime to be also involved in this coup, because its survival depends directly on its outcome. If China has a reason to support a specific “camp” of the civil war that is the hope for survival.

In 2019, the Chinese Regime Is Restructuring the Way It Handles Falun Gong What is China’s role in this civil war and why is it so important? In order to understand this role, one must be aware of the Zionist Democratic Party’s needs. Since they needed to steal power at all costs in the United States —and thus to be rigged— they had to initiate the right conditions. The “conditions” —in this case— were the alibi for creating ‘loopholes’ which would allow fraud in the electoral process. The alibi in this case was a state of emergency, which would trap the world’s population by asking the American people not to react, no matter what they saw …whatever was revealed. This alibi was the “Coronavirus Pandemic” and it was all about the chaotic lockdown. This justified the ‘vote by mail’ in the American elections, which would give them —illegally— the votes they lacked.

For all these reasons, China was overvalued in this plan …Not only overvalued, but also the only one that could serve it. Anything that had to be done under conditions of absolute secrecy, could only be done in China. Nowhere else in the world could such a situation be initiated, with the only exemption of North Korea which, unfortunately for them, is not connected to the “function” of the West, in order to “transmit” a supposedly internal problem of its own to the rest of the world. Only China is an absolutely fascist state, which is economically “connected” to the developed Western World. In this “darkness” of China, where there is no “transparency”, no freedom of speech, and movement of information, the Terror of Coronavirus was “manufactured” and not the Coronavirus itself.

200131 wuhan death The terrorist “show” is what makes China overvalued for Zionists. No one else has the size or special “weight” to cause such global terror. Only such a “beast” can —with the supposed cries of “pain”— cause worldwide concern and terror. Who can forget the “fabricated” videos of those people who were falling like dead chickens in the streets or those thousands of corpses, which were supposedly transported in containers? Who could control the truth of these videos within a fascist regime like China? Who could question the “truth” of the fascist party, that literally owe its very existence to the Zionist loan sharks? People were literally murdered by this regime when they tried to reveal the truth to the public.

Wuhan novel coronavirus deaths hit record high as infections continue rapid  spread | Tibetan Review In this fascist China the terror of the virus was “manufactured” and this terror was “transferred” by Zionists —via Europe— to the USA, as they were in fact the target of the Zionists. The prolonged —and economically disastrous— lockdown in the US was the real pursuit of the Zionists, and in this pursuit, they were helped by China’s completely controlled leadership. Through this bespoke “Chinese” lockdown, the Zionists tried —and for a moment seemed to have succeeded— to settle all their outstanding issues.

Through this lockdown the Zionist Party of Democrats would attempt to literally “steal” the lead of the U.S. …Only China could be of assistance, since there were practical issues, which had to be resolved in such terms that only China could fulfil. Only with China’s help they could do this, since only the communist regime could provide them with the “services” they needed, particularly under the absolute secrecy they needed to launch a deadly dangerous CONSPIRACY. Already the subject of rigging has taken such dimensions that many things about the fraud have begun to be revealed. Everyone now knows about the Dominion-type systems, which would ‘arrange’ these illegal votes.

However, they are not looking into the practical part of this plot, where China’s role lies. Dominion —and the people who work with it to do something very dangerous at the expense of a real superpower— will have to be paid. Who could pay them without fear of checking their payments and thus having a good chance that their identity will never be revealed? Only a fascist regime like China can do this. Who will give this fascist regime an “account” for its payments? Only if the revelations from the opposite “side” begin, such a transaction can be proved …Not in any other way. Now that Dominion has been targeted, it is very likely that its financiers will be revealed …and there somewhere —surely— we will see China.

The well-paid Dominion, in order to be useful, would have to be “fed” with data …It would have to count millions of fake ballots and that was another problem that needed to be resolved. Everyone who is currently involved in the United States fraud is confident of the fake votes. However, the practical part of this situation does not concern them. Where were all these ballot papers printed with the corresponding envelopes that would count in Biden’s favor? Would they dare print them in the U.S.? Which safeguards of absolute secrecy? Which businessmen would take the risk —for a small financial gain— of being caught on charges of conspiracy against the Constitution? Which workers would have produced them and how would their silence be ensured, since they would see exactly what they were doing and in what quantities? If all these were spotted, would not risk prison. They would be killed on the spot.

Chinese print shops are growing with Heidelberg machines from the plant in  Shanghai - World of Print All this illegal “production” no way could be done in the US …In the divided US, people had already begun to suspect that the elections would not be “clean”, and therefore had their eyes open and were ready to denounce anything suspicious that came to their attention. No businessman and no factory in the US could secure those conditions of secrecy, which were vital to such a dangerous undertaking. This could only be done in a regime like China …To print it all in state-owned factories —which no one knows— with communist party workers, who are familiar with “dirty work” of power and will never speak to anyone …To get these millions of files out of China in containers and into the U.S. just to pick them up with a few people involved in the conspiracy, and absolute confidentiality should be a matter of survival for them.

This was the role of China and —as the reader readily understands— this role could not be played by anyone else …Not even the submissive “Putin’s” Russia …Russia, even on a primitive level, has some democratic function, as it has a piece of journalism that cannot control it in the management and handling of information. At the same time, the Christian Russian people have many social, religious and political “connections” with the Western World and it was not possible for the Moscow regime to set up such a “show” without it being revealed the next day. The role of Russia, as is, we will look for it elsewhere.

Dave Granlund – Editorial Cartoons and Illustrations » Russia and 2020 US  election Russia certainly has a role and therefore participation in this conspiracy …A role much more complex in its understanding, but much simpler in its execution, because this suits the “performance” …Russia has the role of the “punching bag”, where the situation is diffused …It is Russia that will take on all the “suspicions” and indirectly the “responsibility” of the conspiracy, without in fact having participated in it. Therefore, there is evidence against it. This non-participation is the whole secret of her role …It has the role of the obvious ‘suspect’, however —with a secure but hidden “alibi” for her own security— makes provocative moves of a culprit, only to mislead authorities in order to disorient them and thereby help the real culprits to escape.

This is precisely Russia’s “supportive” role in today’s crime against the U.S. …It is Russia that has been prepared accordingly and accepts to be targeted by the “conspiracy theorists”. She accepts to take “over” all those scenarios, which suit the Zionists that are far from the truth and therefore away from the real participants of the crime. Russia is the only big “player” in the world who can do that …It is the only power, which has those characteristics that suit the plan …Like China, Russia has some characteristics, which make it unique in her role.

That’s how it’s done in movie casting and the Zionists who control Hollywood, will know something about these “star” selection processes, but also “co-stars” …You can’t choose a tough old man in a playboy role, just like you can’t pick a lame guy to embody the role of an athlete. Russia was convenient for the Zionists, because it was completely controlled by them, so that it adhered perfectly to the “scenario” and had those special characteristics, which suited her special role. Cunning to think about it, one might assume that since “Democratic” Clinton accused Russia of “meddling” in the US affairs, it goes without saying that Russia is “clean.” Is it possible that a “useless” individual like Clinton would reveal a useful truth? …It is obvious that it simply “opens” a “game” in the direction that is in the best interests of her bosses.

Things are pretty simple. They couldn’t be any different. Russia’s role is to cause a diversion …Make “noise” so as not to “hear” the culprits. She plays a role with a purely disorienting goal …To get the attention of Americans away from Germany and China, where the US authorities can actually find evidence that these countries have acted against them; for Americans to “see” where the Democrats “steer” them, against the direction of the actual problem …To bang their heads where there is no opening …Where, when they search for evidence, they will find nothing and the “mystery” of the Cold War era will fascinate them and at the same time frighten them.

As China was unique to create global terror, so is Russia to appear that it can play a “game” at the expense of the USA …The “short man” drops hints, playing imperialist games to lure Americans to false conclusions …Who else, but Russia could be convincing as an “adversary” who wants and has the ability to control America’s “monster”? You can’t be convincing in a fairy tale if you have Cuba or Korea supposedly being the serious adversary of the United States, simply because they have bad relations with them. Apart from Russia, there is currently no US adversary country that can and does have the “burden” to provoke the Americans’ fear of an outside imperialist intervention against their homeland. Only Russia can justify imperialist policy at the expense of the most powerful imperialist country in the world …Not even remarkable powers, such as Britain or France, can “carry” this role.

Russia has no problem carrying this “weight” …If someone sees the world map, they will be frightened by this country’s size …It is this country, which borders Europe and Japan at the same time. After all, this is not the first time that Russia has been called upon to play this role. Ever since —through communism— the Zionists completely controlled this role for which Russia has been used …It’s always acted as a scare tactic for the West. The Zionists created this and have always “invested” in Russia, not only today. You don’t have to be a historian to understand that.

Is Putin really the most powerful person in the world? | Policy Interns It is the Zionists who “manufactured” The Soviet Union of the Cold War and they themselves, who —for the same reasons— “manufactured” Putin’s’ Russia —from almost the same “materials”—. With “fear”, Russia “absorbed” Europe post-war and handed it over to the imperialism of the USA and with the same Russia still maintaining the obsolete NATO, which is the military “axis” of the New Order. They do this easily, because Russia is completely controlled by them. Around her over-projected “leader” —who is only for photographs and parades— lies a “conclave” of Jewish secret advisers, who control everything.

Led by the “dark” Jew Chubais, Russia is doing what serves Zionism. From then on, it is the former communists who staff the entire nation of Russia, which continues to function as a slow-moving communist “dinosaur”, pretending to be the capitalist “antelope”. This is the current Russian mafia, which while builds her wealth, offers the underdevelopment of the country as an exchange. Today’s Mafia, in other words, is the former Communist Party of Russia, which has never left power. The same people who were living wealthy under communism, live wealthy under today’s capitalism as well. The Jews controlled the Party and themselves control its evolution, which is the Mafia …Chubais was the same before, as he is now.

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Russia —like Germany and China— is completely controlled and absolutely owned by the Zionists like a property, a piece of land. Putin, this snitch agent is a trivial man, who was “manufactured” by the secret services and the media …He is a “product” that was “manufactured” in Germany by the NAZIS, the CIA and Mossad …An atheist communist, pretending to be a religious Christian, because this imposes the political marketing of today’s Russia …An internationalist/communist, who pretends to be a super-patriot …A traitor of Russia, who, in order to occupy his position, has handed over the “keys” of the Russian state to the Zionists …Literally a colleague and like-minded of both Merkel and Xi Jinping…

…Literally a “Democrat” from the German Lidl; A “Democrat” produced by the various Dominion companies …A “Democrat” among those, who in their own elections created all those systems of pseudo-propagandism and electability, which are currently being tested in the USA …Another one of the Stalinist-style neo-capitalists who rule the former “Eastern Bloc” and who are kept in power thanks to the Zionists. Putin in particular has literally humiliated the Russian people. It has turned Russia into the “prey” of a dozen Jewish “feudal lords” who reside outside Russia and has plunged Russian society into poverty, alcoholism, prostitution and depression.

Socialism working: Bread lines of the soviet union. : QualitySocialism We are talking about a betrayal of the people of Russia, the likes of which have not existed in human history. No other powerful people in the world had the bad fate of the Russians. No other powerful people have been as “extras” —because of their leaders— for more than a century as the Russians. Since Russia “stuck” the communist “cancer” through the Zionist “rebels”, it has not escaped a moment from it …A State that can play any role, Russia holds a vast proportion of the planet; However, two or three cities are the only ones that live in the current era …All the rest of the Russians live in another century …The poorest state with the largest fortune. It is enough for one to think that Russia, with her space technology, the most expensive raw materials and the largest energy reserves in the world, is a third-world “carcass”, which is stolen every day by Jewish “feudal lords”. They bought out all of Russia’s industrial facilities, simply to put them in a “clutch” and to entrench Russia and her people in absolute poverty and weakness.

The result of the destruction of production infrastructure has ridiculed the values of raw materials and this has led to a terrible plundering of Russia’s natural wealth. What followed was more than a nightmare for the country …This giant does not even produce the underpants he wears, even though it excels over all its competing states, to such an extent that we should be talking about unfair competition. Russia does not have any fundamentally competitive product in any industrial sector. Automakers with competitive tech knowledge such as Saab, Volvo or Range Rover were sold under the “nose” of Russia —with huge oil “liquidity”— to Chinese and Indians, but Russia was not allowed to claim them. Russia is not allowed to make a claim for something, because they do not want her to develop industrially at the level that concerns her people. All they allow Russia to produce is top-level military equipment, because it must always have a good “suit” for its “intimidating” role.

Flipboard: Photographs of abandoned factories and industry in the former  Soviet state of Georgia Everything else is forbidden, even producing efforts. Russia’s stigma is nowhere on the world market, at a time when states such as South Korea have become industrial superpowers, without any objective competitiveness qualifications in relation to Russia. But when you don’t have production, the people don’t have any pay and without pay there is infinite poverty and everything that this entails in education, health, etc. It is this poverty of complete de-industrialization that scares Americans today. This deindustrialization was what Trump wanted to “exorcise” and that’s why the people supported him …The people, who can “see” their future, look at the image of those who have been deindustrialized.

Obviously Russia is this model state, in which the Zionists want to transform the US of the post-industrial era …To turn them into a plundered rich country of poor citizens, in which they will appoint their own leadership, by methods that have been tested in favor of “democrat” Putin and are now being “translated” into the U.S. for Biden. That’s what the Americans have realized today, and that’s why they’re reacting …They are reacting, because they want to save those means, which enable them to survive comfortably in their homeland …They are also reacting, because their poverty is the direct result of neoclassical policies.

It is precisely this poverty —and competition, to the extent that populations are humiliated for a living in the “roaming” factories of multinationals around the world— that turns their own ‘Civil War’ into a “World War” …All the people sympathize with the Americans, because they experience similar situations in the face of the same great interests. All peoples can understand the anxieties and fears of the Americans, because they are already experiencing the same concerns. Yesterday’s powerful Americans will have the same experiences in the near future. In fact, the future, which scares the Americans today, is the present of all others …What the Americans now want is what all the other peoples have been asking for until now …All folks want closed Republican-style national economies, and ALL of them stand hostile to the global New Order, which is the choice of Zionists who control U.S. Democrats.

So, in the age of easy internet communication everyone knows with “examples” who is the “lucky” and who is the “unlucky” person of the New Order. With Americans first of all, no one wants to become in the new millennium a “Russian” or a “Chinese” in those regimes, which have been appointed by the Zionists and in which they rape hundreds of millions of people …No one wants to be a “European” in the EU prepared by Communist Merkel’s Germany. That’s what this is about. Today the U.S. is fighting in the name of Democracy and Freedom …It’s the last line of defense of the free World before the final defeat. If the fascist Democrats win the battle against the only people in need to sustain their democratic “showcase” —and they depend directly on their decisions— no other peoples will have a chance to resist the neo-classic “destruction” that will follow.


Description automatically generated If their fascist logic and arbitrariness prevail today in the United States, then nothing will prevent them from literally building a global dictatorship. If they succeed in turning the U.S. into a Russia-style state, they will completely control everyone. That’s why we’re talking about a real Planetarchy. If they succeed in controlling the democracy in the United States —and thus turn their President into the kind of “Putin” without the institutions around him functioning— then IT IS ALL OVER. They will fully control —and without accounting for anyone— the most powerful political, economic and military mechanism in the world …This single and compact mechanism, which will allow them to carry out terrorism and police the entire planet …This mechanism, which will allow them to control and threaten ALL the states of this world.

With this capability, they will globally impose the economy that suits them …Their own economy …The economy that was “stolen” from the people and nations …The global economy, in which the few will have everything and will never be taxed and the many over-taxed will be permanently on the verge of impoverishment. Multinationals will dissolve everything and be imposed everywhere without any control and of course without any competition …Special laws will be imposed worldwide that cannot be checked for any kind of illegality, while at the same time, they will transfer their ”accounting” from one tax “paradise”, to the other, so they won’t have to pay any tax. It will be what Zionist Kissinger used to say, that with oil you control nations, but with food all of humanity …Control oil and control nations. Control the food and you’ll control the world-” Henry Kissinger 1974.

Televisionally — American Television Logos: the complete collection... Multinational food chains are fewer than a hundred in total, and belong to specific people who control everything …These same people, after controlling food, have even begun to privatize water networks, etc. It is only a matter of time before they set up a “loophole” around the “neck” of a global society weak to react. We’re already seeing all this happening. Brainwashing mechanisms already shape human consciousness as they see fit, turning CITIZENS into CUSTOMERS …The information is already completely controlled by their own media …Censorship has already taken force on their own social media. Let’s see where the Zionist Buffett has his “investments” …who owns the international media, and who owns the big internet companies and social media. We see this happening in full force in the case of today’s American elections.

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Description automatically generated Humanity is at risk of entering a new Middle Ages era, much worse than we know …An era of infinite poverty, with more extreme phenomena of famine and mass death even than the original Middle Ages …25000 people die daily from hunger …One city a day is starved to death in the age of absolute abundance, because some people play speculative games on the Stock Market with the peoples’ food. This is the real Middle Ages era in all its intensity, where truly perverted people will have in their hands means, such as to provide them the potential of a true God …I’ll be watching everything …I’ll control everything …and they’ll murder anyone who bothers them …We don’t talk hypothetically …We don’t create fantasy scenarios…

…We are already seeing “images” of this future. They make laws cut and sewn to the measurements of the multinational and powerful, which will protect them in the future. People are dying from multinational choices, which are aimed at maximum profit …and, there are laws prohibiting their legal prosecution. Arrested criminals, who corrupt states and politicians …and there are laws that protect them from any responsibility. The French got in the streets in response to a new law that prohibits citizens from photographing police forces, even when they are criminal …They murdered the top Iranian scientist in his own country without even opening a nostril. In a global society —with its infinite means of communication and information transfer— they did not hesitate for a moment to commit a crime, which even in the Middle Ages —for fear of popular reaction— would be committed completely secretly.

They don’t count anything or anyone. Their goal is absolute domination over the Planet and they are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve it. They want absolute sovereignty over the peoples, and of course the religions …That is why —among other things— a dominant part of their agenda is to promote pan-religion. They do not want the availability of any “platform” that can for whatever reason unite people and give them collective powers, which can turn against them …Simple things. They grind one mechanism after another, to strip man of any propagating power “machine”. What they are doing today for political gains in the US, they have already done —and for corresponding religious gains— in Rome …They did the same with the Pope’s position. With the betrayal of the Zionist German Nazi Ratzinger they betrayed the Holy See and they changed the position of its primate to a position of an “employee” of the Zionists …They put in this position a random, irrelevant man pretending the Pope, and then similar others will follow.


  The greatest “own goal” in history…

…A few days separate us from the “End of the World”!!!


In every perfect design there can always be an unexpected factor, which can spoil it all. In this case, the plan had by its very nature an “Achilles heel”. What was that? …A feature of the U.S., which the New Order needs to operate. The New Order does not try to impose itself by force, because it does not have such powers …It is trying to trap people and appear as their choice …As their advantageous choice, for the “benefit” of the planet …For the “good” of peace, economy, climate, etc. Therefore, the basic condition is to maintain —even to a certain extent— a democratic “showcase”, in order to ensure its legitimacy …A “showcase”, which is enough for it to be kept by its strongest member, regardless of what happens “below”.

The basic requirement for this strategy to work is to control the U.S. …Be checked off “first”, so as not to have a problem with the “next” country. This is mandatory, because only the great special “weight” of this super state allows them to move the giant fascist “pawns” at will. The great economic surface of the USA is this, which always gives the “fuel” to the launch of the global “machine” …The great political power of the United States enables them to implement those common policies, which are imposed by such a design …The great military power of the United States gives them the scepter to punish the unruly, whoever they are.

So, the mistake could be made, only in the USA and nowhere else. I don’t know …Because the overvalued U.S. has an inherent “defect” for them …The birth of the United States is really and completely linked to the concept of democracy and it is linked in turn —as perfectly— to its Constitution …A Constitution which does not change and always remains threatening to anyone who is “in opposition” …It’s harmless if you can override it, but deadly if you come across it. All the other great global “players” did not pose a potential risk, because they did not have such a forced specification …They did not have a “heritage”, which they had to respect …Whatever their regimes call ‘democracy’, their peoples accept …And they could function with these so called democratic regimes …They’d pick up some reactionary bodies from the streets and continue …Their own peoples were familiar with these various forms of fascism …The Germans with Nazism …The Russians and the Chinese with communism. For this reason, these systems were formed at will and in the end ended up being “abstract” ideological identity …“Mixtures” of different proportions of democracy, communism, Nazism, anarchy, etc…

…Simple and manageable things …Germany is not even a state that belongs to its people, which is “dirty” with crimes and therefore easily makes the “sucker” when it has an interest in it …China has a violent communist regime, which tolerates no internal dispute …Russia has a Stalinist capitalism and “tolerates” questioning until it finds it and poisons it …since “Putinovirus” is more deadly than Coronavirus in Russia. In other words, these are all states, which tolerate even overtly fascist leaders in their operation, as long as they are not controlled by their peoples. The Zionists can control these states completely. They can easily keep them hostage, since always in case of indiscipline they can threaten their fascist leaders with subversion and thus death. The fascist regimes of China or Russia will always need them and will never escape their “line”. Germany will also always need them, as long as their victims are always lurking, to claim their compensation, which will destroy it financially.

Their only danger was in the United States, because —even on a superficial level— a democratic ‘showcase’ had to be maintained and, of course, some respect for the Institutions …Institutions, which they knew they could bypass, but cannot clash with, because, as we said, the U.S. has an inherent ‘specificity’, which links them perfectly with the Republic. Until now they were not afraid of such an outcome, because they had all those means to indirectly control the people …They own all the means of manipulating people and thus “bypassing” the Republic, since they could always “get” in the elections the result that serves them. That is why they considered the United States to be “sure” to the same extent as the other major fascist regimes. Where of course there is “certainty”, there is also the error …and this was also done in this case, confirming an eternal rule. They did not count the “instincts” of a population who, in the face of their certain poverty, would react …They did not calculate the reaction of a population who has no “experience” of poverty and was “born” by the world’s “masses” just because of the wealth promised by the “American dream” …That didn’t count, and of course Trump …Trump, who would have the madness or naivety to take on that reaction, and also get the corresponding support.

Only such a “full” citizen and amateur politician could become that “fuse”, which would blow them in the “air” …There was no way that a professional politician —from those who “produce” themselves in their colleges, in their businesses and in their parties— would cause them a problem …With their own money they study, in their own businesses they become “successful” and their own media promote all of them, whom they will use as “leaders”. What we are facing today could be done only by mistake. Today’s threat on Trump’s part stems from their fault and not from his own ability …This mistake was not made now …It was four years ago, and because of their own arrogance …In fact, their mistake has a full name …and this name is Hillary Clinton.

It is this notorious politician who has been involved in crimes against humanity —both in Syria and Libya— who will destroy them. One time they had to listen to the American people, and they didn’t. They were blinded by arrogance and wanted to impose on the people a person that everyone disliked …A person so wretched and dirty that she would lose them on her own. They didn’t use wisdom and didn’t back down, but they took a step forward, as arrogant fools …Ignoring the will of the world and overestimating the power of media propaganda and the censorship of social media, they supported it to the end …They had the whole world in their hands and for a whim they risked destruction.

That person gave Trump the chance to be President, and that’s the mistake these arrogant people are now paying for. In fact, Trump did NOT “win” that election …That election was “lost” by Clinton and her bosses …And they’re still going to have to cry. With Bush Republicans as “partners” not threatening the design of the New Order and with the Democratic party controlling everything, they could have had “set up” a fascist regime forever. The foundation of an informal oligarchy was set with the “wishes” of democracy and the votes of the Americans. Power was shared in a small “club” of persons, who —with two terms each group, until they made a “circle”— would “eat” for a century …An authentic oligarchy, where the father would be succeeding the son and husband the wife.

They have made a mistake somewhere when it was Clinton’s turn to follow the Obamas. Their obsession with their “narrow” interests lured them in …They were seduced by the nepotism of the upstart, who couldn’t understand what has been achieved through his abilities or due to random favorable circumstances. That’s why they lost the election themselves and gave Trump the advantage to win. They could win Trump over, putting anyone in front of him …Just anyone random with a college degree and a glowing smile, and the future winner would be ready. They would give the new name to their own media and have a secured president. But they insisted on a wrong choice, and as you know, insistence on an error is a typical characteristic of a fool that leads to certain destruction. Now, in an effort to “erase” their mistake, they made another mistake …an even worse mistake …They “pushed” the “inherent” weak spot of the U.S. They came to today’s predicament, because they did not “listen” to the people, and then decided to get out of this predicament, by “stealing” the power …Unfortunately for them, they did the only thing that was forbidden …and they knew it.

The Democrats, and therefore the Jewish Zionists, who are behind them are now in danger …They are in danger of utter destruction, because they were involved in a pointless and unnecessary conspiracy, but in a nation like the U.S. this is punishable by death …Thus, their involvement became a necessity caused by themselves with Clinton’s wrong choice. They “hit” the only “nerve” they could have avoided, to prevent “waking up” the beast. This is why we believe that they are now at the most critical point in the civil war. Why is it the most critical? …Because those who risked grabbing everything without respecting the needs and concerns of the American people violated fundamental laws of the American state…

Ομπάμα, Κλίντον και Μπους θα εμβολιαστούν μπροστά στις κάμερες | Η  ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ

…They crossed “red” lines, and these are dangerous when they involve “live” and powerful systems …Using their own media, they presented Trump as a “Chavez” who deserves to be overthrown even by illegal means in order to “save” Democracy. Thinking that they have managed to mislead the American people, they dared things that they would never otherwise dare. They violated the Constitution of the most powerful Democracy in the world, turning the US for a few days, into a Latin American country. Those who had learned to “steal” elections in all states, making the concept of “Coup” something like a “blinder”, attempted to do the same in the USA. If they are not caught through this risk, they will not be confronted with their opponents in terms of political conflict; they will be confronted with the Law and thus face the most powerful nation in the world …in terms of betrayal.

The situation, if they don’t manage to control it, will be a tragedy for them. Today’s global players, who shake their fingers at the face of entire peoples, are at risk of being arrested and driven en masse and violently to prisons, such as sheep in slaughterhouses. There is no power to save them if they face charges of conspiracy and attempting to break up the U.S. Constitution. Losing every “measure” and contact with reality, they did not appreciate anything correctly. Their arrogance blinded them and sawed the very branch on which they stood …They risked everything and risked losing it all, not only where the civil war is now taking place, but throughout the planet where their interests are “spread out”.

If they lose the “flagship” of their imperialism, which is the US state system, they risk being torn down from the top of the world straight to Tartarus, without any intermediate security “cushion”. That’s the worst thing for them. By turning the American Civil War —which they themselves triggered— into a World War, they risk being hunted on the same terms and for the same reasons in all the lengths and backs of the Planet. Along with them, all their pawns are in danger …The communist leaderships of Germany, Russia and China will be at risk …Germany will lose its immunity to her victims and will be financially destroyed …Putin will lose his protectors and, “naked” to those he has wronged, he may have the fate of a corrupt Gaddafi …China’s fascist regime will collapse, losing its loan sharks and the fate of their like-minded Ceausescu…

…There will be nothing left standing if these pillars collapse. What we now take for granted is not as granted as we think. Such a “failure” of the political system planning will also have consequences to financial planning. Such a large “failure” will cause similar “vibrations”, which will shake the world market; namely the “open” market, which is maintained as such, according to the wishes of those who will be defeated. So, what do you think? …If they are defeated, this will certainly bring the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange, where the “values” of almost all multinational companies, belonging to those who stand for “open” markets, are “imprinted” …An out-of-logic “inflated” Stock Exchange, which is already “empty” after the FED’s crimes at the beginning of the pandemic. This collapse, due to the crimes of the FED, will immediately turn into a banking crisis —since the banks during the lockdown were loaded with “bubbles”— and this crisis will then become monetary.

This will be the end of the New Order. This will be the final “seal” of the failure of their plan, since states and peoples will necessarily enter “safe mode” and thus “close” their markets. This will break the whole backbone of the current imperialist agenda of the New Order. The World Trade Organization will literally have no purpose to deal with and therefore police. With these centrifugal tendencies, which all states will develop in order to survive without the supervision of an above-mentioned “pimp”, they will “break” those relations, which enable imperialism to function …They will be released from the “commitments” that have “worn” them, as they once wore the metal “balls” to the convicts.

In such a case, the world will be “liberated” and all these “curtains”, which keep it controlled and blackmailed will be destroyed. First of all, the control of energy, which lays the foundations for the hostage situation of the states, will be lost, as Kissinger said. If this control is lost, the dollar will cease to be the world reserve currency and thus have its imperialist power as the exclusive currency for the oil market. This means that the “road” opens up for what is not in the interests of those who control the world …Even the energy problem will be solved within a few days, if the oil companies stop controlling —through the FED dollar— the evolution of technology …We do not even imagine what kind and quality know-how on clean forms of energy the Zionist loan sharks have already purchased —and well hidden in their drawers—.

That is why we spoke in the title of this article about an “End of the World” with specific dates …On December 14th the College of Electors met and their own 538 votes were delivered to the President of the Senate, which by December 23rd gets to announce the final election results. This date is crucial for the “gladiators” …This is inevitably going to happen, which we said at the beginning of the article. The “game” should end, since one of the two players played everything, and the consequences of this risk will be seen after that date. We will then see what consequences the crossing of the “Rubicon” of electoral legitimacy had for the Democrats.

However, whatever happens after this announcement, this world will be ‘finished’ in the form we have known until now. If the Republicans do NOT accept the result, a conflict will erupt within the U.S. Given that the acting President and leader of the Armed Forces is a Republican such conflict may never have existed. The leader of this country —and at the same time the first to be affected by fraud— has the alibi to do “everything he can” to protect the US Constitution …”Whatever he can”, but for the power of the President and the US Constitution is something that can hide a lot of pain and blood. This will be a nightmarish situation, which we don’t know if some will have the mental fortitude to take it to extremes …A situation, which will affect that has to do with the New Order …A situation that can set the entire planet on fire.

If this is not done and the Republicans —because of their president’s choice not to bleed the country by persecuting the conspirators— accept the result and do not react, things will still change dramatically. The general questioning of the result and those new elements, which will be published daily, will forever “poison” the Democratic Function. Never again will democracy —not only in the United States, but throughout the world— be as it was a few days ago …The “showcase” of democracy will not be saved, because YouTube will put protective “bars” on it, and delete all those videos, which insist on denouncing the rigging. The New Order will officially abandon its democratic “showcase” and will now enter uncharted waters with an unknown destination. Without this “showcase”, the American people divided and the whole planet hostile “against” a discredited old Biden —on the verge of Alzheimer’s— the control of the situation that will follow will not last long …It’s just going to take a year to extend the fire, which will threaten the entire planet.

The U.S. Election is why we’re all concerned. Their result will literally determine the “path” of this world. If one thinks of the goals of these global dictators, one can easily begin to look “above”. I don’t know …Because there at the “top” they have now made their mistakes. When they made all these plans, what were they after? …To take total control of humanity in their “hands” …To become living gods …To become mortals, who in life will have the power and potential of those, that only God can have His hands without becoming dangerous to people …They want to “go up” where, as long as there is a God, they won’t be alone …Nice designs …grandiose and ambitious.

However, as is always the case, when man makes plans, God laughs …He laughs at the human plans of greedy and arrogant people, because in everything else that concerns them there will be no laughter at all …When you want to be a god of men, you actually choose AN OPPONENT you DON’T want to have!!!

ONE is for sure …Humanity, in the last stage of a great divine plan, will not be left unprotected in the hands of these monsters!!!