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Platinum Jubilee of TREASON…


…A “pervert”, a gambler and an alcoholic destroyed the British Empire.

The blood of the murdered King George V “demands” revenge !!!

The “bitter cup” of history awaits the “Black Widow” queen !!!

The curse of Mountbatten will destroy the Throne of England !!!


We used to say —and history always confirms it— that “castles fall from within”. The strongest castles in history have not been “fallen” by demonic porters or by powerful siege engines …The strongest castles in history have fallen by betrayals and by traitors above suspicion …Betrayals which open “back doors” where there is the certainty that everything is “sealed” …Traitors who surprise, because simply no one would have believed that they would be the cause of such a disaster. Tragic, but —unfortunately— this is what history “testifies”. Usually betrayal comes from where we do not expect it and that is why it has such dramatic results …It comes from where we have placed our hopes for “salvation” …From where we would swear it is the holy place that protect us. The case of the British Empire is a prime example of such an outcome —after a terrible betrayal—.

Picture 4 Here, of course, is a tragic irony of history. The largest empire the world has ever known was “built” in a very humble —almost miserable— way and “fell” in a similar way …”Built” when it was headed by an almost illiterate German woman, who pretended to be the Queen of England and simply gave birth, supplying Europe with unemployed and useless “nobles”. It was not “built” by “engineers” of strategy …”Built” by “looters”, who in a very short time made a huge “pile” of acquisitions, which had a huge “volume”, but never worked as a “building”. This was the reason for its rapid growth, but also the cause of its rapid and unopposed “fall”. It turned out to be a mere “sum” of acquisitions and not of conquests!!!

8 πράγματα που πρέπει να ξέρετε για τη βασίλισσα Βικτώρια | Ιστορικά Χρονικά Never has this empire won battles with glorious generals. It developed as a company, exploiting a gap in history, which concerned a global space that was then being revealed and did not belong to any of its known protagonists. Its growth took place “outside” the known space at that time, and for this reason it was huge and unnaturally fast. It played a leading role in the “first come, first served” era of colonialism. The leading “company” in the era of “no man’s land”, owned by whoever gets to plant his flag first. It was developed by government employees, who through offices and dark alleys practiced the imperialism of processing …They paid, to get what they were interested in and carried the “vouchers” to the “agency” to be paid. Anyone who had something to “give” to the empire, went to the “treasury” to be paid.

This empire collaborated with traitors, informers, whores, cutthroats …An empire that never defeated opponents on the battlefields …An empire that had no “shining” men …No Alexander to “worship” …It had no Macedonian General Krateros to trust …It had not even “sinful” Alcibiades to disappoint it …It had some poor kings, involved in womanizing and conspiracies and these are “glorifies” with statues, who “remind” by force those who do not deserve to remain immortal …Permanent “marks” for the cabbies who roam London. Its “top” admiral Nelson was dead in the great battle of his life …Almost before —his ultimate glory— the Battle of Trafalgar had begun, he was dead …He did not see the end of the battle that glorified him, nor the beginning of it.

This empire of non-existent heroes and the mourning queen was gigantic in a very humble way …It was gigantic, taking advantage of the technological superiority of Christianity over all the other “primitive” races of a rich New World, which was emerging before the “eyes” of the Old World …It fought “bravely” when it had cannons and its opponents had bows …A greedy “hyena” who roamed the Planet and “struck” anything she found weak or dying. She “gathered” what was left over or not enough for others to take. With assured power, it exploited betrayals and traitors to extend its interests to the ends of the earth. It supported usurpers in order to hold “thrones” hostage. It was stealing and not conquering. It “poisoned” and did not “fight”. It committed all kinds of illegalities to secure unfair means against competition …It corrupted, murdered, blackmailed, threatened anyone who stood against it …Committed crimes against humanity and “painted” them with realism and British phlegm …From ethnic cleansing of all kinds and types to drug trafficking in the famous Opium War …This empire made “the end justifies the means” its “doctrine”.

There is no political or military dishonesty that this empire has not turned it into a “weapon” for profit. It had no scruples about anything or for any other reason …”Profit” was its flag and anyone who offered it would receive its “glory” even if he was a common thief —like Elgin, for example—. This is why it created the “industry” of the “Cher”. Even its museums had nothing to do with literature, but with the power of the raider …With the desire of the “nouveau riche” to show off his power and wealth …Warehouses of “fences” resembled British museums rather than collections of art collectors …Warehouses of broken and damaged works of art —in the rush of its “suppliers” to make the grab—. Britain went through its heyday without producing anything at all. It simply filled its museums with the acquisitions of other cultures, just as some poor Albanians —in the years of their return to capitalism— decorated their houses using empty Coca Cola cans. Britain did something similar, which, in its “fury” to grab, did not find time to create. Anyone who made a profit for the empire would become its “noble”. … grew up “crawling”.

So, this empire, which had made conspiracy and immorality into “weapons” of imperialism, was “run over” by its own “weapons” and by its own “children”. This empire, which specialized in bringing down “castles” with treachery, comes to pay today with the same “currency” for its own “fall”. For this empire, which has never had famous men in its ranks, the time has come today to prove that …The only famous men in its history were the ones who betrayed her. It is only a matter of time before it is revealed that its own “Doorway” is its own Throne. This Throne, which in theory was supposed to be aligned with the interests of the empire and was supposed to be the last to betray it, was the one that betrayed it. Along with him, its most advertised “children” are also traitors.

Στο εξής πρέπει να λέμε όχι ότι οι Έλληνες πολεμούν σας ήρωες, αλλά ότι οι  ήρωες πολεμούν σαν Έλληνες." For once in its history, Britain has had men who were universally “recognizable” and these were the ones who betrayed it —in order to become famous— …The “Chief Politician” of its history and its “Commander-in-Chief” …The only ones who escaped obscurity and gave her male faces in her “battles” …The ones the whole world knew for their “service” to the Empire and the Throne. They, together with the Throne, created a treacherous “cocktail” with which they “sickened” the Empire to “death”. The result is what we see …The British Empire “fell” without a single “bullet” being fired. It sank into total decadence, without any “defeat” …”Won” the World Wars and lost everything in a few decades …”Struggled”, trying to save itself with desperate “exits”, such as Brexit. Poor and weak now, investing in almost crazy Johnson, trying to find a way to survive …”It died” in a jubilant mood …”Died” by imposing the sign of victory worldwide. This empire, which “ruled” the waves of the oceans, “drowned” in the shallow waters of Thames.



The “hyena” and the “lion”


All of this did not happen because of random coincidences …It was the result of a betrayal that was unprecedented in history. On the “backs” of the Palace, the British Empire was betrayed by its beloved “children” —in perhaps the greatest “self-goal” in history— …Its beloved “children” …The ones for whom it spent tons of ink in “canonizing” them …The ones for whom it “blinded” the world with flashbulbs to photograph them. To understand all these, we must trace their genesis in the flow of history. We will start by looking for the treacherous role of the Palace, because that is where all the evils that led to the destruction of the empire came from. In order to understand how the Palace “went off course”, and eventually became the Empire’s “back door” itself, we need to identify an event that changed its behavior …A very important historical event that justifies such a dramatic change in its behavior.

What are we looking for? Something very strange, involving the Palace …A year that was very strange for the British monarchy. That’s easy to spot. 1936 was a year unique in the entire history of the British monarchy …It was the so-called year of the “three kings” …One king died —suspiciously— his successor was abdicated before he could be succeeded and the third celebrated —albeit stutteringly— his hopeless luck. So, we look for the problem in the abdication of its rightful king and his replacement by his successor. If this transgression was not clean, then THIS is the problem. If this abdication was obtained by some blackmailers in favour of the usurpers, then the whole succession was “trapped” from the beginning …It was absolutely tied to the interests of the blackmailers and not to those of the empire. This means that the greatest “hijacking” in the history of power took place probably in 1936 !!!

What does this mean practically? …It means that, if some people ousted Edward VIII, they may have done so not because he was a bad choice as a king, but because in doing so they would control the entire Throne and thus the empire …By ousting him, they would succeed in getting their hands on those who would benefit from his transgression …Those who would unexpectedly take his place. In this simple way, they could blackmail forever those who out of “nowhere” would take the Throne …A win-win deal for blackmailers and extortionists …Be “happy” to be blackmailed with such “quid pro quo”!!! But when there is extortion, the extortionists should be identified. These blackmailers must be of a similar size and power to take advantage of such a policy.

The blackmailer of the British Throne cannot have been a random person …Among the “hyenas” and not among the “rats” you look for the usurper of the position of the poisoned “lion”. Britain was the greatest empire the world has ever known and there had to be a good circumstance for it to fall “victim” to its enemies. 1936 was a good opportunity because there was a power vacuum. It was “stunned” by the death of her Emperor-King George V and his successors were in total disarray …The perfect opportunity to target the perfect prey for the great predators …The perfect “prey” for those who could “bone” such a great “prey”. This is why we talk about a similar sized “predator”.

But why would the king’s death be a perfect opportunity for the enemies of the British Empire? Mortal men are kings, aren’t they? They will always die, without their death being a danger to their kingdoms …Their kingdoms do not die with them. The opportunity in our case was not “perfect” because the king died …The opportunity was “perfect” because the king’s death left his successor absolutely unmarried …The opportunity was the fact that his son —and successor— was unmarried and therefore childless. But why is this a predicament? …Because an unmarried and childless king “attracts” usurpers and therefore “attracts” outsiders” who can help them.

If the heir has a family, the “line of succession” goes into his own children and therefore he is also secured. His successor is his usually minor son and he cannot become a usurper of the Throne. But if the heir has no family —and therefore no secure successors— he can be “eliminated” as a person and the succession can go to a third party …Here lies the opportunity for usurpers and extortionists. They can intervene in favour of these “third parties” and have them forever in their “hand”, as long as they are united by a common and great political and constitutional crime …This was the opportunity. The marital status of the heir Edward would attract the cunning as an orphaned gazelle attracts hyenas. If this “gazelle” is even “sick”, then we are talking about the ultimate opportunity. This was the opportunity and this would attract that “hyena” who could take advantage of it.

The question that remains to be answered is who would rush to benefit. Who would have the “nerve” to play games against such a powerful and networked opponent —as the British Empire was— and who would have the size to benefit from these “games”? The only one, who at that time could appear as such a treacherous enemy of Britain, was the USA. Why? …Because they had the size to attempt to damage the empire and claim its global role for themselves …This role was the goal …This role, which kept Britain at the top of the World …This role was being overseen by the wealthy USA. Moreover, they had another huge advantage …They could try to do so without much risk …They could “strike” without “challenging” the “defense mechanisms” of the British Empire. If their “trick” worked”, they would conquer everything, and if it didn’t “work” they had nothing to lose …Business as usual. They had this possibility, because they were united by the same religion, the same goals and the same language, and theoretically they were above suspicion.

It was an absolute given that the US could only try its luck with cunning …They could not do anything in its “straightforward” form. The USA —at that time— was just a rich state …Nothing more …A “Brazil” of the American North. Britain was on another level …Britain was the TRUTH hat controlled most of the Planet …It was the empire in which the Sun never set …It was the empire that ruled the waves …The absolute dominant power of the doctrine that ruled the Christian world …The absolute most powerful power of the absolute most powerful religion that history has ever known. The United States was none of these things …It was a former colony of Britain, which was simply rich …A power of nouveau riche, who permanently copied Britain to “rise” in status …A power of newly rich, who viewed Britain with the fear of the old colony and the awe of the absolute “standard”.

The only characteristic that defined them —and enabled them to hope for some victory against this beast— was the special relationship they had with it …They had a strategic advantage, which until then had been useless …They were able to try to “hit” this “monster” of power without appearing to “hit” it …They were able —because of their “affinity”— to “get close” to it, without showing their intentions. They belonged to the same supposedly Protestant “sphere” of interests and would not provoke it with their assertiveness. But they still could not openly antagonize it, should their aims and ambitions be revealed. So? …So, they would have to —by the by-way— “sicken” it so that they could “immobilize” it and destroy it to the “bone “.

This is where the peculiarities of the British Empire begin to be revealed, which could prove disastrous for it. For this reason, we have made an analysis of its very “nature”. This empire, which was “raised” by cunning, could also “fall” by cunning. It did not need to be defeated on the strategic and military level. It did not have a “trunk” stable and unshakeable, defended by tough generals …It was a “pile” of “stolen goods”, which could change “hands”. That is, if the rich USA found a cunning way to “empty” Britain, they could “inherit” its world role …The thief of the robber …Britain “stole” from the world one third of the Planet and the USA would steal from the British the empire and therefore their “stolen goods” …The absolute “colpo grosso” in world history …Some would “steal” the biggest “fence” in history …And that’s what happened!!!

Somewhere here, however, some other factors come into play. Since we are talking about fraud and deceit in power, we cannot ignore the absolute experts. The only ones, who could have lured the ambitious —but totally clueless— Americans into such an insidious “game”, were the experts in this kind of games, and they are the Zionists …They are the experts in this particular “know-how” …They are the experts in betrayal and blackmail. That is, if at that time the Zionists were able —and had the power— within American society to influence it at the level of power, then they are the ones we are looking for behind this “game”. At that time the Zionists were indeed powerful in the US and therefore had such a possibility. It was this sure and safe victory that the cunning Zionist bankers promised to the Americans and took the “contract” to break up Britain …They got the “contract” to set up the American empire of irrelevant Americans.

From that point onwards Britain was bound to get into adventures …Adventures of the same type and the same logic as those that she usually put its opponents into. Just as it always approached its victims as their humble admirer, but also as a “helper” in their problems, so the Americans began to enter its “court” …To “help”, out of “admiration”. Its leadership would become the target of swindlers and blackmailers, in order to alter the state policy to such a point that the empire would be led into mistakes and because of these mistakes would “fall” on its own into the “hands” of the Americans. The most cunning empire in history would have been opposed by the absolutely cunning US. If the British up to that time had been the absolute masters of advancing in cunning, from that moment onwards they would have been opposed by those who had learned to fight for survival with such. This in itself is sufficient to reveal the identity of those who “overthrew” the British Empire in favour of the United States.

The data reveal the secrets of the problem. The only ones who could attempt what we are describing were the Zionists. The only ones who could bring down the most powerful capitalist state in the world were the most powerful bankers in the world. The Zionists would have a chance to rise to the top of the world. Those who, with the artificial “crash” of 1929, flattened the American capitalist state, putting the American economy under the total control of the banking system —and therefore of themselves— would repeat the same trick at the level of imperialism …They would “flatten” the world’s largest capitalist empire, in order to control this world with the US banking empire, which was under their control …Under their absolute control. They, who for the first time in history could —through the Federal Reserve— “mint” money uncontrollably, were ready to conquer the world by “drowning” it in loans.

Why is so little known about the 1930s coup attempt against FDR? | Sally  Denton | The Guardian Roosevelt gave them this control and they “compensated” him with “permanence” in the presidency. This characteristic enabled them to make long-term plans. Having “appointed” one of their “employees” to the US as a permanent President, they could implement long and complex policies, which would not be threatened by the “weaknesses” and “backsliding” of Democracy. The theoretically largest and most powerful democracy on the planet had a President who was clearly a “servant” of the Wall Street Zionists. It was this that enabled them, after the 1929 “crash”, to completely control American politics amid the wars. Through corruption and cronyism, they aspired to make this domination global.

The “obstacle” and the “means” to this ambition was Britain. “Obstacle”, because they aspired to take its role and “means”, because without it and its infrastructure they could not have the possibility to dominate the World …The World did not know them and did not want to know them. They already had the bad reputation of the nouveau riche, the ignorant and violent colonists of the New World. So, in order to “conquer” the World, they had to find a “platform” to get “on” it …To make a “piracy”, and these plans are always secret and conspiratorial. That “platform” was Britain. It had to “fall” …To “fall” into their “hands” and in an organized way, so that its “killers” would be at the same time its “heirs”. This was their design and that is where they focused their interest on the level of persons. Their target was the Palace, which absolutely determined the behaviour of the empire. If they took control of the Palace, they would take control of the empire itself.

Banking Act of 1933 (Glass-Steagall) | Federal Reserve History

That was the ambition of the Zionists and that was the secret of their planning. They took the lead in American imperialist policy, “aiming” straight for the “heart” of the empire. They were the only ones who could launch such an insidious mission in favour of the USA and at the same time they could benefit themselves from the “carving out” of this giant. The loan sharks of New York now had the British in their sights. The cunning ones were up against even more cunning ones. The Zionist loan sharks of New York saw London and rubbed their hands together, seeing new and incredible profits. They were the only ones who could secure political cover from the American state to carry out its national goal …The end of the useful …The ultimate dream for the Zionist moneylenders of the USA and the Americans, who since the time of the anti-British revolution have dreamed of taking the place and of course the riches of the British Empire and becoming “caliphs in the place of the caliph”.


Why would the Zionists be able to accomplish this mission? …Because —as we said— they had the ultimate know-how. With the communist overthrow of the Russian empire they had proved their worth to their “clients” …They were the experts in “secret” warfare …The absolute experts in “grabbing” empires through “piracy” …The absolute experts in blackmail, threats, prostitution, betrayal, etc. …A real “industry” of profit-making through criminal sidewalk practices …An “industry” which, under the right circumstances, could also become a methodology of “imperialism”. If you can apply the blackmail of faces to the leaders of states, you can impose policies without being seen. This is what —it seems— the forefathers of today’s Epstein and Dershowitz achieved then.

This is where the Zionist loan sharks of New York and the US ruling class “got it together” …This is where the skilled “contractors” got it together with the unqualified “investors” …The skilled empire destroyers with the ignorant, who wanted to build their own “empire”. As long as you defined the goal and they had a way of getting results …They had the right “resume” …Great “performance” with the dissolution of the Russian and Ottoman Empires. Next on their “agenda” was Britain. The money was there. They were waiting for the developments and would fund Hitler to start the horrific “game” of hundreds of millions of dead …Profits above all else !!!



The treason of the Throne …and the traitors


From the moment they all set their sights on Britain, they knew where to strike and how to put Britain in an absolutely embarrassing position. They knew that they needed a big “unlucky” war …This is how a state weakens …It weakens through a war which will wear it down on all levels. If they controlled its power and put it into a great war —which they themselves would initiate, but the attrition of which would not involve them— they would get the advantage to “overthrow” it. A war that would exhaust her reserves and at the same time bring the Americans into her “court” as “helpers” and from a position of strength. A war of destruction of the whole of Europe that would allow the Zionists to sink everyone into debt and use the US as a “bouncer” and “collector” of their loans.

If one understands the planning we have just described, one can understand exactly what was intended and when it was done …One can understand who is behind the terrible World War II and their goals. So, the first target of this planning was the British Palace. Why? …Because Britain had to be dragged into the “suicidal” for itself World War, which would strip it of its global “footholds”. Its post-war weakness would have allowed the “rested” USA to act as its “shadow” and replace it wherever it retreated. But for this to happen, Britain’s leadership would have to be “trapped” …Its political leadership would have to not only avoid, but instead fanatically pursue “suicidal” war …And at the same time the Palace would not react against this deafeningly stupid option.

It goes without saying, then, that if the Zionists had not succeeded —on behalf of the Americans— in controlling the British Palace, there would never have been a Second World War. First they would have secured control of the Palace and then they would have funded Hitler to arm himself to the extent that he could fight a war on such a scale that would destroy the British Empire …First the king was changed in Britain and then Hitler got the infinite money to build his very expensive war “machine” that would level Europe and exhaust Britain at all levels.

In reigning Britain, the Zionist target was the Palace and of course Parliament, which carried out state policy in the name of that Palace. In order to have any chance of controlling British politics, they would have to “hit” the empire straight on the “head”. They had the means and the people to “approach” it and a very organized and coordinated effort simply had to be made. The opportunity was given to them with the death of King George V …A very convenient death for their plans …A death by those whom the conspirators usually cause themselves to facilitate their plans and do not wait for Death to come along to serve them.

King George V with his two eldest sons, Edward, Prince of Wales, Stock  Photo, Picture And Rights Managed Image. Pic. MEV-10224184 | agefotostock On this death they had based all their plans …On the death of a very cruel and authoritarian king. Why? …Because the children of this king were “defective” …Each for different reasons, but both “defective”. The Zionist “hyena” saw the problem very early on …Britain’s wild “lion” was followed by sick “bitches” …One was “perverse” and the other was “stupid”. If they killed the “lion” and turned the “bitches” into a pseudo-conflict with each other, they would control their entire kingdom. If they wronged one, the other would be grateful. If they “wounded the strong, the weak would thank them. If they blackmailed the “pervert”, they would forever control the “fool”. This was their chance. The good “dog”, who from the beginning of his life was being prepared to be a good and powerful king —and followed all the hard training with great ease— was prone to blackmail …He had “idiosyncrasies” that some people knew about and could blackmail him.

This information “reached” the “ears” of the Wall Street conspirators and that’s where their planning focused. Edward, who was truly the “pride and joy” of the royal family and completely overshadowed his “inferior” brother at all levels, was for very personal matters very “vulnerable” and easily caught on their “hook”. If they blackmailed him and at the same time controlled the environment of his “dumb” brother, they had a chance to control the Throne forever. They had to control his brother’s environment, because —besides being “stupid”— he was too cowardly to participate in such a dangerous conspiracy against his father and his brother. The man was the definition of what the Anglo-Saxons call “pathetic” …Was not only spiritually “small” …He was even physically in tremendous trouble, for —as is well known— inbreeding is seriously detrimental to health. He was full of complexes and especially complexes towards his “shining” brother …The perfect “raw material” for conspirators, who “build” their own usurpers.



The two great conspirators


The Zionists had the plan in place. By devious means they were going to completely control the successors and through that control they were going to put Britain into the war, to control it itself. They would create conditions of blackmail for the successors and at the right moment they would “execute” the “lion”. They had secured the support of the political leadership of the USA and now the “capture” of the British Throne had become a state plan …It had escaped from the corridors of the Zionist offices in New York and had become a national plan of Washington. The coordinator of this plan, which would put the United States on top of the world, was the President himself …A plan which required a certain amount of preparation in terms of persons. They had to have someone in Britain who would give them the “war” when they needed it, and someone else who would ensure that they had “contact” with the successors, so that they could keep them within “range”.

In other words, the Zionists, for the smooth launching of their plan, needed three main protagonists …One in the USA —who would be their man and coordinator— and two different persons in Britain …One to take Britain too far into the War and one to “alienate” the Palace so that it would not resist this “suicidal” act. In the USA their man was Roosevelt …The “permanent” President of the USA, who everyone knew was the president of the loan sharks and Wall Street. The “tools” of this President in Britain were its “great men” …The drunkard Churchill …The American-British with the pompous British surname, but also the German-British with the also pompous British surname Mountbatten —which though was the translation of the German “Battenberg”—. Both men of passions …Both of them were accustomed to blackmail and sexual idiosyncrasies …Both of them, for their own reasons, disliked Britain itself, of which they presented themselves as its most fanatical servants …A pro-British image, paid for with gold by the moneylenders, so that the British people could “implant” it.

Battenberg was the ideal traitor to the Palace, because he had unique characteristics, which also made him unique …He was almost the same age as the two target princes and at the same time he was a close relative …A close relative of the “bitches” terrorized by their father, whom the Zionists wanted to trap. In other words, he belonged to the closed “core” of the British royal family and at the same time —for family reasons— he hated both this family and Britain. These completely contradictory and paradoxical things that we are describing —and that concern him— are what made him unique in his role. Without him there was no way the Palace could be betrayed from within. But how is it possible for a member of the British royal family to hate both the royal family and Britain itself for family reasons? Is that not contradictory? Is it not paradoxical? …Not so much in the case of Mountbatten.

Mountbatten belonged to the royal family because of his mother, who was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. But his whole life was “marked” to a degree of mental “disability” because of what his family suffered because of his father …Because of his German father …Because of the famous “Lord of the Sea” Battenberg, who —by order of the cruel King George V— was forced to change his family’s surname to Mountbatten, so as not to sound so German. But this is not as simple as it sounds. In a Britain that had been through a bloody and utterly “traumatic” First World War and whose people hated Germans, it wasn’t the best thing to be —and sound— German. His father wasn’t just of German descent, as even the British Kings themselves were, for example …He was a native German …Born of Germans, on German soil, with a German language and education, and simply moved to Britain with the logic of a mercenary “contractor” …A common phenomenon for the “noble” Germans of the time.

This German Admiral, after having reached the highest rank of the British Empire with the dowries and help of the Palace, was “crushed” to the “bottom” because of the First World War between Britain and Germany. He was targeted because of his German ancestry and had lost his high position in the British navy and as a result his whole family was “stigmatised”. It was this that apparently defined his life and that of his family. By order of the cruel king, Mountbatten’s father was now dismissed from his position almost with the stigma of a Traitor …He was protected by no one and for no reason. By his abdication he surrendered himself to the British society as a “suspect” and that means that the “stigma” was passed on to his whole family, and therefore to his son.

It was this “stigma” that defined the young Mountbatten’s later life. He was born a proud Battenberg and in his childhood was the proud son of the “Lord of the Sea”. In Britain —which “ruled the waves”— he was the son of the “Lord” of those “waves”. He was prouder of his father in his unique capacity than of his “noble” lineage, since in his surroundings all were related to each other. This young man, who had grown up as the son of Britain’s “Lord of the Sea”, at fourteen would have to learn to live as a “stigmatized” man, who had to avoid provoking by changing his surname. Young Mountbatten went from the high to the low. …From “prince” —at fourteen— to the son of the “scapegoat” of the fleet —and in a naval school—. All because of King George V …The king who destroyed his family and left it unprotected in the hatred of British society.

When young Mountbatten went to join the Royal Navy and thus the Osborne Naval Academy, it was only natural that he should become the “target” of everyone in it …It was only natural that he should receive a terrible bulling, which would define him for the rest of his life …It was natural for the mores of that time and for the military schools —where patriotism and manhood were somewhere “mixed up” with each other— that Mountbatten did not fare well as a “German” among young English military men and patriots …It was natural that some people wanted to “punish” Germany on the “butt” of the “German” traitor. He must have been sexually harassed even by the school pigeons. That means hatred, but also familiarity with every form of abnormality …Hatred for the king, who was absolutely responsible for this tragic “ending” for him …Hatred for anything that identified with his British rapists —and thus Britain itself— and familiarity with every form of abnormality, since there was nothing that had not been subjected to it…

…That’s what happened. For the rest of his life Lord Mountbatten must have had no sexual restraint in order to achieve a goal or to hurt those who hurt him. He must have been a male prostitute in every sense of the word …A perverted pansexual type who would not hesitate before anything, especially when it would hurt the British, whom he now hated …Especially when it would hurt the king, whom he hated. He got married —for the “appearances” of the time— but that was a “front”. Of course, as a German, he did not neglect to be rich in his choice, since “dowry” was permanently the speciality of German “nobles”. Otherwise, his wealthy wife was on the same level as him …Known for her “sins”. If you had to put a picture in a dictionary under the word “degenerated nymphomaniac” you would be fully with a picture of his wife …Mountbatten’s worthy wife Edwina Ashley …Same “cubic”. She had an “army” of lovers while her husband was also known for his homosexual habits, which often bordered on paedophilia …The “pride” of the British Navy !!!

This “formidable” naval officer was Churchill’s favourite. All his big promotions were “gifts” from Churchill and of course those who were “behind” Churchill …An absolutely mediocre to bad officer, who, because of his mistakes, was even “charged” with the deaths of soldiers, but nevertheless was “pushed” into a great “career” because it simply suited those who “pushed” him. Whatever he did, he enjoyed Churchill’s absolute political protection. In this way —and because of this permanent political protection that Mountbatten enjoyed— we are “connected” to the other great Traitor who contributed to the planning …The infamous Churchill. He too, while posing as the ABSOLUTE Briton, has similar “dark spots” as Mountbatten …He too was another pretend Briton …Why do we say pretend? …Because Churchill, with his “heavy” British name, actually “passed” and did not “touch” the British characteristics.

Sir Winston Churchill with Mountbatten, 1943 | Dr. Ghulam Nabi Kazi | Flickr Churchill was practically an American. He was the son of a wealthy American woman named Jennie Jerome who, according to the mores of the time, left New York and went to Britain to “buy” social status with British titles. It was common, that is, for wealthy American women to marry British “title bearers” in order to receive their titles. They sought out the callow third and fourth rate “nobles” and married them, simply to have a title of “nobility”. It was a practice that was very common and not just for Churchill. Churchill —for his British entourage— was such an “American” son of a New York “investor” …An “investor” who had the “purse” and paid for the supposedly political “careers” of idle “nobles” like Churchill’s father. However, this “investor” was DIRECTLY connected to the Wall Street banking system and therefore to the Zionist loan sharks …Much more DIRECTLY than was allowed to be discussed about Churchill, since it was almost taboo for the English to search for his ancestry after his “canonization” by the international Zionist media of the post-war era.

Why do we say this? Because his mother’s father, in addition to being a top loan shark —who was called the “King of Wall Street”— was also the owner of the “New York Times” …And we all know who owns that paper. Only Mossad is more Jewish than the New York Times. In the days when Wall Street was dominated by Sacks, Goldman or Lyman, someone was called the “King” of Wall Street and he was “not” Jewish. With the name Leonard Jerome, his father named Isaac and his grandfather named Aaron, you cannot easily bet what he is and what is not. Something doesn’t “fit” here and it’s obvious why it doesn’t fit. At the time, getting the rumor around and having it turn out that the “star” of British politics was a Jew was not the best thing for their planning.

Early life of Winston Churchill - Wikipedia Anyway, this is of minor importance, since what is of interest is the “platform” of interests to which Churchill belonged, and that was certainly that of the Zionist bankers of New York …From there came the money that fed an idle Churchill, who all his young life “tried” to find what “suited him” and found nothing. With the money of this great Wall Street “player” Churchill pretended to be an “intellectual” and a “journalist”. Churchill’s case for that time was commonplace …He was another rich scion, “seeking” himself and his talents, living as a spendthrift with pocket money from the family fortune …Another case of a failed man, living in the hope of the “soon-to-be-successful”. He was not successful in anything he did. This was natural, since he was a man given over to his passions. In the first place he was a complete alcoholic. In the second place, the way he had grown up and intended to live his life never had any moral inhibitions.

churchills-secret-affair-3 Concepts such as “truth”, “friendship”, “honesty”, etc. were for him combinations of letters that you only find in dictionaries …A sick gambler who liked risk and would not hesitate to ask for “loans” from loan sharks to continue his passion. At the same time in matters of sex he was distinguished by a liberality that touched on animal insensitivity …He never had a problem using sex to conquer a goal …We mean of course to play the “pimp” …To “push” women on some to blackmail them, to “pay them back” or just to secure favour. He even shared mistresses with his son and used them for blackmail and securing favors. They even had a party girl called Lady Doris Castlerosse and used her for these kinds of “missions” …A brothel, which they used to pass around to each other, to use for blackmail or to get information. We’re talking about FRIGID WORLD. This man, who always moved on the fringes of the secret services, was, because of his American family, “close” to the Roosevelt of the New York loan sharks…

…Very “familiar”, because with the “crash” of 1929 he had lost his fortune, which gave him the comfort of pretending to be a playboy and he had to somehow ensure the continuation of his dolce vita. It is not easy at 55 years of age for such an idle idler to face a financial disaster …A useless man with the name “heavy”, who had no desire to work in order to continue the life to which he had become accustomed. He had to get money somewhere, and he knew how to do it …He knew from his mother who had money available for extortion of such lives, and how “burning” they were to get into the inner sanctum of high British society …He would “sell” them this access, and it was a given that they had money to pay for it. Churchill had found a solution to continue living without working and the Zionists had found their man to infiltrate British society.

The “triangle” of betrayal was now in place. Through their own Roosevelt they had found the sure “edge” in Britain, through Churchill, and he had “access” to the Palace through his beloved Mountbatten …Mountbatten, with whom they met in many of the “beds” of London, since they shared mistresses and lovers without any problem. In other words, there was a “circuit” of people, which from Wall Street “reached” all the way to the Palace …A circuit of faces very “dirty” —and therefore vulnerable to blackmailing— and for many people “above suspicion”. They had found the man who, if he came to power, could give Britain an infectious “injection” and there was also the “virus” through which the Throne would be “poisoned”.

All they needed was for Mountbatten to give them what they wanted at the expense of the Palace and Churchill would have put Britain on the “throat” of war. They had plenty of money to plan their scheme …They literally “printed” as much as they wanted in the basements of the Fed …Money to pay the traitors of Britain …Money to give to Hitler and of course money to “propagandize” worldwide the “value” of war for “freedom” and “democracy”. With this money —and of course with their own media— they would impose their own Churchill on the political leadership of Britain, to lure it into those mistakes which would allow them to break it up and exploit it. It was Churchill who was to carry out the plan under Roosevelt’s guidance …His man …The useless alcoholic …The demagogue, warmonger, populist …The “Prime Minister of the line” of the drunken cafe-drinkers who “charmed” the uneducated and ignorant.

Since then they have been setting up a false war with Hitler, trying —through him— to break up Monarchical Britain and plunder it …And at the same time to “enter” Europe as “protectors” of Democracy and of course as its “lenders” …To “tie” Europe to them through a threatening military “instrument” —such as NATO— so that no one can escape from “distant” American imperialism. In other words, it was fundamental for them to create NATO, to control and threaten everyone, creating a “substitute” for the up to then existing world-wide imperial British army. It is no coincidence that the First Secretary of NATO was Churchill’s military aide, Hastings Ismay. It was all “rigged” against Britain, which was literally “collapsing”, celebrating its “victory” in the Second World War.



The conspiracy that led to the resignation.

Was it assassination of a king?

Did the conspirators spill royal blood?


Once they had the plan to “conquer” the world, they had to initiate developments to bring about the desired result. Once they were sure they had the people and the means to get started, they did so very methodically. This is how the greatest imperialist fraud of all time began. Battenberg was first in the planning, since he was to “trap” the Palace, so that Churchill could then “give” them the War. If they failed to control the Palace, this War would be difficult to impossible to launch. Britain had “bled” so badly in WWI that there was no chance of getting into a second one of its kind without Treason.

But in order to do that —long before they got around to trying it— they had to control the Throne, which would react to such a situation. Especially with the then reigning King George V it was impossible …He was the one who, either as a king or as a person, had “paid” a huge cost because of the First World War and it would be impossible for him to enter into the same war at an even greater cost to his empire. His empire had been greatly weakened and —because of that war— he had lost personal titles and assets in Germany. He had even had to change the name of his family because of that sad war. In other words, the War which the Zionists desired could only be given to them by his successors.

Therefore, they had to control them completely, before they could “get rid” of this experienced and cruel king, so that they would have a chance to launch their plans. They had to create from the beginning those conditions which would allow them to control his successors …To control the future monarchs …To control the Throne absolutely and this required his absolute and permanent captivity …In this they would be aided by Mountbatten …Battenberg, who hated the king and of course his sons …He would “trap” the rightful heir and open the “way” for the “pirates” …He would blackmail the first “bitch” to get the second one in the “hand” …He would open the way for the usurpers, whom they would have taken care to get in the “hand”. Their goal became the heir …The inexperienced heir, who would certainly become the new king …They wanted to trap him with blackmail, but this alone —as we understand— would not have the results they wanted.

There are many blackmailing leaders, but this blackmail at some point “wears out” and does not give long-term results …Especially when the leader is permanent —as is the case with a monarch— and this blackmail is a sexual issue, which with the age of the blackmailer everything ceases to have the desired “intensity”. Edward was neither the first nor the last homosexual king and therefore his blackmailing could not have much temporal “depth” if it was based on this fact alone. Indeed, if he made a “front” marriage, as many of his peers did and do so for the sake of their positions and offices, this blackmailing would have no meaning and in his case would have brought the blackmailers up against state security agencies …And that is usually “unhealthy”.

We understand that in this case the extortion was the means of moving to a permanent state of control and the extortion itself was not that permanent state. Their aim was the permanent “hostage” of the Throne, so that they could control —through it— almost the whole Protestant world indefinitely. So? …So, blackmail had to be used differently. The equation had to be made more complex. The blackmail of the first “dog” to produce the hostage-taking of the second “dog”. The ephemeral hard blackmail should produce the effect of the permanent hostage of the Throne and not be a “weapon” with short term effects, which would affect a particular person. What does what we are saying mean in practice? By blackmail — at its highest level of performance — to “overthrow” the lawful king and then hold his illegitimate successor hostage without even having to blackmail him…

2,998 Edward Viii Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

…To create “usurpers” by blackmailing the king and them —for their own safety— cling on you …To have his illegitimate successor, and all his successors who will “follow” him in the future “hostages”…So as to “worship” you as a protector, and not hate you as an enemy, despite all your hostile actions towards the institution they represent …So as to “worship” you for giving them the opportunity to taste the hopeless and the impossible. This is what happened with the Throne of Britain …And that was its mastermind …Blackmailers and “hostages” were in the same “camp” because they were equally at risk for the same crime.

That was their plan. They had the absolutely perverted and corrupt Mountbatten “frame” his heir cousin so they could blackmail him. They had him exploit his kinship with him and get close to him on a very personal level, with no “defenses” …Exploit his homosexuality and have him do extreme and provocative things …For “fun” …For “company” …For the “brotherhood” …For the British naval “tradition”. The naive heir apparently got carried away and allowed his corruptor and blackmailer to create a whole record of his “improper” 9 MAY 1981: A FIRST GLIMPSE AT THE ROYAL BRIDE-TO-BE; PRINCE CHARLES & LADY  DIANA SPENCER OPEN THE EXHIBITION ON EARL & COUNTESS MOUNTBATTEN AT  BROADLANDS, HAMP… | Edward viii, British royalty, behavior …A record of “hugging” and “kissing” with a whole “army” of perverts …A record of behavior that would not only decide his own future, but could probably create a big problem for the Palace as well. In that interim period the blackmailers would also become his “friends” and cover for him …They would “cover” him from his dreaded king father, who would be furious with him if he found out about any of this. The “noose” around the heir had been closed …The perpetrators would in the first instance become the victim’s friends and “protectors”.

When the father-king would “leave” according to the plan, this closed “noose” would tighten around the neck of his successor. When the “protected” heir would become king himself, then his protectors would become his blackmailers. Then they would blackmail him, in order to create the conditions for the “hostage” of his usurper brother, who —because of them, and therefore hopelessly— would ascend to the Throne. So, once the heir became king, he would see the real “face” of both his protectors and his “best friend” cousin, who had been “playing the “jokes” together. For this reason, they “planted” Battenberg beside him in the few months of Edward’s reign. They had to have a man who would absolutely control the king’s conduct and reveal his intentions. We speak of “planting”, for Battenberg became by “coincidence” the “Aide-de-camp” of the now King Edward …His institutional “assistant” …His secretary …His aide. So, they put the “wolf” in charge of the “sheep”…

…They put a perverted German paedophile, who hated the English, to be the new King of England’s absolute partner…A great “success” for the security services of the Palace and the state. If one thinks about the kind of stupidities that the “brothers” do in the Anglo-Saxon Colleges in order to “bond” with each other, we realize what a really perverted “assistant” could have done with a naive prince, who would become king at some point …What kind of misdeeds he could have led him into and what kind of evidence he could have had at his disposal. If all these facts were gathered together in a “dossier” of blackmailing, it was impossible not to destroy the person to whom they pertained if for whatever reason this “dossier” were made public.

The trap was set, and it was perfect …So perfect, that not only were they trapping him in a “dead end”, but they were controlling his “exit” from it …That “exit” which they had created themselves to provide. It all started with his “beloved” Wallis Simpson when he was still heir apparent and his living father was worried about succession. So, they, who posed as his “protectors” —to protect him from public opinion and of course from his family— “planted” a divorcee on him to create the necessary conditions …A divorcee of their own …An American woman whom they controlled completely. Like the wastrel Churchill, she came from the Wall Street brokerage circuit and had also been destroyed by the Great Crash. She too knew where to turn to in order to continue her luxurious life of parasitism…

How Wallis Simpson Got King Edward VIII to Abdicate without Ever Wanting to  | by Maria Milojković, MA | Lessons from History | Medium …She was “planted” by the Zionists next to the successor, promising her “appointment” —forever— to luxury …This was the Zionists’ choice and aimed directly at the Palace’s “anxiety” to ensure a smooth succession. As we said above, the fears of the Palace were due to the inability of the bachelor heir to guarantee the smooth transition of the crown from the father-king to the son-heir. There was a problem at the time, which made that “guarantee” an emergency that had to be taken care of in time. Why? Because King George had health problems. Edward’s father did not die suddenly, because of an accident or an assassination attempt, so that there would be a surprise and the heir would be found unmarried. He had major health problems and it was rumoured that he would not live long. He would not die immediately, but he would not live much longer and therefore he would have to settle all the unfinished business of the Throne. But this would mean that during this time he and the whole family would press the successor to “close up” the succession issue …He would press the successor to marry and initiate his procreation …To “shield” himself and of course the Throne.

This was the crucial time, which could create problems for the conspirators. The Palace was in a hurry to “close” the “rift” where there was weakness and the conspirators were doing the opposite …They wanted to make a “rift”, a “hole” that could not be “patched”. With the divorced American woman, they were giving an extension to the “freedom” of the heir, if his family stubbornly refused to accept the marriage. As we understand, everything depended on the course of the king’s health, which was the one that would “increase” the pressure …The longer he lived, the more the chances became to “patch” the “hole” …The longer he lived, the more the chances became to either divorce her —under the pressure of the family and find someone else— or to marry her as heir and close the issue of blackmail once and for all.

King Edward VIII and Aspergers Syndrome or Wallis Simpson and Narcissistic  Personality Disorder - HubPages This is why the twice-divorced Wallis was a good choice only as long as the heir neither divorced nor married her. It was a good choice, since the heir did not appear in the “eyes” of society —because of her— that he was lonely or perverted, and at the same time his family was not accepting his choice …He was not lonely, but the issue of marriage and of course the heirs was not “set”. His family reacted, but the situation did not “move on” …Their reaction was predictable. A German family, which worshipped inbreeding —so that rights and fortunes would not be “dispersed”— could not look with sympathy on another American “investor”. She therefore “stuck” to her previous life, so as not to appear hostile to her national and social origins and make her “flag” a matter of supposed moral order

However, what really made the American divorcee’s choice perfect from the conspirators’ point of view was the fact that she was STERILE …She was sterile because of a failed abortion she had in China. It was this characteristic of her that “stuck” everything together and moved the risk to the king-father’s life. Her sterility prohibited the heir from having a “showcase” marriage, which is what “quirky” men usually do to procreate and “get rid” of their blackmailers. He could not even have a sham marriage to meet the needs of his position and to shield himself as heir with successors. For this reason, we speak of a perfect choice on the part of the blackmailers. Even if his father had retreated on the subject of her previous marriages, her sterility would have made this retreat useless, since it did not permanently solve the problem of succession. So, in any case, everyone remained immovable in his position and a game of power and pressure was played.

At the same time this sterility of his “beloved” gave his blackmailers the possibility to provide him with a safe and certainly dignified EXIT option in case their blackmail started. If word of her problem got out, the people would not be so adverse to the abdication of a king who would “self-condemn” himself to illegitimacy by his apparent choice. It would not be much of a “loss” to lose a bachelor king who would ostentatiously decide to serve his personal needs rather than those of his position and thus his people. The “loss” of a single person in the chain of succession —and therefore of the perpetuation of the power of the Throne— would not determine the fate of the kingdom. Blackmail, that is to say, would produce the desired result with the least possible side-effects. A blackmail which would lead the new king to abdicate and would contain within it as an inviolable condition the maintenance of the relationship with his divorced “show-case”. If ALL the terms of the blackmail were respected, the records of his “stunts” would never reach the public and they would ensure him a rich life in Paris.

At this point the Palace was “screwed”, because the situation was stuck and would not “move forward” to the point that suited them. Time was passing, the king was theoretically approaching death, and the heir was neither marrying nor, of course, procreating. The “anxiety” of the Zionists and the conspirators was getting greater and greater, because everything depended on the life span of the king. The enemy of the Zionists, as we understand, was time …The time the king would live and inevitably would push the heir to “settle down” and of course close the “window” of opportunity for the usurpers and their supporters. The longer the king lived, the greater the chances that the heir would marry even the barren woman and “get rid” —even if only temporarily— of his usurpers. If he ascended the Throne as a married man, they could not blackmail him, for no one would dare to do that to the King of Britain. All this depended on the health of George V. The longer the king lived, the more the conspirators were worried. The longer the king lived, the more his life was in danger from those who waited like crows over his bed.

So, since we are talking about conspirators and such huge state interests of third parties, we are not ruling anything out. It would not be strange if these unscrupulous conspirators tried to take for themselves what life did not give them. Relatively recently —in 1989— it was revealed that King George did not die a natural death. This was revealed in the most absolute way, since it was written in the diary of Lord Dawson, who was his personal physician. Some people ignored the Hippocratic oath —and certainly the criminal responsibilities of “euthanasia”— and supposedly carried out the king’s “order” to put him to death. They “injected” him to “facilitate” his “transition” to death, while he was in full contact with his environment. He died from a lethal mixture of cocaine and morphine, supposedly to prevent him from suffering from the unbearable pain. Strange, of course, because —according to an eyewitness— he, who requested the lethal dose because of his intolerable pains, made a stern remark to the nurse, who pained him with the injection. Moreover, while he was supposedly being “facilitated” —at his own request— to leave the mundane, he asked to be informed about the mundane …He wanted a report on what was happening in the empire…

…When this was recently —and coincidentally— revealed, there was a reaction from the British people. The “Palace” of the usurpers, of course, pretended not to understand the importance of the revelations. Is it possible that a king’s murder is suspected and his Palace responds: “It happened a long time ago and those who were involved have died.”? Is this an answer when national interests are affected by this death? Is this an answer when the queen herself is among those involved, as it was her own family that benefited from this suspicious death? How “long” is that time, when at the time the current queen was alive and well and greeting the crowds with her grandfather?

Why were the legal procedures not followed for such situations of paramount state interest? Why didn’t the state security services rule on this information and let the Palace itself “clean up” the matter in which it was involved itself? Judging from the results, we consider it absolutely certain that he was murdered by “suicide” …It cannot be explained otherwise. So convenient suicide for a king who, up to the last moment, was interested in his empire and at the same time had not solved the major problem at that moment, which was related to his succession and therefore to its fate? A very convenient “suicide” from which —coincidentally— the same Zionists and the Palace, who have recently very often “benefited” from “suicides”, have benefited again .

Funeral of King George V, 1936 | The Royal Watcher

So, when the royal “lion” died, the “bitches” were left alone and helpless at the mercy of the “hyenas” from New York …The “bitches”, terrified by this suspicious death, in which —either voluntarily or involuntarily— were involved themselves. They must have gone and “pinched” the dead man in his coffin, to make sure he died and would not get up and take their “heads” off. Once they were sure he was buried, they were relieved. The conspirators were quiet with them …Mountbatten in particular must have been absolutely “devastated”. Then they put the plan into its final stage …They would make one “resign” and “help” the other ascend to the Throne …You go, you come !!!

Their whole plan was based on their ability to do this “switching” of roles between the successors …It was based on the “love” relationship between the blackmailed Edward and the barren divorcee, which enabled them to make him “resign” without causing social upheaval and unrest …An upheaval, which wasn’t to anyone’s benefit, since it would expose not only the blackmailers, but also the usurpers of the Throne with whom they were probably collaborating in a MURDER …A royal MURDER. It was necessary to use such a method, for otherwise Edward’s “weaknesses” would be revealed and their blackmailing plans would probably be abolished. For this reason, they had to ensure the way out of the “dead end” into which they had led now King Edward. Since he was at the age of marriage, they had to give him the possibility of a dignified “escape” through a marriage, which would cover him and not reveal him …A marriage, however, which would necessarily take place AFTER his abdication and theoretically because of it …They would do him a “favour” if they gave him the possibility to “leave” for normal erotic reasons, without revealing any anomalies and humiliations.

So, we all understand that Edward’s resignation was made under the pretext of this relationship. It was the only way he could resign without showing the blackmail he was subjected to. There was no other way for the legitimate king to abdicate without shaking the Throne. He was not corrupt, nor was he involved in affairs of treason against British interests. Only on a matter which would have raised a question of “morality” and “sensibility” —and of course a little “romance”— for the Populum could they pass it without “shock”. People like to hear “fairy tales” about “kings” sacrificing thrones for love, etc.. If they blackmailed him about his challenging life and choices, they would probably damage the Throne and of course come up against the —secret and overt— security services of the empire and that, apart from being “unhealthy” for some, would act as a withdrawal for their planning.

Inside Wallis Simpson's Wedding to the Duke of Windsor

In order to close the issue once and forever and not having the well-known “regressions” of investigations and data, they also cultivated the allegedly pro-Nazi view of the resigned king …His “sympathy” for the Nazis and Hitler. This tactic clearly bears the “signature” of the Jews …A permanent “trick” of the last century. When they want to “close” a case where it suits them, they add a “touch” of pro-Nazism, so that no one keeps looking for their “dirty laundry”. Even if one is right, one “loses” it, because of one’s alleged pro-Nazism …This is a cause of war for the Zionist media and no one dares to defend someone who has the “stain” of pro-Nazism on him. This is what happened with Edward. Even if the conspiracy against him was revealed, it would have been just, since he was a Hitler admirer …He would have “had” to be overthrown, in order to save the world “democracy”. In this way they cut off in advance any future discussion and of course investigation of his resignation. They left hints of his pro-Nazism and “erased” their own “traces”. They leaked photos of Hitler, implying that there was a connection between them and “saved” world democracy with his resignation.

When the Duke of Windsor met Adolf Hitler - BBC News

Why do we say that this was a common slanderous tactic, which had nothing to do with reality? Because Edward —as king— abdicated in 1937. Hitler at that time was not yet the well-known Hitler of war and crimes against humanity …Hitler was still a leader of the time and even “admired” by many, since he had brought economic recovery to Germany, which had been devastated by the First World War …He was the legitimate Chancellor of Germany …The Chancellor of a Germany that had been granted the privilege to organise the 1936 Berlin Olympics …The Chancellor of Germany, who “welcomed” the WHOLE Planet to Berlin …The Chancellor of Germany, who took loans from Wall Street and therefore from the Jews themselves. This legitimate Chancellor was visited by Edward…

…Edward had additional reasons to visit him, since he had an institutional role within Germany. The King of England, who was at the same time of German origin, was obliged to have relations with the Chancellor of Germany, because of his position he was at the same time a member of the German aristocracy. In the then newly formed United Germany, the King of England had a voice and a role. After all, we must not forget that he was born with the German surname of “Coburg-Gotha” before they had to Anglicise it to “Windsor” and renounce some German titles. “Ex officio” therefore this German —as the male king of England— was at the same time the former King of Hanover. He had a role —and therefore a say— in what happened in Germany. So, there was no problem. Especially in 1936, since the whole planet had recognized Germany’s economic miracle and went to the Olympics to see it.

But the propaganda “doesn’t” see these “details” …It gets a man dirty and leaves him dirty. It “mixes” dates at will and makes up “scenarios”. What does the propaganda “fairy tale” say in this case? …That Edward supposedly had secret contacts with Hitler in order to make a profit from him. He expected Hitler to make him monarch of England after Germany’s victory in the war. That is, the legitimate King of England —and leader of the formidable British Empire— who abdicated on his own —before he was married and therefore before there was even an objective reason for abdication— expected Hitler to make him the illegitimate King of England AFTER his victory. The legitimate King of England, who visited Hitler before he became the known criminal against humanity, expected to benefit from crimes that had not yet been committed, in order to get what he already had …The utter absurdity. This is what the Zionist propaganda says, and yet an entire population believed it. With all the international Zionist media “against him”, Edward would have to prove that he is not an elephant and that was not easy. The die was cast …He had to resign and put up with them “smearing” him with accusations of pro-Nazism.

Why did all this happen? Supposedly, so that he wouldn’t marry a divorcee, and a childless one, and therefore without any problems in matters of titles and properties? In fact, he didn’t have the right to do what has already been recognized as a right to the present heir Charles. Was this right not recognised to the King of England, who is also the Head of the Anglican Church and therefore the person legally responsible for recognising or rejecting such relationships? Isn’t this ironic for the legitimate heir to Henry VIII, who created the Anglican Church only to become its Head and marry as many times as he wants and to whomever he wants?

Strange. Isn’t what we are describing strange? But if some people “abdicated” a king illegally, don’t those who succeeded him “owe” them? They must have contacted them beforehand to “sell” them the succession and ask them for their “consideration”. It is not possible to allow the fruits of such a dangerous conspiracy to be collected by some —albeit beneficiaries— without an agreement in principle. So, while the “unarmed” heir was now in the “hands” of the blackmailers and conspirators, his brother and those around him were preparing. He had done all that was foreseen to make the succession smooth and was awaiting his “appointment” …His hopeless “appointment”, since up to that time there was no possibility, even in theory, of him becoming a king with such a young brother…

…The firstborn heir was too young in age for his brother to aspire to succeed him, without any “anomaly”. It was envisaged for him to become another royal “drone”, to cut ribbons at the opening of hospitals and other institutions …He was another prince like Andrew or Harry, who for a time was close to the “succession” to the Throne, but a marriage of his brother took him away to a double-digit succession position …His brother had a bond, not a Siamese self, which he could not “untie” from him. Could Edward the next day marry another free and “fruitful” woman and begin “procreating”? What would have become then the “second” in the succession? …Every nine months he would lose a seat…

Γεώργιος Στ΄ Το πρότυπο ενός λαοφιλούς βασιλιά! …All that remained for him to do —as a “good” boy”— was “provided” and waited for his “benefactors” …Simple things. Where do we usually look for the usurpers? In those who do what is predicted and are “next” in line of succession. Who succeeded Edward? …His brother…George VI …The father of the present queen. “Is this a usurper?” one would say …”He was a weak little man” …A frightened little man, who literally dreaded his terrible and overbearing father …A weak little man who had learned to live in the shadow of his brother. There is no way that this man could have participated in such a conspiracy, which would have included the murder of his father …He was extremely weak …Another genuine exponent of the problem caused by uncontrolled inbreeding …A man of diminished intelligence, who —apart from everything else— was stammering …Another “blue-blood royal”, who in his life was prepared to live simply as a parasite of the aristocracy. This was the “dumb” “bitch” who would take the place of his “perverted” brother…

…He was the “ideal” King …Not for Britain, but for the Zionists, who wanted to plunder Britain. He did it all with great difficulty and only for the protocol …The definition of “as much as” …Last in all …Last in his school even by official documents. In the formal part, however, he was perfectly “correct” to the standards set by the Palace. Only in the matter of marriage he had managed for once in his life to “overtake” his brother …The only matter in which he did something faster and better than his “fancy” brother. They got him married too young, because anyway he didn’t have much to do in life. He would not have resisted this princely “duty” to “breed” because he would have pursued the “dolce vita” …They planned a “prearranged marriage” between a royal prince to a common mortal, who normally would have hundreds of candidates hopping to get him. He could not even find a woman by himself. He had married a Scottish woman in time, which the Palace approved of. In fact, he had married an alcoholic, half of whose clan —as it was revealed a few decades after — were inmates of mental hospitals.

This woman was a very cruel and authoritarian woman, who was quick to impersonate his mother and decide for him before him …A woman who had a German nanny and was therefore highly trained in callous self-interest …A woman who was explosive and often violent …A woman who certainly did not appreciate her husband and before marrying him had already twice rejected his marriage proposals …She was barely married to a “trouble” man …She wanted one and got another …She flirted with the aristocratic politician James Steward, when she was “forced” to accept the princely marriage proposal with a “revolver” on her temple …She “got away with it” twice, but a third time she could not. They loaded her with the “defective” and she had to live with it.

Maybe she started drinking because of this. Under the pressure of a failed marriage and a blackmailing situation —due to a conspiracy— it is not strange that she ended up in the consolation of alcohol. Once she had made this disastrous “leap” in her life, she would not have hesitated to ask for “quid pro quo”. Since her marriage was going to be problematic anyway, why would she not have ambitions through that marriage? Why not become a queen, seeing her “problematic” brother-in-law not knowing what’s up with him? Would she “burden” the stutterer for nothing? Why wouldn’t she get a modicum of retribution? They ruined her life …Why should she worry about ruining their “store”? …She was a Scotchwoman and little concerned with the damage to the English Throne.

It is in the face of this problematic personality that we seek the problem. This woman with terrible personal problems had little to fear. This is the woman who was behind this whole situation. She hated her overbearing father-in-law and belittled the utterly weak man she was “saddled” with. With him, she belittled her brother-in-law. Especially, when she saw him panicking in his “trap”, she began to flirt with the idea that she could benefit at his expense to the fullest extent. The “fan” of data was open before her and it wasn’t a big one. She married a man with little self-esteem and acted as his manager…It makes sense that she would see his brother as an enemy of herself and her family …As an obstacle to achieving higher goals. If he, who was predicted to get EVERYTHING, was neutralized, she and her family would win the first number of the “lottery”.

Queen Elizabeth on the day of her coronation in 1936 with her... News Photo  - Getty Images

She “saw” —or rather was “shown” by the Zionists and other conspirators— the opportunity to become queen and did not hesitate to take it by the “horns.” …Whether from her madness or from her drunkenness or simply from ignorance of danger, she was interested in nothing else but to strengthen her family …To give everything to her daughters …To “live” through them, too, since her prone to sickness husband did not seem to “pull” for long.

So, there was the raw material for the Zionists to get into the Palace …There was a potential queen, who would serve them in everything if they helped her. How did Sarah Ferguson get caught on hidden cameras saying “Open doors” to those interested in contacts in the Palace? That’s how it happened in this case half a century ago. With a lethal injection they “got rid” of a cruel king who didn’t leave much room for them and the new queen opened the doors for them to enter the Palace like gentlemen …The new king had a queen behind him who always kept the “doors” open.

The post-war media —most of them owned by the Zionists— tried from the beginning to create a protective “cloud” around the situations and persons of the time. Even though —because of his personality— it was difficult to advertise George VI, they chose to present him in the most light form of a good king …They present him as a “good”, “compassionate” and “loving” king …Qualities that are far from suitable for an empire that is “sinking” in a war “vortex” of death. At the same time, they “educated” his resigned brother as a pro-Nazi and racist, who “burdened” his poor brother with his own obligations …A brother, who “did NOT” WANTED the Throne …He was “burdened” by the “irresponsible” bachelor.

Before the world even began to whisper about usurpers, the usurpers came out to tell the world how much “THEY DID NOT WANT” the Throne. They wanted to live humbly, like domesticated parasites …”They” didn’t want kingdoms and obligations. As for Edward, add insult to injury …Those who stole the Throne from him spread the word that he was “irresponsible” for “burdening” them with the responsibilities of the Throne. 36 years since the queen had not seen her uncle, who lived in Paris !!! …Three hours’ journey from London …That’s how “bad” he had done to her …Even if he had transmitted syphilis to Britain, he would have been isolated less years. She saw him a few moments before he died, presumably to find out what he intended to leave behind as a testimony. The queen was afraid of a dying man —whose life she ruined and profited at his expense— for what he might reveal as his own attempt to “restore” justice to himself.

It was all lies and covered up by the media in a way that permanently protected the usurpers and the very convenient to the “bosses” queen …These same media, which had also invented the whole “mythology” that supposedly George V wanted “Lilibet” as his successor. …This is a lie …This could not even remotely happen …There was no reason for this particular king to believe and therefore to prefer such a thing. First of all, he thought he still had a long “way” ahead of him and at the same time his legitimate —and therefore institutionally powerful— successor —because of his age— had all the options before him …And therefore there was no “Lilibet” anywhere on the “horizon” in anyone’s “thought”. ” It was not possible at that time for the king to “bet” on his granddaughter “Lilibet”…His ten-year-old granddaughter from his second-born and even “defective” son, who was making him deadly angry. Especially that savage man, who ruled an empire at a time when these wars were raging, which “counted” the dead in tens of millions, there was no chance that he would wish to entrust his empire in the hands of a girl who was growing up in a totally dysfunctional family. Why would he wish that? Because she waved nicely and her hat was nice on her? His empire was about to go through a “narrow way” that was bound to “bleed” it and he trusted no one but himself.



World War II…

…The fatal “wounding” of the Empire !!!


As soon as they put the one, they wanted in his place as king, they literally did what they wanted …The fool, who “dreaded” them, fearing the revelations of a conspiracy against the legitimate king —which was the ultimate “sin” for the blue-blooded ones— would not react at all. He was terrified by his wife of his responsibilities and would not react at all. He would sit on the Throne he had “pirated” and not make a sound …Any “sound” the stutterer might make.

Buckingham Palace damaged by bomb – archive, 1940 | Second world war | The  Guardian This troubled king watched London being flattened and reacted to nothing. His wife would go out on the balcony and watch the bombing with a glass of whisky in her hand. She waited thinking: …”Let’s get this fuss over with.” She waited for the “show” to end so that things could be put in order. It was for this reason —and not out of bravery— that they did not leave London during the war. They knew the end of the show and they were not worried at all. They would not have risked leaving London with a royal “murder” seeking to be solved and a wronged heir roaming the empire …The conspirator had to control everything and stop it in its tracks…

…A show that had begun a few years before …a Zionist loan sharks’ overproduction “show” …A war “show” with hundreds of real dead “extras”. This was just after they had secured absolute control of the British Palace and were heavily financing Hitler, to start the “carnage” in Europe …Europe, which was to be flattened, to be forced to take their loans and rebuild. During this time, they were preparing Britain for the War, which would lead it into the hands of the Zionists and thus to its destruction. They were preparing for War and had their mouthpieces sometimes to terrorize the people and sometimes to excite them. The time had now come to use Churchill. The “trapped” Palace “threw out” the moderate Chamberlain, who wanted nothing to do with the War, and in his place, they put Churchill, who had the worst reputation in London…

Pin on W. Churchill …Churchill, whom the queen had disliked for years, but suddenly “liked” …She “liked” him, because her “way” to the Palace forced Britain’s entry into the War …For this reason she liked him …The “bosses” liked him and therefore her sympathy towards him was obligatory and this was something which applied to all participants in the conspiracy. The “bosses” put the demagogue, populist and warmonger Churchill in power, who led Britain to the “suicide” of war. This was the role that Churchill took on …He was the Zionist war “dealer” …He “sold” the British the War with Germany as a “solution” to the problems of not only Britain, but the entire World. This War, which the Zionists were plotting and financing —and which would have trapped the British Empire— was “sold” to the British by Churchill as a “solution”.

The Blitz begins as Germany bombs London - HISTORY It was Churchill who got Britain into the War planned by the US Zionists on terms that benefited them, not the British. He destroyed the Empire’s economy and “consumed” all its available resources. He brought the Germans “up” from Britain to bomb it so that the damage of the War would be on the British themselves at home. By the time of the so-called World Wars the British were used to each new war bringing new gains and new colonies. Now they were to learn themselves in the most painful way how war “looks” from the point of view of those who are harmed by it. After everything was leveled and Britain was put into the same denominator as ALL other states, the planning began that would “lock” her into that denominator.

The US was the only one of the protagonists of the Great War that did not see a single “siphon” broken by the war. Even its military forces were used as “auxiliary” forces and arrived at the end of the War to perform the role of “police” …They appeared as protectors and “lenders” of a devastated Europe and therefore Britain and this War would put them “ahead” of it. For the first time in its history the USA would pass “ahead” of Britain …Out of humility and respect as “first” among equals, but slowly this distance would grow. The USA was now ready to take Britain’s world position and its traitor Churchill took care of that …The only compatriot of the British in theory, who was most probably a compatriot of the Americans and a fellow Zionist. He “settled” the post-war order entirely against Britain and in favour of the USA.

Churchill brought the Zionist Soviet Union all the way to Berlin in order to put fear into Europe —and certainly into Britain— so that it could borrow and pay off loans from the loan sharks. It played a leading role in the creation of NATO, which from its very inception “downgraded” the British Empire to a mere “great power” among many others. He strengthened the global role of the dollar and allowed its arbitrary link with oil and its equally arbitrary disconnection from gold. Britain was now formally a second-tier country. The superpower of a few previous years, which had “ruled the waves”, found itself with Churchill “dogged” by loans.

Such was his anti-British policy that the British people did not vote for him as Prime Minister at the “peak” of his supposed glory …They did not vote for the supposed “father of victory”. …They understood that the father of victory was indeed Churchill, but the victory was not theirs …It was the Americans’ and the Zionists’, and Churchill was one of them. They gradually began to “tear down” British rule everywhere and replace it with themselves. The “carving up” of the greatest empire in history had begun much earlier. The War was not yet over and so with Britain held “hostage” by the War the Zionist officials were planning the post-war order.

Η συμφωνία και οι μύθοι που τη συνοδεύουν | Η Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

Three Zionist “employees” were plotting the post-war order at Britain’s expense …Regular employees who were on the pay-roll of the Zionists …Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt divided the world at the expense of everyone, taking Britain out of the game altogether. Still the armies roamed among the wreckage of Europe and the Zionists at Bretton Woods put the dollar above all planning …Above gold and of course above the British pound, which was linked to that gold and by then dominated the world. They linked the dollar to oil and “brought Britain down”. They did a simple copy-paste. They put the dollar in place of the pound and imperialists would control the oil fields, not the gold mines. That was the “trick” and that was what the Zionists were launching before the War was even over and they were facing opposition.

The moneylenders were arranging everything when the “gun” of the War was still at the “temple” of Europe and Britain was still “bleeding”. Depending on the behaviour of their victims, they would decide whether to end the war or let it continue. It was then that the true cost of the loss of King George V became apparent to Britain. Could these buffoons have gone off on their own to divide the world at Britain’s expense while he lived? For the first time in the history of the World this World was not divided by emperors and kings, but by servant-puppets, whom no one knew who they had “behind”.

Britain was now in the “slaughterhouse”. Such “looting” has NEVER been done before in the history of power. Such a free of charge empire has never been set up. There must never have been a cheaper “cheapening” than that of PAX-Americana in history. Within a few months the Americans with their Zionist partners had built an empire. If they were building a multi-story building, it would have taken longer.

They didn’t have to do anything at all. They just grabbed what they were interested in without any resistance from the Palace of the “dummy” who dreaded the revelations about his father and brother. With the “usurper” neutralized, they raped Britain as no other empire has ever been raped. They turned it into a “supermarket” where they could go in and take what they liked. They followed as a “shadow” the British Empire, which “shadow” would at some point “hide” underneath. Wherever there was a “presence” of Britain, the Americans would send an ambassador and a military attaché and pretend to be the “partners” of the British and of course the new “bosses” who would “renegotiate” everything from the beginning.

All for free. All the infrastructure of the supposedly American Wall Street empire belonged to the British empire …They literally “ruined” it …They had turned it into a lifeless “carcass”. …The empire had become a sad caricature of itself …The famous “James Bond” had become, in short order, a sad “Mister Bean”. Drunken Churchill had done his job well. Then the Zionists withdrew him and “parked” him in the unclaimed items …There somewhere Onassis caught up with him and described him as “Christina”, to say the drunken lines that entertained his guests …He was feeding the corrupt beast, who put Greece in the Civil War!



Mountbatten absolutely dominated the post-war era…

…The “guardian” of the king …The chosen by the Zionists…

…The German, who has “disarmoured” the British Empire.


While Churchill was building the post-war order at the expense of Britain, the Palace of the Stutterer was powerless to react. It was under the absolute control of Mountbatten and his Zionist masters. The glories were great for Mountbatten, since he could avenge those he hated. The hated king was dead and the “pup” that succeeded him on the Throne was under his total control. All that remained was to punish those who had raped him …The rich and powerful of the empire …The Lords, who had insulted and humiliated his father …And their children, whom he “met” at Osborne Naval College.

Hauntingly beautiful abandoned mansions hidden across Wales that offer a  glimpse into Welsh history - Mirror Online

He even destroyed their homes. Hundreds of beautiful architectural gems of the famous British countryside were abandoned and eventually demolished because the owners did not have the resources to maintain them …Small palaces, which the needs of the war and their use by the army destroyed and the owners did not have the resources after the war to restore them. Many of them turned them into ticketed attractions so that they could be maintained. Such decay after a war is something no “winner” has ever known …Germany itself was beginning to build and Britain was falling apart.

Who was Lord Louis Mountbatten | The National Mountbatten was galloping …With the backing of the bosses, who wanted him permanently in his post and constantly renewed his titles and offices. He took back his father’s title and therefore his “blood” …He became the new “Lord of the Sea” of the British Empire …Admiral of the Fleet …Viceroy of India, Knight of the Garter, etc. Because he was much younger than Churchill, he was bound to be used in many areas and not just one. He was very useful to them and he knew that himself. They absolutely needed him in two completely different roles. As “Commander-in-Chief” of the collapsing empire they would use him to dismantle it and smoothly transfer it to the USA, and as a “blue-blooded” they would use him as “guardian” and “caretaker” of the “pirate” Throne.

As to the former, the following was done: With the end of the war and the establishment of NATO, the British Empire began to function as a “company” in liquidation. Mountbatten was its “liquidator” —with the Zionists being the first to pick its “loins”—. Then began the “ripping up” of all the footholds the British Empire had in the world …All for free …At no cost to the Americans and no reaction from the British. The Americans were “building” their world empire with “stolen goods” …Not even training translators in the “new” empire would be used by the Americans …Even its language would be “inherited” …They would “inherit” its British networks and infrastructure in its entirety …The orders would “go out” in ready-made “circuits”.

Everything was being arranged at Britain’s expense. There was a general “wiping out” of it all over the planet. Everything that was its base was taken by the Americans and the Zionists and “ripped up”. Everywhere they went from “behind” her and when the time was right, they “overthrew” it to succeed it. Then the so-called “guru” of foreign policy, the Jew Kissinger, was distinguished along with Mountbatten. ALL post-war coups of the Greek type, which took place within the framework of the post-war alliances, were carried out with a very simple goal …To “dismantle” pro-British regimes and replace them with pro-American ones, without disturbing NATO-type plans. ALL the so-called “national liberation” movements like Cyprus, Zimbabwe etc. were initiated by the Americans, in order to tie them to the American “chariot” of the post-war World Order.

Why did the India-Pakistan partition become one of the deadliest in  history? | by Kevin Shah | History of Yesterday

Only in the case of India and its importance for the whole of Western politics did Mountbatten have to go and work in person. But the “jewel” of the Crown, which was India, required very special treatment, for it was in no one’s interest to break it up into hundreds of kingdoms which would not be controllable. Special planning was required there, so that its control could be “moved” in a very organized way. It was too “shaky” a plan for Britain to simply leave and let the US take over. That’s where Mountbatten himself took over. He, as Viceroy of the British Empire and Governor of the Indies, divided the Indies on the basis of religion, so that through religious hatred there would be no fragmentation of the existing structure. He tried, through the “inflaming” of religious differences, to preserve the “structure” of India, so that they would not collapse as a “heap” of hundreds of kingdoms. After causing infinite hatred of a religious type, with “exchanges” of populations like the Greek Asia Minor Catastrophe, he forced Britain to “withdraw” and, for reasons of “peace” and prosperity and for the “good” of capitalism and freedom, its place was automatically taken by the USA …This was the “trick” and it was tried and tested in Turkey a few decades before.

Lord Mountbatten (Viceroy of India) with Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Fatima  Jinnah at Pakistan's independence in 1947 Stock Photo - Alamy The multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural India, which, if left “free”, will collapse into dozens of pieces, is currently standing united as a system, because Pakistan is keeping it in this state…It is the rivalry with Pakistan that keeps India united. India is exactly similar to today’s multi-ethnic and loose Turkey, and religiously rigid Pakistan plays the role that Greece plays in its design. Pakistan is India’s “weaponry” as Greece is Turkey’s “weaponry”. These games were known to the British and they have played them many times in all their variations. Even Cyprus is an application of the same policy. In other words, the corpses we saw in the Asia Minor Catastrophe —or in the Cyprus Catastrophe later on— were a “precursor” of this policy, which was also applied in India. This is what Mountbatten did in India. Only this time the familiar English policy was to the detriment of its own interests and not to the detriment of those who were theoretically subjected to it.

It was because of Mountbatten that Britain had “committed suicide” in the land of the Indus River. What it had gained, as always by deceitful means, lost in the same way. This power, which had always profited by traitors and betrayals, would be betrayed in the cruellest way. Britain had lost the most precious “jewel” of its “crown” without a single shot having to be fired. The pill of the so-called “British Commonwealth” was “spiked” and no one reacted. The greatest empire in history had become a “paper” ghost of the Commonwealth. What exactly is the “Commonwealth” and its relationship to the British Empire? …It is the relationship that a passionate lover can have with a blow-up sex doll. The Zionists and the Americans “stole” the “mistress” from the British and left in her place a lifeless “doll” that “looked like” her. The British were left with the fancy “wings” and the golden chevrons of the imperial uniforms, but there was no more empire.

18 Yeoman warder ideas | yeoman warder, yeoman, tower of london The End was now preordained. The Empire’s army had begun to return to the “island”. Its role was gradually taken over by the creation of Churchill and Roosevelt, which was NATO under American leadership. All these were the achievements of Mountbatten …The head of the armed forces of an empire that was falling apart without being allowed to react even “instinctively”. An empire which was collapsing with a huge “bang” and the head of its Armed Forces himself was the protagonist of this collapse …The leader of the most powerful imperial army, who had turned it into a “travel agency”, abandoning the entire Planet and filling Britain with wandering unemployed who could not adapt to their new life.

By 1965 he was the absolute master of the British Armed Forces …The “manufactured” by the media and the Palace “superhero” of Britain …A “Superhero” failed officer …A “Superhero”, without even knowing the meaning of victory …A “Superhero”, who had cigarettes put out on him by his lovers. No other British officer had ever come close to these greatnesses …He had finally got his “blood” back …He had regained the title of “Lord of the Sea”, which his father had humiliatingly lost as a German “traitor” …He had avenged the humiliation his family had suffered and done the ultimate damage to those he hated.

But —again— his mission was not over …He was too valuable to the Zionists not to be exploited in all possible and impossible ways.



Elizabeth’s “mortgage”…

…A kingdom bought with royal blood.


The second but equally important —if not more important— task of Mountbatten was to supervise and control the Palace. As important as it was to take the lead in “sweeping” the empire, this was not something that others could not do and, moreover, it would not have been of long duration to “occupy” the conspirator for long. By the early 1950s this was almost complete. The most important thing for him was to control for the Zionists the “pirates” of the Throne …To control the stutterer and his family …The alcoholic Scot and his daughters. In this “duty” Mountbatten was unique and in this no one else could replace him. By their design the Palace had to be completely controlled and he was the only man in Britain who could provide it …This was done, but it was not that simple.

The new king was controllable, but it had to be done indefinitely. So? …Therefore, the future had to be controlled and therefore his successor …Elizabeth was 11 years old when her father became king …At 13 she declared herself “in love”. With whom? …With Mountbatten’s nephew, Philip. The notorious perverted paedophile, made a match between the king’s underage daughter and his nephew. What was this nephew? …A “fox”…One of the many German unemployed and cruel stateless “offspring” who wandered around the “courts” of their relatives to support them until they found somewhere to “sneak” …To find interests to serve and, of course, “investors” …Eager traitors and turncoats …A phone call separated him from living his life as a Dane or a German or a Bulgarian or a Briton or anything else …Wherever it suited him, there he would go !!!

That was Philip …A “scion” with the “flag of opportunity” raised. He was a German, who was born a Greek and lived as a Briton. Since he was useful to his uncle in Britain, that’s where he was going. If he could —like his sisters— “sneak” into Germany, he could just as easily go there too …But he happened to be useful to his “British” uncle’s plans and went to Britain. This uncle, with his enormous power in the British army, put him in a military school —where they usually “parked” the “blue blood” offspring, to have a “front” of employment and some income— and waited for the “investor”. In his case it hit the jackpot. He was useful to an uncle, who wanted to control the British Palace and the “investor” was the heir to the Throne herself …Every offspring’s “dream” was in front of him !!!

16 Μαϊου 1935 η εννιάχρονη πριγκίπισσα Ελισάβετ στο μπαλκόνι του Μπάκιγχαμ διπλα στον παππού της Βασιλιάς Γεώργιο Ε'

After “capturing” the heiress at the age of 13, the uncle and nephew waited for her to come of age, in order to close the “deal” …Presumably their condition was that Elizabeth never go to school and follow a home-schooling program. It was also not very desirable to socialize so that, by meeting other people, she could “get over” her “love” from her chosen German. Elizabeth was destined to be a queen and this had to be checked in the womb …After all, from a young age she liked to sit on the balcony with her grandfather and greet the people …Greet the people, when theoretically she had not even a theoretical chance of ever becoming the queen and therefore never appearing on the balcony again. The doctors’ murderous “service” to her grandfather increased her chances of being “screwed” on that balcony.

This queen-in-waiting, however, would have to be controlled and this is what Mountbatten would ensure with his nephew …A clean deal and of course another case of blatant inbreeding …Philip and Elizabeth were related on all sides …Mountbatten was the queen’s cousin and her husband’s uncle …A nice atmosphere …So good …All were Germans, the only British was the “corpse”.

Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten | Monarchy of Britain  Wiki | Fandom In 1947 this “agreement” was completed with their marriage. It goes without saying that no one at the Palace or in England wished to see this marriage with the idle German nephew of Mountbatten, but they couldn’t help it, because the “pressures” were great …The bosses from New York wanted him, and he would eventually be her husband. They also had a king assassination to “burden” them, and there was no room for “resistance” to orders. That was of course the reason why the Queen Mother harbored a deep dislike for Mountbatten…

…She disliked the “guardian” of her family …She tolerated him because they had “collaborated” in the conspiracy that led her family to the Throne, but at the same time she disliked him because he was getting into her “role”. She wanted to be the exclusive manager of her daughter and of course of the Throne …She did not want to share with anyone what she was doing herself at tremendous risk and personal cost. So, she understood that with this marriage she would be “burdened” with Mountbatten forever. She understood why she wanted to force his nephew on her daughter as a husband. For this reason, she resisted this marriage, but finally, under the pressure of the “bosses”, she gave in …She called Philip “Hun” and of course she considered him a fortune hunter. It goes without saying that at this wedding Uncle Edward —and Mountbatten’s “teammate” in the “duckies”— was not even invited …No one wanted to “remember” the story of the heiress he was marrying.

Lord Mountbatten's Death Was A 'deep loss' For Prince Charles Mountbatten, however, had not completed his task …He had placed a wife-police officer on the future heir, but that was not enough. He intended to continue his own catalytic presence in the operation of the Throne. Thus, the well-known degenerate pedophile was also waiting for the next generation of successors. The opportunity was given to him by Charles …The queen’s son and heir. The “wolf” had found a new “sheep” to initiate him into the secrets of the “kingdom”. He did what the secret adviser of naive heirs always did …He became the mentor of the Prince of Wales …He, who would advise him on everything and especially on those things he knew best, and that was love affairs. Behind all decisions about his known failed relationships was his mentor …The English Throne and its future was now under the total control of the Zionists and Germans …Literally with five people they “stole” an entire empire from its people …A greater “hijacking” must never have happened in human history.



The murder

of Britain’s Rasputin…


If we were writing the front page of a newspaper —the day after his assassination— our headline would be: …“Not one in a million is the IRA.”

How Lord Louis Mountbatten's brutal murder changed Prince Charles' life  forever - Irish Mirror Online

If you know the facts about a murderous act, you can figure out who did it, or even more easily who certainly couldn’t have done it. Simple stuff. If you want to find a murderous sniper, you don’t look among the blind. What could the IRA have to do with this murder? Did the IRA have a “history” of such incidents, so that within hours could be identified as “responsible”? In this case, the most high-risk target had been assassinated …The most well-guarded man in Britain …The absolute head of the British army and its intelligence services for many years …The holder of all Britain’s secrets …The man who even went to the toilet with an escort. He was killed in Ireland, where he went to his tower for a few days every year. He was killed in a place typically bare, sparsely populated and completely controlled by the secret services that protected him …A place where no one could approach him without being seen from miles away and therefore without being controlled by the secret services…

Ireland, Co Sligo, Mullaghmore, Harbour, boats moored in falling tide Stock  Photo - AlamyKnocknarea ,Classiebawn Castle, Ireland - YouTube

…They killed him by trapping his boat with explosives…A highly professional booby-trapping, since he always had the boat checked by his guards before using it. Literally his security had to guard only two things …The tower and his boat. That is, the “terrorists” blew up one of those two things, which professional guards had the exclusive job of guarding in the wilderness …In the absolute wilderness. The planting of the explosive device was done in a harbour of a small settlement, where there was no chance of anyone visiting it without being noticed —much less if he approached the Lord’s boat, which was known to all and separately “tied up” among the few boats that were there—.

This, as we understand, requires a cinematic type of operation …Operation, which requires long-term monitoring, because of the infrequency of his visits there and the constant change of the programs that the protégés of the security services usually follow …Operation, which requires absolute secrecy in a long “deep” time, because any leak of information could cancel it forever …Operation, which requires absolute professionalism and knowledge …Excellent planning of approach, escape, transport and placement of explosives. These are things only intelligence agencies can do and even they will need the “internal” betrayal of the very people protecting their target.

To whom was the assassination attributed? …To the IRA …To the “blind” IRA …To the ignorant and fanatics of the IRA …To the IRA of the dozens of informers, who always informed the British about everything …If the IRA had a secret such as this, it would be chatted out and about within hours by the drunks in Belfast’s pubs …To the IRA, whose most “successful” operations resembled an epileptic elephant dancing in a glass shop. The IRA could flatten half a city and its target always got away with it, because it was usually in the other half. They planted explosives and it was a “success” when they didn’t blow up in the hands of the “terrorists”. The IRA never succeeded in killing a major British figure …This IRA was “blamed” for the assassination of Mountbatten himself …The IRA, who planned EVERYTHING perfectly and professionally until the assassination …Then, of course, it continued to be the well-known amateur IRA, whose members were caught by the British in street blocks with ALL the evidence on them …NOT ONE IN A MILLION ! !!

Margaret Thatcher dead: War with the IRA and surviving the Brighton bombing  - profile - Mirror Online What followed with the explosions and dead soldiers was “signed” by the IRA, but had nothing to do with the Mountbatten murder …It was for “laughs”. They sacrificed 18 soldiers to shock and distract the British society. Before everyone started talking about the “oddities” and “paradoxes” of the assassination of Britain’s “Rasputin” —and to which we refer— some people sacrificed people to stop the unwanted development. Obviously, some wanted to muddy the waters and force the prosecuting authorities to turn their investigations away from the scene of the assassination …To turn them against the IRA, which was certainly involved in these purely warlike actions. The truth about this assassination in our view is in the files of the CIA, Mossad and of course the British MI5 …Between them they “worked it out” and “overproduced” it.

The explanation for this assassination is there …It was not something that could not happen. When you are involved in such conspiracies, nothing is more normal than to be a victim of one yourself. After all, as the wise people say “Whoever gets mixed up with the bran gets eaten by the hens” Something like that happened to Lord. Apparently Mountbatten had become redundant and, because of his old age, dangerous …He had done their “job” and there was no reason for him to continue to exist as a moving “bomb” that could “explode” at their expense …He had started to “blabber”, and that bothered some people …It worried and frightened them.

Πρίγκιπας Φίλιππος -Η βασίλισσα Ελισάβετ ξεκινά 8ήμερο πένθος -Το  τελετουργικό για την κηδεία | iefimerida.gr

He was appearing in television specials and there was a danger of opening “windows” which would allow some to see what should not be seen. There was no reason for such a man to continue to exist, who could at any moment act as a “bomb” on the foundations of the British monarchy. He was also “compensated” with a royal funeral “extravaganza”, which he had planned himself and that was enough as a reward for his “services” …As a king they “buried” the guardian of the Throne …A great honour for this German, who betrayed Britain and unravelled her empire. On August 27, 1979 he was “erased” before he “exploded” as a “promissory note” of the Zionists and the Throne. There was no problem anyway because of his absence …There was Philip to do his job …There was a German Mountbatten to do their job and “oversee” the Palace.



When history makes “fun” of the dummies of inbreeding…


Queen Elizabeth with US Presidents Photos - History of Royal Family Meeting  American Politicians

In the decades that followed, the world simply watched the absolute decline of the once great empire …The Throne was saved, the empire was lost. That makes sense. In a Britain that buried Mountbatten as “king” and had Churchill as its “god”, others were now in charge. In a Britain which was forced to “worship” its traitors, nothing would be left standing.

The British Throne became a “corporation”, which served the American-Zionist class and was simply “headquartered” in London. The US presidents —with Eisenhower leading the way— started an “etiquette” of submitting their “respects” to the Throne, to “show” the whole world their connection to it and to “steal” from its power. Every new US president —after his electoral victory— would ostentatiously and hypocritically visit the queen, to pay his so-called “respects” to her, and of course to express his “admiration” for Britain’s contribution to the “triumph” of democracy over Nazism. They were supposedly supporting the Throne, because in reality they too were taking from it the power to impose themselves on the Planet …The ultimate “theatre” …Blackmailers and extortionists in the “seas” of happiness …The former “waves” of the oceans, ruled by the British.

We don’t even talk about the Zionists. They had made Buckingham their “hangout” …It was theirs …The undead queen was breaking record after record and dragging her son into her records. She was becoming the queen with the longest reign in history and her son was becoming the old prince with the longest waiting time in history. During her reign the Throne literally became a “limited liability company” called “The Firm” …Literally the most powerful royal Throne in history became a “grocery store” …They sold commemorative cups, wall plates and ashtrays with the queen’s face on them and this was considered to be a great contribution of the Throne to the economy of the once British Empire …They waitedfor a new member to be born so they could sell commemorative diapers and panties.

Οι «κρυμμένες» εξαδέλφες της βασίλισσας Ελισάβετ και η τραγική ζωή τους  -Τις έκλεισαν σε άσυλο, καταγράφηκαν «νεκρές» | iefimerida.gr

The queen played games with her mother and sister for fifteen-year-olds and the rest of the family “jumped”. When she was a child, the queen acted like an old woman and when she got old, she remained a naive child. Around her, however, a great game was played with enormous profits. …Personal gains for the gang of usurpers. Britain had “surrendered” to her Zionist “liquidators” and the usurpers were enjoying their “success”. Everyone in her entourage was “selling” “Royalty” …Others “sold” titles of royalty to criminals …Others “sold” businessmen free access to “circles” of “blue blood” …Others “laundered” money of corrupt dictators through the royal real estate …They even advertised milk …Anyone who wanted it could get what they wanted from Britain, if they left their “something” in the Palace …Who would stop them?…

Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips in advertisement for Chinese milk | The  Weekly Times

…The illiterate queen, who by the age of 13 had stopped “maturing” because she was preparing to be a bride, and who was expected all her life to greet the crowd alone? She has done nothing else for ninety years. It is a wonder that her permanently raised right arm has not become atrophied and degenerated …They still play the “doodle” and the “blind fly” for the amusement of the century-old juvenile …A hundred years of “Lilibet” …Her education is limited to the level of simple reading. Even for what she reads, someone has to be there to explain to her exactly what she is reading. All she is trained to do is maintain a relatively good outward image for the needs of the royal “show” …Dressing up in military uniforms and riding horses …Nothing else at all.

This was not because of any circumstance or any choice of her own …This was a conscious choice by her mother to have her permanently attached to her. She never sent her to any school, so that she could improve herself through the coexistence and competition of her classmates. She did this so that she could permanently act as the queen’s mother-manager …So that she could think for the queen …A queen who did not intervene in politics, supposedly out of respect for Constitutional Law, when in fact she did nothing, simply because both she and her “manager” lacked the knowledge to interpret what was going on and put forward their views.

Her whole reign was a well-directed “show” …With costumes, parades and bows …Golden carriages and polished limousines, so that the spectacle of the substance would prevail. From then on, the queen read what was put before her to read and said what was whispered in her ear for her to say …Five “chit-chat” she said in earnest in her public appearances and everyone attributed it to her having a “subtle” and laconic sense of humour …She only carried out orders and of course they all protected with characteristic passion their narrow family interests …Greedy assassins the holders of the most powerful Throne on Earth …They, who “DO NOT” WANTED the royal “burden”, which the “irresponsible” Edward “loaded” on them.

But the danger for a family of usurpers —and especially when the “guardian” of Mountbatten was missing— was immense. When the “head” of the family is not knowledgeable, mistakes are made and they are dangerous. What does that mean? …That this family of usurpers, who by illegal means came to occupy a Throne, had to have certain taboos …Taboos connected with these illegalities …Some things that only the family itself knew about and that its members were forbidden to do, so as not to create associations and open “wounds” which had to remain closed forever …Not some general taboos, that is, which relate to the Monarchy, but taboos which relate to this particular family.

For example, convenient and unexplained deaths should never —and for no reason whatsoever— be involved in matters concerning the succession of its members, because everyone would “remember” the unexplained death of George V, who paved the way for the family to the Throne. Its members should never get involved in marriage matters that would “downplay” the importance of the “divorcees”, because this would downplay the main cause that led to Edward’s abdication and therefore reopen “issues”. That’s all they should have been paying attention to and nothing else. And yet …They were not even able to dwell on these few things …All the mistakes were made together by their main heir …Crown Prince Charles …The quiet one …The “protégé” of Mountbatten.

Charles is the absolute proof that inbreeding is seriously damaging to health …Especially mental health. That makes sense. When on your father’s side you are your mother’s nephew and on your mother’s side you are your father’s cousin, even normal is a luxury. So Charles, who pretends to be a sensitive “environmentalist” and whose hobby is observing moss and lichens, has made two marriages …Two marriages so problematic for the Throne that, if he had done it on purpose, he could not have done it so successfully …Two marriages, the consequences of which not only create a problem that “strikes” straight at the “taboos” of the family, but also at the very law that concerns the Throne and its functioning. In other words, they create objective problems which concern the Throne itself and because of these mistakes the royal family is in a tragic position. So tragic that it may lead the family to mass resignations and the Throne itself to “fall” !!!

But what are these mistakes and why do they create so many problems? The problems in the case of such decisive mistakes can become insurmountable, because the Throne of England has some prohibitions which are absolute and inviolable and can lead to the resignation of even the king himself when he breaks them …The King of England MUST be White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant …The WASP Throne has these specifications …”White Agglosaxon Protestant”!!! …These are its “specifications”, and these —as is logical— concern the whole of the king’s family …They concern the whole of the “occupants” of the Palace. These “specifications” are a LAW of the State.

We will look at Charles’ marriages in order, to understand why both are, or ended up being, problematic. With his first marriage Charles and Diana got his legal heirs …No problem …All perfect …All and all within the legal standards …White Anglo-Saxons and Protestants both the royals and the heirs. Even when the wives divorced each other, there was no problem. Within the context of the modernization of the Throne even a divorce could be tolerated and certainly accepted. If Diana, after this divorce, had confined herself to a lifestyle familiar to their circles, she would never have suffered any harm …She would have lived as befitted the mother of the heirs to the Throne …With a royal “diet” in a Throne house and no one would care with whom she shared her bed …Very simple things …Tried and tested and effective, as was proven in the other divorce of the family, concerning the other “bride” of the family “Fergie”.

GLOBE: Princess Diana Pregnant At Time Of Death – Did Prince Charles Order  Cover-Up (PHOTO) | Celeb Dirty Laundry

However, Diana —obviously— wanted to live dangerously. She was addicted to publicity and, of course, to the life of luxury. She liked constant travel and perpetual vacations on ultra-luxury yachts. She may simply —and in order to “hurt” the Palace— have made choices in her life that were provocative and, given the interests of the Throne, very dangerous …She went and had an affair with the wealthy Dodi Al Fayed of the famous Harrods family of owners. The mother of the heirs to the English Throne had an affair with a man who was not only not an English Protestant, but was not even a Christian …He was a Muslim of Egyptian origin. That’s when the “alarms” started to go off. Some people were becoming very disturbed. Why? …Because, if this relationship was not ephemeral and “leading” somewhere, then we would have “clashed” with the prohibitions of the Throne and thus sooner or later we would have reached what we considered “taboos” for the family that held the Throne.

This is what happened. Within a short time rumours of her pregnancy began to spread. This, however, was dangerous for her …In fact, she was “signing” her doom. Why would a pregnancy of hers bring her up against the prohibitions of the Throne? Because she was the mother of the heirs to the Throne. Regardless of her divorce, she would ALWAYS be a royal mother when her sons became king. Since she was much younger than Charles, logically she would have had time to become kingmaker. So? …So, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant King of England would have a brother —albeit a half-brother— who was Muslim, and a bit “dark” by Anglo-Saxon standards.

The Queen Mother —as royal eminence— would “re-enter” the Palace and give a royal title to her youngest son as well …By necessity …It is not possible for a man’s own mother to be “Queen Mother” and he to be a commoner. This, however, was in conflict with the LAW of the Throne. There was no possibility that among the “royal” offspring could be an Egyptian Muslim, and a little dark-skinned …This was forbidden by “rope”.

Princess Diana Death: Timeline of the Fatal Crash | HuffPost UK News Something had to be done to stop this terrible development for the Monarchy. EVERYONE suspected that something very extreme would be done to solve the issue once and for all…Something very bad for the defiant Diana. Suddenly all the problems were solved with one death. In this way we arrived at the “taboo” we were talking about …This particular family was once again incredibly comfortable with a perfectly useful death. What a “luck” now for this family? Did someone die again so that the Windsors could live better? British society once again took to the streets to protest a death that once again “helped” the Palace. It achieved nothing by doing so, of course, but it “recorded” it in its collective memory.

Charles was saved for a moment, but this —it seems— did not matter much to him …He did not appreciate his fate and of course Diana’s “misfortune”. Given that he is not the smartest man, he did not properly assess the situation. After Diana’s death he attempted to start a new life with a new marriage …Second marriage by Charles, second big mistake …Second big problem, which he will face. Here he creates the problem in the opposite way …He makes a second stupidity, which first creates an “irritation” to the “taboos” of the family and then his mistake can create an objective problem for the Throne itself with the basic prohibitions of the law.

What happened in this case? …He went and married a divorcee. Up to this point let us say that there is no problem at the general level. But at the specific level, which concerns his family, there is a problem —and a big one—. Not even in theory should a member of that particular family have risked such a choice. Why? …Because in doing so he showed that he considered the cause of Edward’s resignation and therefore the root cause of ALL their family success to be unimportant.

By this choice, that is to say, he “declares” that those who led Edward to resignation and Charles’ family to the Throne were wrong. By this choice he “declares” that Edward was a fool, who abdicated out of “sensibility” and respect for the “letter” of the law. That is, what was the “reasonable” reason for an entire king to abdicate his Throne was “not” capable of frightening an heir to the Throne, such as Charles. This is why we are talking about a taboo, which, when it is irritated, provokes public feeling against the royal family …Again the people will turn their attention to the family secrets …Again they will think how right and proper it was that the British lost an Edward, so that his stammering brother could reign.

But that is not the worst of it. The “taboos” of the family —after all— are only important for themselves and their “image”. The important thing here is something else. The important thing here is that this particular choice will bring him face to face with the law …With the law, which, when broken, REQUIRES the king to resign his position. Again, we look for the problem in the basic specifications of the kings of the Throne of Britain …Specifically, there is a problem with Camilla Parker Bowles …There is a problem because, should Charles be enthroned, Camilla —whatever title she is given— will be the king’s lawful wife and will be judged by the law, which pertains to the Throne …She will be the new Queen of England …It does not matter if she is Queen Consort. In this case, however, there will be two royal families entering Buckingham …One is the king’s family and the other is the queen’s family, because Camilla is not just divorced, she has two children and five grandchildren. This means that by default the queen’s children will also “enter” the Palace. So inevitably, because of their adoptive father and natural mother, they too will get some “royalty”.


But herein lies the big problem, which concerns Camilla in particular …Her children are not Anglicans …They do not belong to the Anglican Church …They are Catholics, like their natural father …They are Catholics and such are not allowed to “enter” the Palace with titles …Let alone as children of the queen. Catholics this particular Palace was rounding them up in the Tyburn Tree to hang them for what they believed …Camilla is going to put them in the Palace? So, if Edward had to resign out of “sensibility” because of his choice, Charles absolutely must resign, because it would be illegal …He would risk being called a TRAITOR of Britain and the Protestant Faith the moment he —because of his position— would be the Head of the Anglican Church himself.

“Let him resign”, someone will say …”Even better” …Some are already discussing this as a desirable possibility. There is a legitimate successor waiting his turn …William, his son …He is more popular than his father with the people and this may strengthen the institution of kingship at a time when it is being strongly challenged. “The problem is solved,” one might say …”Isn’t it?” …In theory, yes, but in practice things are not so clear. What do we know about the much-publicised and much-photographed Kate, who is seen as the “future” of the Throne? Why is she referred to in Britain as “Waity Katie”? …Is it because —at all financial costs— she is “following” William from college to marry him? …Is she Jewish and the Zionists paid her expenses until they “planted” her next to the Prince? When they broke up in 2007, within the “matchmakers” who worried and pressured William to reconnect with her was perhaps Mossad, that was “pushing” the appointed Jewish “princess”? But that’s a problem, which is also specific to Kate. As in the case of Churchill, who dares to bet on her ancestry when her mother’s name is Goldsmith?

So, if Kate is Jewish, then —according to Jewish law— her children are also Jewish, since Jews follow their mother’s “line”. So? …So, there is a problem, since —as mentioned above— it is FORBIDDEN for anyone who is not a pure English Christian, and indeed an Anglican, to become king or heir to the Throne of England. Here the problem arises from a peculiarity which applies only to Jews and not to common Christians in like circumstances. Because the religion of the Jews is a national religion, descent trumps religion …Blood trumps religion. This means that even if a Jew converts, he remains a Jew by his “mother” standards. Therefore, even if William’s children are “baptized” as Protestants, they are still ethnically Jewish if their mother is Jewish…

PRINCE CHARLES JACOB ROTHSCHILD Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image |  Shutterstock

…Is it possible that the heirs of the new King of England are Jews? …Kings and princes have been hanged for this!!! …There have been civil wars in England over this issue!!! …So? …So, if Kate is a “tool” of Zionism, she probably can’t function after all these developments. What will English Protestant William do if he has to disown his children from the line of succession to be allowed to ascend to the Throne as a “childless” man? …Should Prince Harry be preparing to return from the United States? …Is this why some —and some Zionist international media— were “worried” —in a mischievous way— about the colour of his son’s skin? That is to say, this particular family, which “hijacked” and seized the Throne of England, is in danger of being destroyed for the very reasons it invoked to carry out its “hijacking”.

The worst thing that could happen to this family right now is the pedophile scandal in which the queen’s son is directly involved. At a time when the queen is preparing for her “exit” and anti-monarchist “circles” have begun to raise the issue of abolishing the regency, a huge scandal involving her son comes to the “surface”. But what is even worse is that the bosses of the Throne are also “linked” to this scandal. Epstein was a Zionist agent similar to those who —decades before— had also trapped Edward in scandals in order to control him. In the age of the Internet, where nothing is kept secret, it is in no one’s interest to have an open trial of Prince Andrew for paedophilia. People and “circuits” will be exposed, which will irreparably expose the whole “circuit” linking the loan sharks of New York with the “tenants” of the White House and Buckingham Palace. Good thing, then, that the Palace was not once again so “lucky” as to have Virginia Giuffre die by some convenient “accident” …How lucky she was.

How Prince Andrew held tight to his seedy friends Ghislaine Maxwell and  Jeffrey Epstein | News | The Times

Does the reader understand the reason why today everyone is in danger from the Prince Andrew scandal? …It didn’t do ANYONE —especially the Zionists— any good by their misguided and unnecessary contact with Prince Andrew …The last thing they would have wanted was to involve the Palace in their usual dirty work. Now the “spotlight” has fallen where it shouldn’t have and even more so now that the queen is on her “last legs” and the succession must be ensured …That is, to ensure the interests of Zionism and of course American politics, which are based on this Palace. They are “screwed” by their greed now that Kate has entered the home stretch to take over the Palace itself on behalf of Zionism. Now that it is the turn of their “tool” to “alienate” the Throne and hand it over to Jews, the big mistake has been made …The biggest SELF GOAL in history in the country where football was born !!!



The succession of the queen

will lead to a “second assassination” of George V


History has proven that “history may be slow, but it always restores justice” …It is as if there is an invisible God somewhere “up there”, pulling the strings and at the right moment the truth comes to the surface and reveals itself …The truth that allows the unjust dead of the past to “avenge” not only the dead who wronged them, but also the living who continue to benefit from this injustice. “The dead “surface” as bloated “corpses”, crying out for justice. The Erinyes may delay, but they always visit the criminals. We should expect something similar with the situation concerning the Palace today. The dead George V will “come out” to the “surface” to claim his right.

14 things Queen Elizabeth II doesn't want you to know about Prince Philip |  Reader's Digest Asia This is what the omens indicate. The “coincidences” and “coincidences” that lead to “ferment” and reveal the truth, have already begun to take place in his case. It has already been “announced” by the recently departed Prince Philip. In the time of the “Pandemic” his word is more timely than it has been in all his futile life …Almost prophetic Hun. Why do we say this? …Because the misanthropic Philip “dreamed” in his “afterlife” of returning as a deadly “virus” and destroying much of the human population. Embracing the Zionist and Gates’ views on population reduction, he dreamed of “killing off” millions of people. The wasteful opportunist considered people —and therefore workers, who survive by their labour— to be “eat a lot”. They ate food, and this did not please the German lazy dog, who felt the “resources” of the Planet were “drying up” and not in sufficient amount for him and his “mob”.

But indeed, Philip is prophetic …He will “return” as a virus and destroy many who have eaten and continue to eat “for free” like him. Only these will not be the common people …They will be his descendants …They will be the German parasites who have illegally seized the Throne of Britain. Herein lies the tragic irony. Here lies the “curse” of Battenberg, who pretended to be Mountbatten and will eventually turn against him. Philip’s origin will reveal the German “pirates” of the Throne. Why? …Because, because of Philip, the “usurpers” will inevitably come back against the king they murdered. Because of Philip, all the decisions of George V will be “annulled” …George V will be “murdered” again —this time on the spiritual level by the same people—. Why? …Because George was the king who made the final decisions for the Royal House of Britain and it is these that will be “annulled” by the death of the queen.

House of Windsor - Wikipedia In this annulment lies the new assassination “attempt” against George V by the same “usurpers”. They “annulled” him as a living organism in 1936 and in our days they will “annul” him as king of the British. George was the first to decide to be a British king …The First of the British House of Windsor. After the war with Germany, he decided to renounce his own German identity …To identify with his people and “leave” his Germanic ancestry behind. For this reason, he renounced ALL the royal titles he held within Germany. He even changed his surname in order to redefine his “course” through time. In doing so, he became the FIRST truly British king …The FIRST who was not also the King of a German kingdom. The founder of the FIRST truly British Royal House.

ALL OF THIS WILL BE CANCELLED with the death of the queen and her succession by Charles. Why? …Because the Throne will once again return to German “hands”. The German throne of “Saxe-Coburg & Gotha”, which, because of George, became “Windsor”, will, after the queen’s death, become “Mountbatten” and in fact “Battenberg”. After the queen’s death the Palace, because of the “virus”-Philippe, will again change its name and become German again …If the queen is succeeded by her son, then the name of the Royal House of Britain will also change. Royal Houses are ALWAYS named after the king’s father, whether he is a reigning king or a Consort King, as Philip was. In our case, Charles of England, as the son of Philip, will be king of the House of Battenberg. The member of a House which has German titles of nobility will become King of Britain …Again, the German content will come underneath the thin British “paint” …

The German assassins of the British king will reappear on the scene. Because of Philip, Dicky will reappear as a “vampire” again …Mountbatten will make a totally unnecessary and needless “appearance” …The corrupter of George V’s “successors” …The great conspirator, whom they thought they had “got rid of” at the bottom of the Irish Sea …Again the “talk” of the lineage of the kings of Britain will be opened …Again the “talk” of the suspicious death of George V. This, however, is now disastrous …Disastrous for the Germans, who murdered the First British king by choice.

This is why we are talking about Dicky’s absolutely unnecessary “reappearance”. The “seizure” at the standard level of the British Throne by his own House is completely unnecessary, since they already own it. But this “snatching” makes the conspiracy against George V more topical than ever …It brings the old conspiracy to the surface …It brings the usurpers of the British Windsor Throne back into the news …Those who, with the marriage of Elizabeth, “put” the Germans back into the succession …Those who forced the British usurpers to take a German “son-in-law”. Now there is an absolute priority need to bring the whole conspiracy to the surface, so that history can “catch up” with the black “widow” alive …To unravel the case of the DOLOPHONY of the last legitimate King-Emperor of the British Empire. There should be an exhumation of the dead man and an investigation into the circumstances leading to his death.

There are now reliable methods, which science uses very often, in order to find “answers” to such questions …Questions which provide answers to both historical questions and questions of common criminality. Such methods have been used, for example, in the mummies of the kings of Egypt …Methods which “reveal” to us the diseases they may have had during their lives …Evidence which “reveals” to us the causes which may have led to their deaths …Evidence, which reveals crimes due to poisoning and which for centuries can be “hidden” in the bones or teeth and which science can now reveal and exploit …Evidence so reliable that it is now used by modern criminology in the courtrooms.

The skeleton of George V should be exhumed and his death should be examined as a possible criminal act …To find out if the conspirators systematically poisoned him during his life, to “justify” his death, which was very convenient for their plans …To find out if in the last stage of his supposed illness the pains were given and unbearable to such an extent that he himself made the decision to “escape” from his Throne …To find out exactly what substances they “facilitated” him with …Everything can be found, for, if such evidence exists, it “awaits” us in the bones and teeth of the skeleton of the deceased. Those who murdered him at that time did not even imagine the progress of technology …Nor did they imagine the progress of forensic science. It used to be enough to bury your victim and get rid of the problem …Today that’s not the case.

From there it is up to the prosecuting authorities to investigate whether and to what extent a treating physician did or did not have the authority to make a decision on his own to euthanize, which would affect the course of an empire …To investigate whether there was a medical board that decided on that choice. When the law does not allow a doctor to decide on his own the method to be used in a single birth, is it possible to allow “euthanasia” and even of a king? …Two or more doctors must decide on a humble “caesarean”!!! …How many doctors decided on the death of a king? What doctor would decide on his own to “serve” a king, leaving the empire “headless” in a world which had already begun to “darken” due to Nazism? What doctor would “decapitate” an empire to rid it of its “headache”?

For such an important decision had his family knowledge? Is it possible that his nurse knew and the queen did not? The heirs? Perhaps his daughter-in-law? Did Dicky? So? …So, it was known to the family what happened …Why hasn’t it been recorded as information of state interest as far as the king of the country is concerned? What concerns the king of a country cannot be a family secret …It is vital information that also concerns the state and is kept as secret when it is not in the state’s interest to disclose it. But if all this is happening, then what we saw happen in 1989 makes no sense. Why was everyone surprised by its disclosure? Is it possible that the people, the Palace and the state apparatus could learn about the “euthanasia” of their king from a random research by a biographer in the diary of the doctor who performed it? This cannot happen even in “third word states”. So, it makes no sense to say “it’s been a long time and the people involved are dead”.

When everything is known, there is no concept of “time”, no matter how much time has passed …It hasn’t been “a long time” at all and everyone knows what happened from those who were involved. Is the Palace hiding anything? For such a matter of state importance, does the Palace have or does it not have criminal responsibilities? …Responsibilities that are timeless and involve others. Who were responsible to investigate the circumstances of the king’s death and did not do so? Who did not allow them to do so and buried him summarily? Why such “indifference” from the Palace when the murderous choice of his personal physician was revealed?

Traitor's Gate - Hidden London

The usurpers of the Throne must leave the Palace and be punished …Punished as murderers of the king and traitors to the Empire. The “traitors’ gate” must be reopened. Both the Empire and the history of the World would be different today if these deadly parasites were not existed …These deadly “viruses” who for their own interests did not hesitate before any crime. Not only the murder of the king, but also the murder of Mountbatten and Diana are “waiting” to be solved, so that we can all know what really happened in history and what the role of those who pretend to be the kings of Britain is. Nothing must go “covered up” and unpunished. The British people owe it to their king and to their history …They owe it first and foremost to themselves, who allowed a handful of traitors to take an empire from them and make them the laughing stock of world history. Some relatives murdered a king …Some relatives murdered an “Agamemnon” …The Mycenae was darkened again by the terrible crime. Now the Furies have crossed the English Channel and started to roam around Britain !!!



Panagiotis Traianou