Charles III is an ILLEGAL King !!!

Prince Richard —Duke of Gloucester —

is the rightful King of England !!!

…the only one who can give the throne back to the Windsors

and take it away from the usurping German Battenbergs.


In 1936 the American industrialists and the Jewish loan sharks had put the whole world in the final countdown for the Second World War ..This war, which would make them “all-powerful” …The war that would give them everything. They were invested in the huge profitability from the reconstruction of Europe and —to make such a reconstruction— would have to be preceded by a similar “demolition”. This was exactly what it was for then World War II …A “bulldozer”, which would allow them to do the “demolition” of Europe. With their money they had made a “giant” of “caterpillar-Hitler” and waiting for the opportunity to unleash him on Europe.

But there was a very basic problem. This war could not be fought without the participation of Britain. Its refusal was a given, because this war would destroy it and its king knew this. This king knew the disastrous result of a war, of such a war —and with “self-inflicted wounds”, if one thinks that it would be a war with his own country, Germany—. The same king would not “fail” again within a few years in the same way, in the same trap. For this reason, he steadfastly and persistently refused to participate in this planning. Britain, because of the First World War, had paid a heavy price in manpower and political power and was not prepared to continue its futile bleeding. The German throne of Britain had been threatened by the bloody war with Germany and the German king was not willing to risk a repeat of it …Even the name of his house was changed, in order to hide his origins.

None of the usual propaganda tricks and none of the prevarication of the initiators of the War’s instigators could draw the Palace into decisions negative for itself. The anti-fascist false theories could not lead a Throne to fight for the “democracy”. Hitler didn’t even bother the King of Britain …A Monarch was not bothered by a dictator like him. Hitler was a good anti-communist to him …and that suited the most powerful monarch in the world …It suited a fascist monarch to have the Nazi “mound” to the supposed communist threat from the East. The same view was held by his successor and trained for royal service Edward.

However, the Americans and Jews were persistent and invested in this war …Invested in the planning that would put the peoples of Europe in a terrible clamp …that, would be Nazism on one side and communism on the other…Their own “investments” and “inventions”. They were in a hurry to provoke the war before their fascist creations fail. The Americans in order to steal the British empire from the British people and take their place in the world, and the Jewish moneylenders to “flood” the new “American” World with “reconstruction” loans. The British Palace was the “Obstacle” to their grandiose plans …The grumpy and brutal King George V and his well-trained successor Edward.

These two were targeted by the conspirators …The first was assassinated and the second was “abdicated”. Their main “tools” were the “parasites” maintained by the…unemployed opportunist and drunk American-British Churchill, who had destroyed by the US financial CRASH and at that time was a completely disreputable bum gambler of the London lowlife. Destroyed by the same CRASH was also one of theirs, Wallis Simpson, an American —twice divorced woman— who was looking for a life jacket to save herself …A penniless “visitation taking woman” of the time, who roamed in the “salons” of the “good” society and used by the known secret “services”, to “push” her to their targets …To carry out the known secret “policy” of blackmailing their political opponents.

Γουόλις Σίμπσον: Πώς «η πιο μισητή γυναίκα της Αγγλίας» άλλαξε την ιστορία  της Βρετανίας | BOVARY But, to carry out a conspiracy, external “tools” are not enough —no matter how willingly and capable they are—. A conspiracy —and a conspiracy against a king with his own British “services”— to be successful, it must have traitors on the inside. This was what happened in this case. Traitors are always sought among those who would have an interest in this double “overthrow” of the king and his successor …They are sought among those who could permanently benefit from the usurpation of the “orphan” throne …They are sought by relatives in this case and therefore persons with legal rights to an orphan throne.

This is what happened …Their own people were the king’s perverted nephew and the alcoholic and his half-mad “bride” …the dreadful and terrible Mountbatten, who hated the king —for the humiliation he inflicted on his family and himself— and his “weapon” was that he could, as the heir’s “trusted” adjutant-cousin, trap him at any moment in “anomalies” …Close to him and Elizabeth —the later queen-mother— …The wife of the “defective” second-born son …The madwoman from Scotland, who had to get married to the “defective” second-born prince, and was little attracted by the continuation of her life in the low “flight” she was destined to live next to her husband …A “Meghan Markle” of the time, married to a “Harry” —at his dumbest— and having “opposite” a “peculiar” “William”, whom she despised and would have liked to “get rid of”.

The Duke of Windsor, later King Edward VIII , and Lord Louis... | Edward  viii, Edward windsor, British monarchy

They all collaborated with each other and Britain was led into the “slaughterhouse” of war …The first empire in history, which “killed itself” in a “rigged” game …The first empire, which broke up by treachery …The first empire, which fought side by side by a river and got “drowned” in an ocean …This empire, which clashed with its own property on the Rhine, to benefit “third parties” across the Atlantic. All the conspirators after this crime of unprecedented magnitude were not only unpunished, but they settled down after the empire committed suicide.

The mad Scotchwoman became first queen consort and then mother of a real queen …Initially the manager of a “retarded” king and then the manager of an illiterate queen. The perverted Dickie, for his part, became a king without a “crown” for post-war Britain …He became the absolute most powerful agent of the empire, which was ruled by an illiterate, blindfolded …The “guardian” of the royal family, since he made sure that Elizabeth was married to his nephew and protégé Philip. Completely “by meritocracy” he became “Lord of the Sea” and viceroy of the Indies, and direct associate of the “royal mother” in the management of the royal couple.

Πωλείται το αίμα του Τσώρτσιλ σε δημοπρασία. Το είχε φυλάξει νοσοκόμα το  1962. Η τιμή υπολογίζεται ότι θα ξεπεράσει τις 1.000 λίρες - ΜΗΧΑΝΗ ΤΟΥ  ΧΡΟΝΟΥ The same permanent restoration was reserved for the “tools” of the conspiracy. Churchill became Britain’s ultimate political hero, even though it was he who had led it to this “suicide”. They buried the “American” traitor of the empire as a king and ensured him immortality with a place among the most prominent members of British history in Westminster Abbey. His statues dominate both Parliament Square and Parliament. Never has any “common” mortal been so honoured. Finally, the idle, penniless and divorced Simpson settled forever in Paris …A celebrity of the time …A “Soraya” before Soraya.

To protect all these people, when the British would realize that they had lost the empire, the “fairy tale” of the “dragons” of the post-war era was set up …Literally a global propaganda of unprecedented intensity, which resembled a “brainwashing”, where white became black and vice versa …Only what suited the royals conspirators was “heard” and nothing else …It was forbidden to question the official state “truth”. Anyone who did this was an enemy of the British state and the institution of the kingship. Anyone who did so was endangering the very national security of the state.

Queen Elizabeth II Dies | Time On the basis of this propaganda, the murdered king was supposedly “praying” even from his bed of pain that his legitimate successor would not become king, rather than the 10-year-old Lilibet. All this with the British Empire at the most critical point in its history and in the face of the threat of total destruction. All this from a boorish king in the age of cruel patriarchy, where there was no provision for female succession when there were male candidates and in our case, many. We are talking about a hereditary “gift” …The “sensitive” king, who was famous for his cruelty and realism, “outlasted” the generation of his successors and “saw” into the next generation …Not only did he “see” the resignation of his successor Edward, but also “foresaw” the premature death of George VI. For him he “invested” the secure “future” of the throne in a ten-year-old girl.

This same propaganda, which — through the royal tomb — gave an almost “divine” mission to Lilibet, was the one that would settle all the other “loose ends” of the conspirators. The rightful heir of the murdered king was “smeared” for the alleged connection with their own Hitler, so as to justify his “dismissal – resignation”. Finally, the usurper King George VI, in order to banish any suspicion of usurpation, became the king who did NOT want to reign …who, against his will became a king, but did it for duty to his country …He did NOT want to, but NEEDED in the end …He became the king-“hero” of the “Democracy”, who fought the NAZIS unlike his “crypto-fascist” and “traitor” brother, who supposedly “abandoned” the empire.

The “fairy tale” had the same good fortune for the “tools” of the conspiracy. The “starter” Wallis Simpson, who was —well known in ALL circles of the “good” society of Britain— a professional “front” for a homosexual, became the idealized “symbol” of pure love, which can defeat even a throne. With her, he secured eternal “vindication” and the traitor Churchill …She became for the British the ultimate “symbol” of the struggle to the end. He became the “sacred cow” of the history of the British Empire …His underpants that were not put in Parliament to be worshipped by the British Prime Ministers. They called him the “father of victory” just to give a “candy” and to prevent any attempt to study it by the British that this great “victory” became the cause of the complete flattening of an empire. They gave him a huge international “prestige”, so that he would not be touched by local “petty things”.

Vintage Prince Charles and Princess Diana Tea Cup Fine Bone - Etsy New  Zealand All this, as we understand, was “sealed” and never left to the historical research to investigate them …They became taboo into the British society …They were forbidden to be investigated and to question official “truths”, which have come in “envelopes” from the opposite side …from the other side of the Atlantic, namely Wall Street. The British have “won”, even though “they died” for that victory. No one could have delved into this any more than the throne of the usurpers allowed. The British citizens are allowed to see only the “fairy tale” of princes and princesses who love each other —even if they end up dead under a bridge in Paris— …People are only allowed to see the dresses of Middleton and her fights with Meghan …To see the Throne-company, branded as “The firm”, and think they are making a profit by selling cups with pictures of its members.

King George V and Mary of Teck | Queen mary, Royal, British history So now that Lilibeth has passed, it is time for the truth to be revealed and the fraud to stop being perpetuated …and of course, to stop the usurpers profiting from a huge crime. Now that Charles cannot be easily “sold” in cups and jugs, there is an opportunity to restore the truth and of course to vindicate the victims of an unprecedented crime …a crime which —among other things— has once again “Germanized” the British Palace with Charles —and because of his father and husband of the usurper Elizabeth— ceased to be Windsor and became again Battenberg or Mountbatten. It is now time to investigate all this. Britain owes it to itself …The supposedly greater and richest empire in the history of the world owes it to its poor and now starving citizens. The British state itself must formally investigate the allegations of the assassination of its king and, if this is indeed the case, expose the conspiracy and therefore the conspirators.

This is easy because the means are available to science today. If someone murdered George V, it’s easy to prove it from his remains. The conspirators who killed him could not have known then that there would the murder one day be revealed by its means …everything would be revealed in scientific laboratories. When today some people can find out what diseases a Pharaoh suffered from and why he finally died, some things are understandably enough. They know where the tomb of George V is. Let them examine his remains and put an end to the suspicions of his murder …What he was suffering from and how some people were “forced” to “facilitate” his “exit” through “euthanasia”. Then we will see who can decide by law on the “facilities” of this kind. Is it possible for a doctor and the orderlies of a palace to decide on their own to put a King to death as a “good service” to him?

King Edward VIII and his cousin, Louis Mountbatten. | Edward ... Edward’s abdication should be investigated in the same way …Neither is his case “clean”. Who were those who “persuaded” him to abdicate …and since when the destiny of an absolute monarch has been judged by popular sentiment and the opinion of the people? Legally —anyway— there was no incompatibility in his marriage to Simpson. The King of England is also the head of the Anglican Church and therefore could give himself “permission” to marry her. There was no problem with the succession anyway, because there is provision for, in case the king has no natural descendants. It is therefore absolutely certain that someone has knocked him off his throne and that this can only be done by criminal methods …These things are done only by blackmail and threats against life …By blackmail, which was linking the “enamored” heir to Dickie’s “anomalies” …With death threats, that only the American secret services could make against the King of England. Moreover, another question must be answered: What exactly did he deliver to his queen niece —which should have not fall into the hands of third parties— a few days before his death …and when for years there had been no meeting between them? …Were these the secret documents which he himself as a King received from the secret services concerning the initially convenient for him, murder of his father? …Were these documents the ones that were missing from the usurpers, in order to “seal” their “secret” forever?

Simple things. All this must be investigated, for it concerns the course of the world, of the whole world and not just the British. The murder of the most powerful man in the world concerns us all, the most powerful man on the planet at that time. We are all concerned with the “power” that could have influenced the course of humanity that was left headless in the hands of criminals. The history of the world would have been different if that conspiracy had not taken place. The Second World War —of tens of millions of dead— would not have happened if that conspiracy had not been carried out. Hitler would not have started the war if it had not been with the British participation, if the bloodiest show of human history had not been agreed in advance. Today’s New Order could not have been “raised” if the loan sharks of New York had not stepped on the “corpse” of the British Empire. This is a matter that concerns us all, because it is the foundation of today’s fascism, which threatens the whole of humanity. Britain itself “owes it” to its people, who are now dead broke because of the usurpers of the Throne …because of the traitors who, in order to seize the Throne from the legitimate kings, “sold” the entire British Empire.

If this happens, developments will be rapid. The usurpers will have to be punished, and therefore the family of George VI and the crazy Elizabeth. If that happens, Charles III of the German House of Battenberg must be deposed immediately. History will “begin” where it “stopped”. The rights to the throne of Windsor will go once again to Windsor. The rights of George 5th will “move” to the family of the next legitimate heir. It “overtakes” Mary Princess Royal —who, because of the law on women in effect at that time, had no right of succession in the case of existed males— and “reaches” the third son of George the 5th —Prince Henry, the Duke of Gloucester—. His son is the rightful king of England. He is the rightful King of the House of Windsor.

If the Firm of assassins and conspirators fall,

the New Order will not last a single day !!!



Panagiotis Traianou